Gubernatorial Candidate claims “Patch Adams” endorsement… but I still don’t know if he’ll make the ballot.

Republican Candidate for Governor Terry Lee LaFleur made an announcement last week that he now has an endorsement for his candidacy as part of his bonafides.

An endorsement of a guy they made a movie about twenty years ago:

I’m not sure how this endorsement helps LaFleur capture the Republican nomination for Governor. Your guess is as good as mine.

The question bigger than “who is Patch Adams supporting in the 2018 South Dakota Republican primary?” is “can LaFleur collect a sufficient number of signatures for placement on the ballot?”  GIven that LaFleur’s activities of running for the office have been sporadic at best, I’m kind of a doubting thomas on that question.

Signature collection begins in less than 30 days. LaFleur might be excited that Patch Adams is fired up for him, but if he wants to get on the ballot, it might be a good idea to work on some South Dakotans too.

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