Governor Noem updates on Ravnsborg accident investigation

Governor Noem and the Department of Public Safety gave updates on the Ravnsborg accident investigation this afternoon, with the presser serving as mainly an update and opportunity for clarification on how the investigation is being handled.

The most significant updates are that the medical examination of the deceased was conducted in Minnesota yesterday, and interviews have been conducted, and a third party out-of-state accident reconstruction firm have been engaged.

The biggest takeaway is that the state is taking every measure possible to make sure there is no appearance of bias, and that it’s as open a process as they can do.

They did indicate (or at least my takeaway is) that the 911 call will likely be released at some point.

25 thoughts on “Governor Noem updates on Ravnsborg accident investigation”

  1. She’s really not handling this well. She couldn’t say how she felt hearing the news? Couldn’t drop the politi-bot stance for a second and express sorrow for the Beover family? Say she’s sorry it happened? Nah, just end the conference as cold as it started.

    1. She is handling it really badly, looks like she only cares about herself. Doesn’t seem like she cares about the AG or the family. It was a tragic accident and she is worried about her image.

    2. I imagine that’s the Cory Lewandowski training that teaches “Always be an a-hole, never give an inch.” It don’t fit you well, Gov. Noem.

  2. I heard Mr. Price reference the State’s Attorney as ‘she’. Emily Sovell is the Deputy SA and the 2020 candidate list shows her father Merlin Voorhees as the SA. So who makes the decision? Is he figurehead and she does the primary work? And has anyone inquired about a conflict — she and Ravnsborg graduated from law school together in 2001.

    1. Not Noem haters, just South Dakotans who have come to realize that Noem only cares about her political career and her image.

      Did ever one see her speak at the Republican convention? What struck me the most was how fit she was. That is great that she takes care of herself but you don’t look that fit and toned in the arms unless you are working out at least 2 hrs a day. I guarantee she takes her me time and doesn’t let her job as a Governor interfere. Just my opinion.

        1. Looks likes you missed the point of what the person above wrote. Sounds to me they were trying to state that it doesn’t look like she misses a workout or or “me” time for work.

            1. How is it poor? Because someone thinks the Governor spends more time worrying about her image than running the state and showed a solid example to support it.

            2. Pat,

              I agree. I can’t decide if it is sexist, envious, shallow, or self-loathing that motivates one to make such statement.

  3. One of the reasons I have never had a lot of female friends is that so many of them will get into a snit for one reason or another and announce “it’s not what you said, it was the way you said it.”

    Reading some of these comments reminds me of that. Noem didn’t say things the right way. She didn’t emote enough. Maybe she should have cried.
    Perhaps she should have worn pearls. Pearls are always a nice touch. Somebody get her some pearls. That’ll soften her image. Pearls.

      1. Actually by the 4th mention of pearls you should have figured out it morphed from humor into a serious suggestion.
        Powerful women have all worn pearls. While glitzy crown jewels are ostentatious, pearls convey confidence and strength. Google the name of a woman who has occupied a position of high status and authority plus pearls and you will see for yourself. You will be hard-pressed to find a woman, other than Mother Teresa, who hasn’t worn pearls.

  4. Hahaha got me laughing out loud there Anne. Peace Sign Silver ear-rings would help bring the progressives on board possibly. And of course a marijuana leaf mask Game over! 🤣

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