Gov. Noem Signs Executive Order Responding to Public Health Crisis

Gov. Noem Signs Executive Order Responding to Public Health Crisis

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Noem has signed Executive Order 2023-07 to take immediate action to address the public health crisis caused by the nationwide shortage of critical medications.

“My top priority as Governor is the health and safety of the people of South Dakota,” said Governor Noem. “The Biden Administration’s failure to address this shortage is causing patient care to suffer, creating delays in treatment, and increasing the risk of medication errors and the use of less effective alternative treatments. Once again, South Dakota will step up and be the leader that Biden refuses to be.”

Medication shortages in the United States increased by 30% from 2021 to 2022, and they reached a five-year high at the end of last year with 295 active drug shortages.

This Executive Order directs the South Dakota Department of Health to investigate the medication shortages in the state, identify opportunities to mitigate these medication shortages, and provide the governor a report on their findings no later than June 12, 2023.


7 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Signs Executive Order Responding to Public Health Crisis”

  1. She sure is busy with these executive orders. I wonder if this one is just to get her on tv. Seems me the department of health can do this already.

    1. good point, why wasn’t the DOH doing this already?
      I have never been impressed with the DOH. You should see how they conduct the inspection of long-term care facilities.
      They always show up during the evening shift..This is supposed to be a surprise, but it is no surprise, and the staff on duty immediately notify management they have arrived so within fifteen minutes the number of staff doubles. They don’t study the schedule to see what the numbers actually are. They never show up at 5 AM to see how many residents are already dressed and up for the day, sitting in wheelchairs waiting for breakfast that won’t be served until 8 AM. And they don’t show up just as a meal is served to see if the food on the plates bears any resemblance to the dietician’s menu. Nope, they show up in the evening, giving the management plenty of time to make sure everything is done correctly during the two days or so that the inspection lasts. It’s a farce.
      When they do investigate an incident, they will tell the administrator “you need to do something,” but dont specify what “something” is, or follow up to see if anything has been done. There was one particular CNA who was trouble; the social worker told us the DOH had given the administrator a deadline to “do something” about her, we all saw the deadline come and go and nothing changed. Nobody followed up.
      The DOH has never been very motivated to do anything and EOs might be the only way to light a fire under them.

  2. Huh, executive order to investigate what exactly? Is she wanting to investigate why the “Biden” administration isn’t meddling more in a non-public business affairs… Seems like she is barking up the wrong tree – or just trying to grab headlines.

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