Great political coverage at Mitchell Daily Republic…

Tom Lawrence has had some great articles in the days following the election and even one on our greatly missed Pat Powers.  It has an answer for the conspiracy buffs who noted the deletion of all of Pat’s posts from the site.

Also — Lawrence had two very thoughtful pieces about the SD Democratic party.  In the comprehensive piece he talked to all the big names among the SD Dems (including blogger Todd Epp) about where the Dems should go from here.  (Although SHS did not emerge from her seclusion to contribute).  McGovern urges the party return to his strategy of building the party at the grassroots level.  Epp says he thinks it boils down to money.  I think the future of any party lies in a combination of both….you can’t deny the impressive grassroots efforts of Kristi Noem and Dusty Johnson…..that ground game was a key factor in their victories and good grassroots also leads to the other kind of green that you can bank on.

Read the whole article here

Lawrence also devotes an entire article to Tom Daschle.  And *Gasp* there seems to be more to life than just SD politics.  Perish the thought.  Read it here

5 Replies to “Great political coverage at Mitchell Daily Republic…”

  1. PP at the SDWC Post author

    Argh. I hate reading myself in print. Maybe I should have treated it as an article interview, and actually made an attempt to speak in complete sentences. I stink.

  2. MC

    Pat, I hate seeing myself on television, or on video. I’ll you my forehead is shiny. I just hate the sound of my voice. Think I’ll stick to blogging 🙂

  3. Voter

    Of course the future of the Dem Party boils down to money. And in South Dakota are there enough people willing to lie, cheat and steal to bankroll the Democrats in the way that they are used to? NO. Are there enough businesses who can stay open and make enough profit to bankroll the Dem Party while the Democrats pass laws and policies that work to shut them down. NO. So it has to come through out of state finances–and Daschle and McGovern aren’t bringing in the dough like they used to.

  4. ymous

    I’m sure this is why the dems want the government to pay for campaigns. The people won’t bank roll their politics so why not let/make the government or us bank roll it. I’m so tired of the failed policies on the left and hopefully their economic policies have finally settled in with Joe Six Pack that give away’s and hand outs by taking from the productive of society and giving it to the un-productive only rewards laziness and the un-productive.


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