Great Job Kristi – Noem gets the job done for South Dakota farmers

I have to say, Congresswoman Kristi Noem does more than just talk the talk. In House Floor action yesterday, with her assistance, Congress fixed an error in the 2008 farm bill that left South Dakota farmers without any disaster assistance – something that is especially important in this time of drought. (Now who was in congress in 2008 when they screwed this up….?)

In a release from Congresswoman Noem’s office last night:

House Passes Livestock Disaster Assistance

  Washington, D.C. ? The House today reauthorized critical livestock disaster assistance programs for drought-stricken producers in South Dakota and across the nation. Rep. Kristi Noem joined a bipartisan majority of her colleagues in voting to reauthorize these programs by a vote of 223-197.

?This vote made right what the 2008 Farm Bill got wrong, and I?m proud that the House took a stand to provide our ranchers the disaster assistance they need in the face of the worst drought in decades,? said Rep. Noem. ?While this is an good first step to providing certainty to our producers, the most important step remains to be done, and that?s getting a Farm Bill done. The single best way to get a long-term safety net for our livestock producers is to pass a Farm Bill, and I will continue working through August to gather more support to bring it to the floor.?

H.R. 6233 would reauthorize the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP), Livestock Forage Disaster Programs (LFP), Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm-raised Fish (ELAP), and the Tree Assistance Program (TAP) for the current year. The 2008 Farm Bill failed to fund these programs for five years, leaving South Dakota livestock producers uncovered during this drought year. Rep. Noem introduced legislation in April to reauthorize these programs and today spoke on the House floor on the importance of getting them authorized now and getting a new Farm Bill done this year.

188 Republicans and 35 Democrats voted to give livestock producers certainty during this drought year.

10 Replies to “Great Job Kristi – Noem gets the job done for South Dakota farmers”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow so glad you said more farm subsidys, but how about us who need health care.Can I get a subsidy to instead of paying to go to the doctor when I get sick,You guys and your assistance programs. fiscal yeah right.

  2. Heidelberger

    “gets the job done” — that would imply actually solving the problem and getting aid to farmers (assuming we accept the premise that agribusiness can’t survive without heavy government subsidy). The House vote yesterday enacted nothing and didn’t send any new aid to anyone. The bill itself actually undermines long-term drought relief by cutting EQIP, which helps ranchers keep cattle healthy and restore drought-damaged pastures. The House also failed to take up its own Farm Bill. Yesterday’s stop-gap bill is just one more Noem non-achievement.

  3. Anonymous

    Good move by Kristi and other House Republicans to cover their rear ends before leaving DC for a month. Making a big deal about fixing an error in legislation that is nearly five years old is simply a ploy by Kristi and people like PP to give Republicans something to talk about to rural constituents other than their failure to take action on a comprehensive five-year farm policy bill. Kristi should just be honest with us and admit she can’t do what we elected her to do.

    1. Anonymous

      Yup, just a ploy. No other republican was smart enough to do that, they’re all dumb. Wait a minute, that makes SHS dumb as she never did it in 2010, and come to think about it SHS missed it in 2008 when it was deleted.

      Kristi really is smart then to help a big segment of our state’s ag industry, just for the glory. I believe she introduced it in April which is another brillant move because she knew it would take this long to make it through the US House, just in time to cover their rear ends before the month long break!

      1. Anonymous

        Kristi began her effort to “reauthorized critical livestock disaster assistance programs for drought-stricken producers in South Dakota and across the nation” back in April, before there were any signs of a drought? You clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

        1. Anonymous

          “On Thursday, August 2, 2012, the House is scheduled to consider H.R. 6233, the Agricultural Disaster Assistance Act of 2012, under a rule. H.R. 6233 was introduced on July 31, 2012, by Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) and referred to the House Committee on Agriculture.”

    1. Anonymous

      As written by another disgruntled Dem who knows Noem will win in Nov and who can’t come up with any real arguments.


    Odd that her release didnt include that it is going to cost $383 million dollars. This is coming from a conservative politician who is all about cutting govt spending? What exactly is this money going to do? Help pay rural water bills for livestock watering? Help offset the cost of corn feed because she has done everything in her power to continue its artificially inflated prices. Just this week she came out against temporarily ending the corn ethanol mandate but in the next breath she will talk about how big of a disaster there is out there with the corn crop. Very disappointed to have voted for her and more of the same type of politics she ran against.