Gov. Daugaard Fills Three Legislative Vacancies In Advance Of Sept. 12 Special Session

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Gov. Daugaard Fills Three Legislative Vacancies
In Advance Of Sept. 12 Special Session

 PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard today announced that he will fill three vacancies in the South Dakota State Legislature. The appointments come in anticipation of next month’s special legislative session, which the Governor called to consider legislation relating to implementation of sales tax on remote sellers.

The three appointees, all Republicans, are currently candidates for their respective seats in the 2018 general election. The appointments are effective immediately and run until the newly-elected State Legislature convenes in January 2019.

“With the upcoming special session, it is important for these districts to be fully represented,” said Gov. Daugaard. “I thank Maggie Sutton, Rebecca Reimer and Scyller Borglum for their willingness to serve in this way.”

District 10 State Senate

Gov. Daugaard will appoint Margaret “Maggie” Sutton, of Sioux Falls, to the State Senate from District 10. Sutton is a sales manager for Trademark Uniforms in Sioux Falls. She will succeed Sen. Jenna Netherton, who resigned in April.

District 10 includes an area of Minnehaha County encompassing the cities of Brandon, Corson and Renner, as well as a portion of northeastern Sioux Falls.

District 26B State House of Representatives

The Governor will appoint Rebecca Reimer, of Oacoma, to the State House of Representatives from District 26B. Reimer is a financial representative and served for 13 years on the Chamberlain/Oacoma school board. She will succeed Rep. Jim Schaefer, who died in May.

District 26B includes Brule, Buffalo, Jones and Lyman counties.

District 32 State House of Representatives

Gov. Daugaard will appoint Scyller J. Borglum, of Rapid City, to the State House of Representatives from District 32. Borglum, an entrepreneur and engineer, earned her doctorate in geological engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. She will succeed Rep. Sean McPherson, who died in April.

District 32 includes downtown Rapid City and the area to the south.

Detailed maps of all three districts are available at


11 Replies to “Gov. Daugaard Fills Three Legislative Vacancies In Advance Of Sept. 12 Special Session”

  1. Anonymous

    What a progressive governor we have; he chooses legislators on the basis of their genitalia. Or is it purely coincidental that all three are female?

    1. Troy Jones

      Are you always so stupid and willing to make rash judgment (which is an Offense against the Truth and a violation of the 8th Commandment)?

      Maggie Sutton is the Republican nominee for District 10 State Senate. Because each district has only one Senate seat, there is no other Republican candidate for the position.

      Rebecca Reimer is the Republican candidate for District 26B State Representative. Because this a split district, Reimer is the only Republican candidate for the seat.

      Scyller Borglum is the Republican candidate for District 32 State Representative. The other candidate has yet be named to replace the deceased Sean McPherson on the ballot.

      If you want to impugn a person, a person of character does a reasonable amount of research before doing so. I understand why you don’t sign your name. Its mud where you live because this isn’t the first time you’ve been so rash in judging others.

  2. Anonymous

    1) Kristi complained on CNN during the primary that some voters would t support her because she has a vagina.

    2) Governor Dugaurd selected three new legislators based, in part, upon the fact that they lack penises.

    3) Will Kristi complain on CNN that Dugaurd made his decision based, at least in part, on the sexual organs of the candidates?

    1. Troy Jones

      You have absolutely no proof it was anything more than these are the three Republicans who are currently on the ballot for those positions and the reality there is nobody else on the ballot for these positions.

      1. Anonymous

        Right. He made it fairly clear that he was picking the current Republican candidates for these spots. Who all just happen to be women.

        1. Troy Jones

          As you will see in a post that is currently caught in spam, 100% of the selections are the Republican candidates running for these positions. It is a coincidence that these open seats are being pursued by women.

  3. Troy Jones

    Chris Johnson is not listed on the SOS website. That said, the Governor made a choice between the person on the ballot by winning the primary and the one selected by the appropriate Central Committee. Legitimate rationales for both.

    He picked the candidate who had won a primary, which is his prerogative. If he had not picked her because he was picking two other women, he would have done so because of genitalia which is an unacceptable reason.


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