Governor Noem on twitter: Legalizing industrial hemp would flood crime lab

From Twitter, Governor Kristi Noem points out the burden legalizing hemp would put on Law Enforcement:

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  1. Anonymous

    The idea that industrial hemp will lead to an increased use of marijuana (which comes from a different plant) is ridiculous. We’re far more likely to end up with idiotic potheads sneaking into fields, stealing hemp and trying to smoke it.

  2. Anonymous

    Hemp protein is very popular with gluten-intolerant vegans.
    You can find recipes involving things like coconut flour and non-dairy milk, and brownies in which the wheat flour has been replaced by equal parts cocoa and hemp protein.
    Unmilled seeds are eaten by paleos, but they taste “earthy.”

    We are doing this all wrong. We need to start selling manure crackers, for their probiotic content.

  3. Anonymous

    Opposing hemp in an ag state is the height of stupidity.

    She’s either a moron or a shill or some combination of the two. There’s no other explanation.

  4. Tara Volesky

    Gov. Gary Herbert

    Verified account

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    I just signed the Utah Medical Cannabis Act into law. Utah now has the best-designed medical cannabis program in the country. #utpol

  5. Tara Volesky

    I will volunteer my beautiful black labs to sniff out any marijuana. Maybe then they would quit chewing up my hemp slippers.

  6. grudznick

    grudznick understands this hemp plant is a different animal than the demon weed, which is bad, very bad. Couldn’t they get a bigger closet to store things in?

  7. Truthinator

    One more giant step forward for you lucky, lucky people in South Dakota. Wow. She really is an amazing woman, isn’t she?

  8. Anonymous

    Back in the day I used to drink hemp milk for breakfast with a bowl of grape nuts or oatmeal when I was racing triathlons endurance events at the masters level meaning I did not have the recovery of some 18 year old. It was perfectly legal by our sanctioning body and other laws. Had to stop after a year since it was expensive. Only High I got was from the training or racing.

    Now I have one foot in the grave and the other on a Banana peel.

  9. Anne Beal

    I took Tara’s advice to research this and I have learned that CBD oil has all the uses and therapeutic benefits of WD40. It’s the greatest essential oil of all time. People who have not had success with their collections of 16 essential oils can’t wait to try this. They are already paying $47.70 retail, $36.25 wholesale, for 5 ml of “Panaway” which is a blend of essential oils. It’s supposed to make everything go away.
    If my math is correct, Panaway, whatever is in it, is worth $27,441.25 to $36,108.90/gallon.

    In contrast, you can buy one fluid ounce of 300 mg CBD oil on Amazon for $30. A real bargain at $3,840/gallon, to be snatched up by the people who can’t afford Panaway.

    I also found a testimonial by a millennial who used CBD oil every day for two months and found it helpful for managing the stress and anxiety caused by climate change. ( I stopped reading when he started in on the vegan gummi bears.)

    I think that the opponents of cannabis can stop worrying about whether or not it causes brain damage. It’s too late.

    I have to thank Tara for leading me into this hilarious rabbit hole. Do your research, folks. The more you learn, the more you laugh.

      1. Anne Beal

        I agree: when they start telling us CBD oil is for the stress and anxiety caused by climate change, it’s time to suggest physician-assisted suicide.

        1. Anonymous

          It is good there are cameras at the Capitol in Pierre or Mentele would be working on a slip and fall lawsuit to sue the state.

  10. Tara Volesky

    Now that the Feds have legalized it, there will competition and hopefully people won’t have to pay high prices for natural remedies.

            1. Tara Volesky

              Lol…….I didn’t throw cannibals or gummy bears in the lake. It’s a secret recipe that is a miracle cure.


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