Governor Noem Issues Statement on Attorney General Ravnsborg

Governor Noem Issues Statement on Attorney General Ravnsborg

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem issued the following statement in response to the conclusion of the investigation into the fatal crash involving Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and Joseph Boever:

“Now that the investigation has closed and charges have been filed, I believe the Attorney General should resign. I have reviewed the material we are releasing, starting today, and I encourage others to review it as well.”


14 thoughts on “Governor Noem Issues Statement on Attorney General Ravnsborg”

      1. If she feels that him being in office is bad for the state as a whole, or for the Office of the Attorney General, or State Law Enforcement, then it absolutely IS her place to make her opinion known.
        Attorney General Ravensburg is free to ignore her wishes as he sees fit, but if she feels that keeping him on the job is going to be bad for the state she SHOULD state so.

    1. I am still waiting for evidence to prove it was anything other than an accident. Ravnsborg has only been charged, not convicted. Everyone is jumping the gun here.

      1. I’m just trying to understand here. If Ravnsborg is convicted of these three misdemeanors, then you’d support the calling for his resignation? What happens if he’s acquitted of one or all of the charges? This is very unlikely as the prosecutors have a pretty low bar to clear for the charges brought.

        I think her calling for his resignation is 3D chess on her part. When she runs for the GOP nomination for President, she can say she was tough on crime even when it came to the top GOP law enforcer in the state. No one is above the law. I’d say that’s my more cynical take though.

  1. She would get to appoint th new attorney general. At least he/she would have to be a SD resident and not a Washington politician.

    1. ? aren’t Jackley & Noem bitter foes? randy seiler is right there in fort pierre, well qualified, plus hes a vietnam vet…

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