Group who claimed lobbyists buy off legislators in IM22 Campaign hire former legislator to be lobbyist

I had mentioned earlier that I’d heard rumors that the out-of-state backers of Initiated Measure 22 were looking hard for a lobbyist to represent them in Pierre after they spent a million dollars convincing South Dakotans that evil lobbyists spent their time buying off crooked legislators with bottles of Dom Perignon….

“But I think the idea of being able to take someone out for a private dinner, unrestrictive, in terms of being able to order the best thing on the menu–bring on the Dom Perignon, bring on the scotch, whatever–you know when you don’t have restrictions, things can happen,” Weiland said.

Read that here.

….and gave state residents the impression that state lobbyists generally practiced graft and corruption.

It appears that the out-of-staters have hired the first of their lobbying team in the form of former Sioux Falls Legislator Mitch Richter, who is also representing Rick Weiland’s group that sponsored the unconstitutional measure, “South Dakotans for Integrity.”

Richter will be appearing before legislative committees and has the duty to convince legislators that everyone in Pierre is corrupt, and lobbyists hand money off to crooked legislators who are on the take as the groups’ commercials portrayed.

While the list above notes Richter’s 2017 client list as of this writing, in past sessions he has also represented the ACLU of South Dakota, the anti-farming group Humane Society of the US, pro-choice group South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, Union group South Dakota State Federation of Labor, and anti-gun group “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

22 Replies to “Group who claimed lobbyists buy off legislators in IM22 Campaign hire former legislator to be lobbyist”

  1. Anonymous

    So he is representing the group that is calling out the Majority leader in the senate with post cards?

      1. Anonymous

        Curd might be Majority Leader for a long time. I THINK Richter would be not productive from here on out if that is the case.

        1. Where's the SD GOP?

          Am I the only one who thinks the SD GOP is worthless? You have these legislators getting attacked and the SD GOP is not defending them at all.

          How about putting out some Facebook meme’s or something?

          Press releases reminding people that IM 22 is unconstitutional…

            1. Anonymous

              The state party is supposed to support republicans from attacks.

              I would think the GOP needs a chair and ed that is engaged in the day to day operations of defending the party leadership.

  2. Anonymous

    Pushed by people from Massachusetts, home of that “liberal lion”, Teddy Kennedy. Why did people buy this tripe? Teddy Kennedy who tried to work with the KGB to keep Reagan from getting a second term; yeah, that Teddy Kennedy.

    This is the type the Rick Weiland is in bed with.

  3. Steve Hickey

    Mitch is the Campaign for UNhealthy Families, Planned Parenthood, NARAL lobbyist. His influence in Pierre is nil.

      1. Anonymous

        When you say SD GOP do you mean Jason Glodt the crusader of Marsy’s Law and campaign manager for Jackley for Governor? Or the guy that mans the Republican office in Pierre?

        1. Anonymous

          is Glodt with the sd GOP these days or not.

          Whomever the GOP is paying ought to be defending leadership from baseless attacks.

          I’m quite disappointed in the AWOL GOP that let IM 22 pass to begin with and is now silent when one of their own is being destroyed in the media.

    1. Anonymous

      So he is good at lobbying, which is what the idiots who came up with IM 22 disliked? Typical liberals: no foundation and no logic.

    2. Anonymous

      Glodt is very good that’s why I doubt he’s being paid by the R party. Cause they aren’t so good.

  4. chief

    As you can see, Richter has only far-left employees because nobody else wants him. He’s a prostitute. Probably the most arrogant legislator ever in SD, and along with Tad Perry, the most liberal Republican voting record ever.

    1. Where's the SD GOP?

      My first question would be to ask Mr. Richter to disclose how much he is getting paid to lobby for .US…

    2. Former legislator

      Tad Perry was liberal but he was always honest and straightforward. Richter was the single most untrustworthy lobbyist in Pierre. After the first time he lied to me – purposely deceived me – I never gave him the time of day.

  5. anon1

    Hiring Richter shows just how out of touch the Massachusetts group is… I believe there was a time just a few years ago that he lost his entire list of clients due to lack of effectiveness.

    Legislators don’t like him… Nice choice slimeballs!