Gubernatorial Candidate Marty Jackley holds telephone town hall last night.

I couldn’t listen because I was helping my son with a school project last night, enabling his classmates to learn all about the state of Idaho, but last night I received a pre-recorded message from Jason Glodt announcing a telephone town hall with Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Marty Jackley.

Anyone listen in?

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  1. Jake

    So they called you the same day they were going to have it for the first time?

    That does not seem like the best planning.

    This does not seem like a well-oiled campaign.

    1. Mike

      Do any candidates promote tele town halls days in advance? Kristi did an actual town hall in Watertown and didn’t even announce it until the night before. It may be the only town hall she did this year

  2. Anony

    Marty needs to hire some new advisers! This race is too important to be playing the second-stringers. Spend some money and hire someone that knows what they’re doing.

  3. Anne Beal

    Got the fund raising email from Marty today. He’s going negative with this pledge nonsense, says Kristi is going to fight dirty so of course he has the throw the first cow pie. It’s self defense you know. (Sigh)

    1. Anonymous

      You’re right Anne. I wonder if Marty really thinks the electorate in SD are so simple that they wont see through this political stunt.

      1. Anonymous

        he is tripling down, on radio…email was worse it says she said a whole bunch of things by saying no , which she did not say…he only sent it to Kristi ..not other 2 GOP or Democrat also…..

        poorly done and he need to move on…..what does he consider negative?

        EB 5 gearup the cases he handled from Bosworth to marijuana trial to SB 70 should all be fair game ., issues decisions and judgments he made


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