Group zings Krebs in mailer for taxation by tracking unit plan

This one is hot out of my mailbox, where “Citizens for a Strong America” is slamming Shantel Krebs for a plan while she was in the legislature to place tracking devices on all South Dakota vehicles to assess taxes automatically:

You can find their website here, where they bill themselves as:

Citizens for a Strong America is an advocate for results-oriented conservative leadership in government. We believe America needs more leaders who not only believe in conservative values but have the ability to translate those values into conservative policy.

Why do I think this campaign mailer looks like it would be something that we might find on the air.

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  1. Matt

    Sounds like Dusty is getting desperate and running out of time to gain in the polls. Dusty would be bragging if he is leading. So much for Dusty being qualified. Now he’s just desperate.

    1. Matt

      A simple search will tell you President of Citizens for a Strong America is John Connors that has no physical address and sends attack mailers. Moreover, he is connected to the Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity. Koch Brothers spend millions telling people how you should vote for their interests have now bought Dusty. Dusty announced their payoff if you watched the forum.

      1. KM

        Yes, I caught that announcement too and I noticed LSS made a generous donation to Dusty’s campaign. If we take Ann Beal at her word, we should be considered with how LSS handles refugee resettlement.

        People criticize SD Gun Owners for their “attacks”, but Citizens for a Strong America, nope, they are the real deal;)

      2. Anonymous

        Shantel wants to track us, Dusty is supposedly is paid off by Koch brothers, the third candidate, Neal, is looking better all the time.

        1. KM

          Google and Facebook already track and gather information about you, so why not add another;)

          1. Anonymous

            Because I don’t use Google Chrome, hardly ever post on Facebook and almost always pay with cash.

              1. KM

                You know it and I use FireFox.

                10:15 – Facebook tracks you whether you’ve got an account or not, and they make money off you.

    2. Anonymous

      If Shantel was ahead in the polls she’d be saying so. If Tapio was ahead in the polls he’d be saying so.

      Yet – None of them are. Meaning
      1 – No one is ahead or
      2 – Very often candidates don’t discuss their internal polling.

      It could be that the candidates know that a major media outlet is releasing a poll later this month – that will tell people where things stand.

  2. Springer

    The source is from 2008. Just exactly what was this and does she feel the same way should this come up now ten years later. Most of these campaign flyers just go straight to file 13, but this one caught my eye. Need more info.

  3. Anonymous

    This attack is basically true. Shantel was in the newspaper saying this was a good idea. The idea was to tax people by the mile they drive for highway funding.

  4. Anonymous

    Shantel is really in a tough spot between this and getting attacked by Neal Tapio. The battle for the Congressional nomination is really for 2nd place between Neal and Shantel. Dusty has the nomination basically secured and it is his to lose but doubt that will happen.

    1. KM

      What brings you to the conclusion the “nomination basically secured”? Is it a hunch? Discussion amongst Dusty supporters? I’ve only been polled on the governor’s race, are there any recent polls?

  5. The Sage

    I remember this. Shantel did in fact express support for putting tracking devices on people’s cars to tax them by the mile. This is absolutely 100% correct. She actually floated this idea to see where it would go, and it went nowhere but down in flames.

    1. KM

      Are you representing the SPLC? I dare you to post my name and all the other information you claim to have on me.

  6. Anonymous

    Krebs is a phony that’s trying to hide a 14 year record in the SD Legislature. She’ll say whatever her DC advisors tell her to say. She fought Trump’s election investigation board and now claims she going to DC to help him, the hypocrisy is too much!

  7. Anonymous

    Socialism is the process of tracking and taxing. Let’s reopen the McCarthy hearing.

  8. Anonymous

    Similar to the Jason Ravnsborg in the AG’s race, no one has been able to outwork Dusty. He has the support of the majority of the party – from the Daugaard wing, to the very conservative wing and also those who registered R just because their parents did. He has good appeal, and he will easily win.

    1. Anonymous

      I would agree. We are blessed to have them both. They both are young –which are party needs desperately–energetic, hard working, smart and personable.

      Good luck guys!

  9. Anonymous

    This looks like a Dusty supporting super pac going negative against Shantel. Dusty admitted he has the support of the Koch brothers and this is a Koch supported pac. Dusty’s pac is distorting Shantel’s postions and mud slinging. Dusty is a puppet on a string.

      1. KM

        The first thing I did was tell my family and friends about Dusty being supported by a group pushing for DACA amnesty. Polls show that the majority of Americans are not supportive of amnesty and do support building a wall. The next thing would be to not vote for him. It’s pretty simple.

        I bet there’s going to be ads explaining how Dusty supports amnesty which isn’t going to be a good thing for his campaign:( What are you going to do? Allow illegal aliens to continue to push down our wages, call for open borders, continue allowing our tax dollars to support illegals?

  10. Anonymous

    I dont know this issue but it’s a dumb idea. I believe she was exploring a run for Congress in 2008 so why she would push this is beyond me.

    Taxes are never a good idea. Even Daugaard knew it and that is why he waited until he was reelected to propose taxes. It’s also probably why Dusty left. He didn’t want to have anything to do with tax increases on his record. I also attribute rate increases as a reason he wanted out of the PUC. He is very calculating and smart.

  11. enquirer

    if all her opponents have is a decade old nothing-burger, she’s in pretty good shape. she’s actually getting it together and dusty should worry a little.

  12. Troy Jones

    Currently, people who drive hybrids pay less per mile to support road maintenance and construction than a person in a traditional car. Electrical cars like volt and Tesla pay nothing.

    Maybe this group likes subsidizing many who buy into global warming as the issue of all issues but I don’t. But just because they call themselves conservative doesn’t make them so. Just another liberal enabling and subsidizing wack group.

    1. Troy Jones

      I don’t know what to believe from those pushing Global Warming because to many of its advocates don’t tell the truth, give information without hyperbole and/or propose policies that would result in mass starvation.

  13. Chaplraj

    Koch Brothers / Dusty and out of state money sent that one. No to Dusty…he would have no affect in Washington. Neal has made to many enemies and proven he loves hearing himself as a consensus. Shantel is the balanced U.S. Rep candidate of choice for most South Dakotans. (Any chance the last SOS is taking a revenge shot?)

  14. Mark

    Got two poll calls yesterday, one for Gov and one for Congress. Gov was funded by Marty, as it endorsed him at the end. I think the Congress one was by Shantel, as she was listed first every time.