Group organizing anti-Trump candidates to run for office. Isn’t that the SDDP’s job?

Susan Kroger, who had been the Executive Director of NARAL-SD, but is now with Sanford, was recognized by the Washington Post in an article yesterday about people who are organizing “resistance efforts” in pro-Trump areas:

When Susan Kroger decided to help launch a political activism group for women in her largely rural, pro-Trump region, she expected a few dozen liberal neighbors to show up.

But when she opened the doors at the group’s first community meeting in Sioux Falls, S.D., 100 people flooded into the room. Now nine months later, Kroger says the group has quickly grown to 2,300 active members.

It’s a story emerging across Trump country, where left-leaning grass-roots groups have popped up in some of the reddest parts of the nation — a sign that “the resistance” has gone rural.


LEAD South Dakota has a nine-person board of directors and committees tasked with monitoring state legislative activity, candidate recruitment and other efforts. So far, the group is working with 75 candidates who are interested in running for office and is planning to break into chapters across the state to help manage its rapid growth.

Read the entire article here.

The enthusiasm of this organization seems to be coming about as a result of the election. That kind of thing happens after one side gets shellacked or otherwise motivated.

But what I notice is that they’re forming into their own group. And despite the fact that the group leader’s resume reads like a who’s who of Democrat patrons and causes, such as NARAL, ACLU, Tim Johnson, etc., it seems that they’re not coalescing around the troubled and inept South Dakota Democrat Party, who sheds voters like my retriever sheds fur in the summer.

(Here’s a picture of my big, goofy dog for reference. Trust me, she sheds a lot of fur.)

What are your thoughts?

4 Replies to “Group organizing anti-Trump candidates to run for office. Isn’t that the SDDP’s job?”

  1. Anonymous

    History repeats itself. I seem to recall something similar after the “Tea Party” election in 2010, in which Kristi Noem beat Stephanie Herseth and the R’s made big legislative gains. Even last year, I thought Bernie Sanders was funding legislative candidates for a similar reason.

    Problem is that these efforts tend to attract more left-leaning candidates, often in districts that are pretty Republican. So a lot of energy and money goes into candidates who aren’t electable in their districts, and they lose.

  2. Anonymous

    Democrats can’t win elections with their ideas, they have to try and trick people with these ballot measures.

    NO on Everything!

  3. Anonymous

    A despicable person if she was an exec with NARAL. If you are supporting anything this “lady” is pushing you should examine your priorities; you’re getting in bed with evil.

  4. KM

    Few red flags after reading the article and doing some other searches: LEAD is connected to NARAL – that’s any easy one, supporters of the “Resistance” which is linked to Antifa and the National Women’s March was led by Linda Sarour who is an anti-Semitic terrorist. I say it’s best to stay away from this group, nothing but hate in their hearts.

    I did get a laugh from the waitress quoted “we’re just the same as the big city slickers.” No, no we are not.


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