Governor’s final years in office dedicated to transparency.

The Mitchell Daily Republic is reporting today that the Governor’s focus for his final two years are about big projects, but about something no less important – Government transparency:

Amid his penultimate legislative session as South Dakota’s top elected official, the second-term governor and long-time politician hopes to boost governmental transparency and improve citizen access to public information as he caps off his gubernatorial tenure.


As he looks to wrap up priorities like promoting government transparency, Daugaard doesn’t expect to see many major items on his plate in his final two years. Instead, Daugaard is looking to improve upon what he’s already initiated, like the Public Safety Improvement Act.

And the popular governor who was elected in two landslide victories is content wrapping up his second term by finishing what he’s started.

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2 Replies to “Governor’s final years in office dedicated to transparency.”

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe start by saying what happened to the guy who was in charge of leading the Public Safety Improvement act from BFM.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I think you know well enough that personnel matters are not in the realm of public information.