3 thoughts on “Great team working together on the Sioux Falls City Council – Neitzert and Erickson!”

    1. I agree. Christine Erickson is just another council member. This is a turnoff. I don’t like the club endorsing it’s own.

  1. Each opinion counts, mine no more than yours, but I perceive Erickson as a strong, intelligent community leader whose endorsement matters. It was my honor to dine with Councilman Neitzert last week. We discussed a broad range of topics. Clearly, he’s immersed himself in the granular details of governance. Not just a “big picture” guy, he scrutinizes fine print and digs into specifics. Back in the 90s, he might have been labeled a “policy wonk.” Neitzert reads extensively about developments in technology, law, and economics. Although some disagree with his political positions, one cannot dispute his energy or his effort. Greg takes the long view. He wants Sioux Falls to grow in an environmentally sustainable and fiscally-sound direction, respecting citizens’ fundamental rights while eliminating barriers to economic opportunity. I was impressed by his readiness to admit a mistake and move forward – a vital trait for leaders. No person reading (or typing) this message is beyond error, for no mortal is perfect. We try our best. We stumble. Champions, despite scrapes, sprains, and bruises, press on, relentlessly.

    An anonymous endorsement carries but trifling weight. Yet, I’m confident if NW voters re-elect Councilman Neitzert they won’t regret it.

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