Governor Noem continues to point out Argus Leader’s attacks on her. Are they really helping us make sense of unpredictable times?

Interestingly, about 5 minutes after I received this e-mail…

… in which the Argus Leader claims I should buy it because it is “Helping you make sense of unpredictable times…”   I noticed on facebook Governor Kristi Noem pointing out that the Argus is refusing to publish her update on COVID-19

If the Argus wanted to actually help us make sense of unpredictable times, why wouldn’t they be willing to share the Governor’s update, and instead post an attack editorial with the following disclaimer?

So, they won’t put their own names on their attack editorials, publishing it under a fairly anonymous “editorial board” and disclaims that the hit piece “expresses the views of the author separate from the publication.” However, on a piece the Governor is expressly authoring they won’t allow her to paraphrase and cite experiences without names – even with her willing to show the Argus they aren’t fictional.

The expression “the rules are for thee, but not for me” come to mind.  No wonder people have an ever increasing distrust for the media.

When it comes to the Argus, are they really helping us make sense of unpredictable times?  It sure doesn’t seem like it.

13 thoughts on “Governor Noem continues to point out Argus Leader’s attacks on her. Are they really helping us make sense of unpredictable times?”

    1. Could any of those 1185 new cases be false-positives? It’s happened before…

      Sanford Health COO Matt Hocks says in a statement that there were problems with a lab analyzer, which determines whether a test is positive or negative. The tests in question were performed a week ago, on October 11, 12 and 13. Since the analyzer wasn’t working right, some people may have received positive test results, even when their tests were negative. – Kelo

      1. We also need to keep perspective — most of the cases are under 40, most have few or no symptoms, and 99.9 percent will survive with no complications. Yet about half the population dons their filthy face coverings and lives in fear. Go figure.

        1. I hear you, Cliff. Our oldest has friends quarantined from school. Know what they’re doing? Playing video games, binging on Netflix shows, hanging out with others who are also out of school for a two week vacation. Some are even hanging with those whose parent’s kept them out of school in fear of the virus. Go figure.

        2. Gee. Only twelve people will die as a result of our 1185 new cases yesterday. About one percent. But you are right, Cliff. Most young people will survive. Many of those deaths will be older or at-risk South Dakotans.

          The problem is that the young are spreading it to even more vulnerable citizens. But do they matter?

  1. Good job keeping the state open for business and not falling prey to these mask wearing predators! The 1185 who died were weak Democrats!

  2. Truth matters.

    Since I am a Republican, I have always had a problem with the liberal leaning media. But what bothers me even more is when leaders in my party attack the press for exposing the truth. That is the case here.

    Kristi Noem is blaming a mere doubling in testing for our ten-fold increase in COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths. A ridiculous lie. Hopefully, journalists will continue to expose it, even as she attacks their credibility.

  3. Sheep don’t want decisions. They don’t want to hear two sides of the story because it means they have to make a decision on their own and take responsibility. The healthcare systems have absolutely “gagged” their employees on this issue, forcing doctors and nurses to be sheep too. This is what the world is becoming and it should scare those who aren’t willing to follow the herd.

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