Governor’s senior advisor calls out Angela Kennecke at KELOland for politicizing death of Governor’s 98 yo Grandmother

I had only glanced at the KELO story in passing, not clicking on it, and thought that it was kind of crass and more mean girl tactics from KELOland in attacking the Governor, but a few minutes ago, Maggie Seidel, Governor Kristi Noem’s Senior Advisor and policy Director just sent out a mass e-mail to the press calling out Angela Kennecke of KELOland for trying to politicize the death of a 98 year old woman:

On Sunday night, Governor Noem’s 98-year-old grandmother died in her sleep. As the Governor so eloquently noted on social media, she was a wonderful woman.

Yesterday, I fielded two questions about whether her death was because of Covid.

Reporter 1 – A CBS News reporter from New York.
Reporter 2 – Angela Kennecke, who reports for KELOLAND-TV, a CBS affiliate.

Both were provided the exact same answer: Very disappointed that you’re trying to politicize this. No, the Governor’s grandmother was 98 years old.

The national reporter’s response: I do apologize and agree – I was trying to stomp out any further inquiries into this.

Angela’s response – a full, sensationalized story on the 6pm news.

Apparently, to her and her editors, the news about Governor Noem’s grandmother was an opening to callously connect her death to the pandemic.

This is beneath contempt.

Morbid speculation and picking over bones are nothing new in the press world, but it’s just as distasteful today as it ever was.

For Kelo, the innuendo about a death in the governor’s family must be forced into their preferred narrative – a deep disdain for the Governor who refuses to approach Covid as the media and big-government “experts” demand, as well as a total contempt for the people of South Dakota she has repeatedly trusted to make their own informed decisions.

Never mind the 131 facilities that we’re working with (on a daily basis) across the state to help protect the most vulnerable in our communities. To Angela, the death of the Governor’s grandmother was an opportunity to exploit the men and women of Estelline – the very people who helped raise the Governor. They were there for the family when her dad died tragically. They are good, decent, salt-of-the-earth people – they are more than political pawns.

I’ll let you judge for yourself whether that’s journalism, or political agitprop.

From an e-mail sent 11/25/20 from Maggie Seidel to state media.

Angela Kennecke called out for being “beneath contempt?” Well, when she’s trying to make a story out of the death of the Governor’s 98 year old grandmother, it’s not like she chose to not be sensationalistic in this instance.

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  1. I believe that was a very appropriate question addressed to a person willing to let South Dakotans die for her political ambitions. How many Grandmother’s have died due to her lack of action?

    1. Sorry Richard, it’s sad that there are people like you that don’t understand the role of government. Governor Noem understands it well. It is up to us to take responsibility for our own lives, not Noem. You have the right to do what YOU feel is best for you. I have the same right. Government can give us the best data, science and recommend. If you make bad choices, it’s on you, not the governor. If you want a babysitter, move to Minnesota and they will be happy to tell you what’s good for you and disregard your civil independence.

    2. Perhaps Kristi’s grandmother died of sadness seeing her granddaughter attacked unfairly and incessantly. Your “how many grandmothers have died” question is obscene and you should be ashamed.

    3. How many times does it need to be stated that the governor of South Dakota, whether or not they are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, or whatever they identify as, does NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO IMPOSE MANDATES ON ANYONE?

      No one is stopping you from staying home. No one is stopping you from wearing a mask. Be the change you bitch about.

    4. “Willing to let South Dakotans die for her political ambitions”? Really? This isn’t worth responding to, and I hope the moderator considers taking it down.

    5. So Richard you think lock downs actually work? Then perhaps you can explain something to me. Nursing homes. Nursing homes have been locked down for almost a year now, no visitors, period. Nursing home employees must mask and take other precautions and still COVID found its way into these facilities. So just how did that happen Richard? I thought shut downs work. I thought masks work. Go ahead Richard explain it to me, I’ll wait.

  2. I seen the story and I agree. Angela is appears to becoming one sick individual. The Gov. released a statement Angela used it to bash the Gov. very disrespectful to the Gov Noem and her family.

    Time for KELOLAND to start doing respectful reporting.

      1. If I remember correctly, we were all very saddened when her daughter died from a drug overdose. We felt for her. No one sensationalized her death. We all came together.

  3. Kristi Noem and her family are public individuals. How is asking a question about the cause of death politicizing this? The response to Kennecke seems more sensational than the question.

    1. i am convinced now beyond doubt that we need an inquest into all of the 65+ deaths attributed to covid 1. to see if covid was the primary cause, and 2. to see if the growth in covid deaths has a corresponding drop in non covid causes compared to previous years. there are officially too many people talking out of their other ends on this issue now. let’s have facts.

      1. Other than the first week of November, when excess deaths from all causes was up 120, we’ve had only modest bumps of about 30 above expected deaths a couple weeks, and a half-dozen weeks with 20 or less excess deaths. So that’s around 300 excess deaths. Nursing home and assisted-living residents account for nearly half of CV deaths in South Dakota, and the median age for virus deaths is above 80. Wonder if hospitals are reporting deaths of seniors who test positive to claim their federal bounties.

  4. It was appropriate. 40 or 42 residents (or close to that) residents in that home tested positive, other homes in the area have high positivity rates; it is a valid question. When our state is #1 in the world and no meaningful action is taken then yes, everything related to her thoughts, influences, decision-making process, and the effects of her lack of action should be questioned.

    1. Not sure where you got your figures, but South Dakota isn’t even number 1 in the country per capita, let alone the world. Must using that democrat election math

  5. My elderly father died of the flu a couple years ago. Otherwise known as “Natural Causes”.

    The media morbidly sick.

    1. Exactly. I wonder when Angela will investigate COVID testing now that Kelby is no longer part of Sanford and Denny is….well…

  6. Maggie Seidel nailed it when she questioned whether Kennecke’s report was journalism or agitprop. It’s agitprop at its worst straight from the KELO Department for Agitation and Propaganda. At least the CBS news reporter from New York had a plausible answer to Maggie’s challenge. Not so with Kennecke. The Kennecke pure hatred for Governor Noem compels her to greater depths of mean-spirited outbursts regardless of civility or even common decency. There just a’int no angel in Angela.

    1. If Kennecke cared she would have done a report before the passing of Ms. Arnold. Kennecke is only looking for personal gain. She does not care about the COVID issue in the nursing homes.or she would have reported weeks ago.

  7. This is the time of year when the elderly die. It just is: the days get shorter. They don’t get to go outside. The holidays are depressing, although some will hang on until after the New Year. This year might be worse with most gatherings cancelled and fewer visitors to cheer them up. Death rates peak in January.

      1. Exactly! When will isolation be investigated? Mental health be investigated?

        I’ve been there and done that….never again.

  8. Governor Noem,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Whether one loses a loved one from a car accident, a pulmonary embolism, a drug overdose, Covid, or just plain old age, the loss is real where all we would want is another day, another minute. And that is ok because God made us to love this place and while we are here we will miss those we love who are gone. Grieve deeply, embrace the love you receive. May the soul of your Grandma, by the Mercy of God, Rest In Peace.

  9. So they are on the record saying she tested negative for Covid, or that she was never tested?

  10. The media in general is trash.

    Praying for those who are affected by a life taken as I do for anyone who has someone they love taken.

  11. At the end of the day, everyday South Dakotans trust Angela more than these two DC operatives Noem brought in to be combative for her.

    1. Not really. Angela has been overhyping and sensationalizing things too long. Her stories are just tabloid journalism anymore.

      1. Angela is one of the least respected “journalist” along with Witney. Two attention seeking leftists with no credibility. Sensational journalism rooted in fear and insecurity. Talk to them , you’ll know.
        Notice what people aren’t doing.
        Analysis of her family. It’s inappropriate and in bad taste just to further a cause.

  12. Anything really that “Keloland Investigates” and anything that has her name tied to it I cannot even read or listen to. It goes back to when she sensationalized the death of an elderly man in his home and blamed the senior meals volunteer for “not helping”(I wished I could find the story). Its to gain viewers – but people are starting to see through the BS.

    Noem has gotten to the point now where she won’t want to interview with them, and I do not blame her. But Keloland will call her out for not being transparent.

    1. And they’d be correct, correct? You can’t say you’re transparent and then pick and choose who you talk to.

          1. Nobody has to talk to Angela, and nobody should. If you want to be transparent, pick one of those TV news girls who aren’t wrapped in Spanx.

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