Gov signs SB 67, 69 & Youth Minimum Wage act

Read it and weep. Governor :Dennis Daugaard has signed several of the remaining bills of the legislative session, including the youth minimum wage act, and SB 69, which prevents people from signing on to the ballot to simply serve as placeholders.

Governor Signs Final Bills Of 2015 Legislative Session

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed the last bills from the 2015 Legislative Session into law today:

SB 2 – An Act to provide for the establishment of river basin natural resource districts.
SB 3 – An Act to provide for mediation of certain drainage disputes.
SB 67 – An Act to revise certain provisions regarding challenges to certain election petition signatures.
SB 69 – An Act to revise certain provisions regarding elections and election petitions.
SB 177 – An Act to establish a youth minimum wage.

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11 thoughts on “Gov signs SB 67, 69 & Youth Minimum Wage act”

  1. I’m guessing since being a registered independent in SD does not mean you belong to the independent political party that that section of 69 will be challenged and stricken.

    In SD being an independent means you are not associated with a party.

    1. Yeah, I thought it was gone too.

      Good coverage of this session PP! Best blog coverage of SD’s legislative session!

  2. One of the claims by those opposing a minimum wage hike is–minimum wage is meant for those entering the job market (young people). Guess it was a typical lie.

  3. It’s ridiulous to call SB 177 an afront to the voters. The initiated measure would have passed by a bigger margain if it had a lower rate for youth. The “one size fits all mandate” was a big reason that some voters voted against it………………………Does this story mean that SBs 100, 136, and 159 won’t be signed?

    1. Thank the good Lord we have these people in power to interpret what we really wanted as we are like children without their help.

  4. When the law of unintended consequences kicks in, are people who reach the age of 18 going to lose their jobs to kids making the lower minimum wage?

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