Governor Noem responds to CDC’s latest mask recommendations

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17 thoughts on “Governor Noem responds to CDC’s latest mask recommendations”

  1. Good. We don’t need the Governor telling us how to take care of ourselves; we have mothers for that.

      1. The battle cry to legalize drugs and prostitution. Well played. Science needs plenty of human petri dishes to keep the covid-19 virus alive and mutating. I’m sure your opinion wouldn’t change if covid-19 were some nasty STD from the third world. Don’t change a thing and keep your fingers crossed.

  2. Understandable and not unexpected that the Gov would not issue a mask mandate. But “inconsistency” on the part of the CDC is not an intelligent comment. The CDC collects real-time data daily. Would she have them stick with the guidance they issued in April 2020 (or pick any date) and not update their guidance as conditions change? The Delta variant didn’t even exist then. It has changed everything.

    1. Do you trust the CDC after the constant lying of Anthony Fauci, the little politician parading around as the smartest kid in class?

  3. Okay, so we lockdown, mask up, and hibernate all winter. Next spring there will be another variant and our freedom will be restricted again. I don’t believe anything the CDC or Fauci or this administration says. They have destroyed their own credibility with not caring if the flood of illegals is carrying covid into all sectors of our country. They only seem to care about maintaining their control over actual citizens.

  4. Jess,

    The CDC amends their guidance using different standards (standards derived almost always with an agenda contrary to public health) and not different data. And that is why so many (especially those who are unvaccinated) don’t believe a single thing they say. I’m vaccinated in spite of guidance from the CDC, not because of it.

    Regarding your uninformed and misleading statement the Delta variant “has changed everything, if the “measurable” regarding covid is hospitalizations and death from Covid, the Delta variant has changed absolutely nothing. It is less deadly & has less severe symptoms for the unvaccinated, and it is a statistical non-public health threat for the vaccinated.

    Thus, every comment from Biden and the administration should be to positively impact vaccinations. And his dipshit shaming and insulting the unvaccinated only makes it absolutely certain less people will get vaccinated. Contrary to his statement Facebook is killing people, the utterances and confusion of the President and the CDC is killing more people.

  5. What’s happening to these recommendations and the other FUD being intentionally created about covid is like blasting a pheasant .8 seconds after it takes off.

    flap flap flap flap BOOM.

    But there will be other worse variants targeted toward figureheads .. I will do my best to bird-dog when that happens that we might identify that rustling in the weeds as a brown bear.

    Will need a rifle for that one.

  6. Kristi Noem you need to fly down to Florida pronto to show support for another Republican Governor DeSantis who promises NO mask mandates especially in schools, No school closings, and No travel restrictions (like in cruse ships). Be sure to stay several days whilst you visit up close and personal with all the 22,000-some (Friday’s one-day record) of newly infected, mostly Delta virus casualties. Some of them are likely in intensive care by now so be sure to wish them hope and prayers when (if) you visit them minus a mask. Of course you will remind them how proud you are of their wise personal choice even as they plead for a dose of the vaccination.
    You can make up for not being able to take deep breaths here in South Dakota (if you were even here lately) due to all the Canadian (climate change related) forest fire smoke. Just the facts.

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