Governor Daugaard responds to those calling for him to ban Syrian Refugees

noimmigrantsFrom today’s KCCR, Governor Dennis Daugaard responded to lawmakers and others who are calling for him to join with 30+ other states, and issue a ban on the resettlement of Syrian refugees:

Daugaard is not necessarily taking a stance, saying that he does not have the authority to ban refugees from South Dakota…

Daugaard adds that it is very unlikely any Syrian refugees will come to South Dakota…

Daugaard adds that his first priority as governor is to keep all citizens safe…

While those lawmakers now understand what the Governor is saying, they still urge Daugaard to join many other Governors’ and send the message saying, “We don’t want them here.”


Read (and listen) to it all here.

30 Replies to “Governor Daugaard responds to those calling for him to ban Syrian Refugees”

  1. Anonymous

    The people of South Dakota are voicing an opinion and he is not listening. I bet his phone is ringing and they are saying there’s nothing we can do.

    Well there is something we can do and that is protest. Lend a voice to the cause and stand with 32 other governors around the country. Make that voice louder and stronger. Back those in states like Florida or New Jersey.

    Daugaard should give an opinion regardless of what authority he has.

  2. Anonymous

    The USA according to liberals:

    Cops killing people of color every day for no good reason; insensitive college administrators not responding to the snowflake feelings of coddled students, rich people like the Kochs stealing from the poor; NAs
    living in poverty because of low self esteem from sports mascots
    like Fighting Sioux and Redskins, wealthy getting wealthier because they hate poor people,McDonalds saying slave wages, food desserts, and women dying in back alleys by the millions from botched abortions because of the Republicans’ war on women.

    Why would any refugee or foreigner WANT to come to the US or SD?

    USA: a hell hole.

  3. Anonymous

    –Daugaard adds that his first priority as governor is to keep all citizens safe…

    Then he should begin the process to impeach Obama.

  4. Larry Ulvestad

    Dennis: We realize that, technically , a resolution to ban is not a legally binding act. However, it is a symbolic measure that shows solidarity with other governors and doesn’t separate our proud state from the reality of this situation. Please reconsider your decision.

  5. Anonymous

    I emailed prior to his response, and I emailed after to let him know his response was NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I am going to go to the website and email again and try to get through on his phone.

    I think others have said it here and elsewhere: while the governors cannot simply refuse to take refugees, they can make it tough on the federal government and they can use their positions of power to put pressure on Obama and his minions to forestall this idiocy. We need to all let the governor know he needs to make his voice heard on this issue; if he does not, he is shirking his responsibility.

    1. Heisenberg

      Did you send your email as anonymous? That might cause a credibility gap if you did.

      Or did your email make any sense? It looks like you are plenty peeved about this and maybe you turned them off by strong demands.

      Even though you want Daugaard to put pressure on Obama, that probably won’t work. I’m not sure Obama even knows who Daugaard is. And if he does know that Daugaard is the governor of a welfare red state that hates him anyway, that is surely not going to help.

      Well, better luck with Hillary. I’m sure she’ll be interested to hear your story.

      1. Anonymous

        — I’m not sure Obama even knows who Daugaard is.

        You are right, sadly.

        To Obama, SD is somewhere south of his birthplace in Nairobi.

      2. Anonymous

        No, I put my name and address on the email on his website.

        I don’t think Hillary gives a hoot about anything but getting elected, and I hope she doesn’t win anything, and I think a lot of Americans are waking up to the fact that she is a pathological liar who will do anything and tell any tale to get elected. She has no honor or integrity, and I’d like to see that in the White House again after 7 1/2 years of Obama.

  6. Jeff Endrizzi

    Wow, quite a few emotional responses to this issue. Has Governor Daugaard ever shown to be driven by short term emotional responses? I don’t recall any times, and that’s a good thing. He’s taken the prudent approach, telling us the facts of the situation. He has ZERO control over refugee relocation.

    Please read the entire article. He’s asking the Federal Government to review the existing laws. No matter how much we may dislike the laws, they cannot be changed without following the process.

    Our Governor cannot do what you are asking him to do.

    1. Anonymous

      “He has ZERO control over refugee relocation.”


      The Refugee Act of 1980 requires the federal government to consult with and obtain approval of the states for the fed’s plans to resettle refugees.

      The problem TODAY is that we have a president who routinely ignores federal laws, like the Refugee Act of 1980.

      “short term emotional responses?”

      1. What makes you think that this is “short term”?
      2. What makes you think that these are “emotional responses”?

  7. Jeff Endrizzi

    I say the comments are emotional, because of the terms “treasonous” and “impeachment”.

    The comments are knee-jerk reactions (short term).

    The US House has already passed a bill to modify the refugee vetting process. The Senate now needs to review and vote.


    1. Anonymous

      Or such comments could be well-thought out and based on the president’s actions over the long term. The CIA director, homeland security director, dep. national security advisor (all appointed by Obama) all concede that there is no way to properly vet these Syrian refugees. In other words, isn’t it just as likely that YOUR views are out of synch with the constitution and the law and the actual dangers?

      Nixon was threatened with a lot less.

      By the time the “process works”, there could be tens of thousands on undocumented refugees in the US free to roam around. THAT’S THE PROBLEM.

      And when the President of the US called those who disagree with him and his policies as “Unamerican”, well, the emotions are understandable and justified.

    2. springer

      Under normal rule of law in this country this would work. However, it doesn’t anymore. Even if the Senate passes the bill, Obama has promited to veto it, (and this will be a promise he will keep), and probably not enough Democratic senators will join to override a veto. So the people lose again. Of course, we could hope that the Senate Democrats would wake up to the fact that this isn’t a Dem or Rep issue, it is an American issue, but I don’t hold out hope for that either. The process doesn’t work anymore.

  8. Jeff Endrizzi

    I don’t agree with President Obama on this issue. My comments were pointed to the comments about Governor Daugaard. I believe our Governor has our best interests in mind, and is taking the actions he can.


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