Gov. Noem, Sens Thune & Rounds, Congressman Johnson call for Presidential debate in SD before early voting

In a letter yesterday to the Commission on Presidential Debates, South Dakota’s “Big 4” of elected officials called for a Debate to be held in South Dakota before the start of early voting. According to the letter, published on the South Dakota Republican Party’s website:

“As you are aware, presidential debates are a critical part of the electoral process. Unlike television ads or pre-written speeches, debates give Americans a firsthand look at each candidate’s own policies and intellect in an unscripted setting. They allow voters to hear the candidates’ platforms firsthand and give candidates the opportunity to respond to the tough questions at the forefront of every voter’s mind.

Unfortunately, by the time the first presidential debate happens on September 29, 2020, voters in South Dakota will have already started voting 11 days prior. South Dakotans who vote early deserve the same opportunity afforded to voters in other states, which is to hear the two competing visions for our country and make a well-informed decision when casting their vote at the ballot box – especially when one candidate has spent the duration of the campaign avoiding voters and questions from the press.”

As of yet, there is no indication of a response to the letter, which seems to be directed at former Vice-President Joe Biden’s reluctance to answer press questions.

2 thoughts on “Gov. Noem, Sens Thune & Rounds, Congressman Johnson call for Presidential debate in SD before early voting”

  1. Senator Thune, Senator Rounds, Congressman Johnson & Governor Noem
    are on target with offering South Dakota for a debate location. I am far from
    an expert but historians generally agree televised appearances have an effect upon the result of the election. Debates are what voters rely upon to decide
    which candidate will receive their vote. I hope we expand this to include Vice Presidential debates too!

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