Governor Noem Announces Special Legislative Session

Governor Noem Announces Special Legislative Session

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem announced that she will be calling a special session of the state legislature. The legislature will meet on Monday, October 5, 2020, with the purpose of considering legislation related to the use of federal stimulus relief funds, including the $1.25 billion allocated to South Dakota in Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF).

“South Dakota has used our federal CRF funds as intended to cover many costs related to COVID-19,” said Governor Noem. “We’re in tremendous shape in our fight against this virus. My team and I have spent many hours talking with numerous legislators, especially leadership, as well as the general public. I look forward to hearing from the entire legislature in its official capacity.” 

Barring an extension, South Dakota has until December 30, 2020, to spend all CRF dollars. Some of the funds have already been allocated including $200 million for city and county government operations, more than $100 million for the Re-employment Insurance Fund, nearly $100 million for state public safety and public health officials, $75 million for K-12 schools, and more than $20 million for universities and technical colleges. Governor Noem also has proposed up to $400 million in small business grants and up to $100 million in grants to community-based healthcare providers.

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8 thoughts on “Governor Noem Announces Special Legislative Session”

  1. Leave the money where it is. Don’t spend it. You don’t need to blow $400 million on small bizz grants. You don’t need to spend money on community health care. You just got done bragging about $19 million surplus. Ride this out.

  2. Remember folks, it’s OUR money and it did not go into any “Governor’s ATM”! My representatives will be speaking for our household…make sure your reps will be speaking for you…or at least the majority of their constituents.

    1. Yes, everyone will be trying to say why they should be entitled money as true Democrats would It will end up being a long fight, I would guess. Harmful effects of covid will be stretched in many cases to become something that does not exist. Example: How did covid HARM a business that does not yet exist?

    2. If you escaped from CA I hope you didn’t bring the mindset that reduced CA to the mess it is today.

  3. All legislators should travel to Pierre and be in attendance since we want to be the model for others to follow. No masks will be needed.

    If a legislator does not attend in person, he/she must not believe what Trump or Noem says.

  4. Legislators have been asking for this for months! Especially Senator Heinert.As for “summoning” them, this is not a monarchy. These funds should be cautiously spent to help those in real need and to get us through challenging times. Some investment in people not corporations for once.

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