Gubernatorial forum at Tourism event today

Gubernatorial candidates Kristi Noem, Marty Jackley, and Billie Sutton were on stage today at the tourism conference’s gubernatorial forum in Pierre:

(No Lora Hubbel, oddly enough.)

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  1. MCHammer

    Where is Jackley on the campus free speech bill? If he’s not going to support it vocally I’m not going to vote for him. Time for him to take a stand

    1. Anonymous

      Stop trolling. I do not believe that the bill on free speech zones is the one issue that will sway your vote. You’re most likely already voting for Noem and just trying to stir up controversy. How universities handle large protests is not in the top 20 of important issues in the Legislature this year. It may grab some headlines, especially here where MC is a contributor, but most South Dakotans aren’t concerned about it.

  2. John

    I just watched the forum and was very surprised that Jackley was the only candidate who had any ideas or proposals. I wasn’t expecting much from him, but I was impressed. Sutton is very likeable and does have a strong legislative record for tourism. Noem is a good speaker, but she had no substance.

  3. Fled to Red

    Speaking of (former) governors, is M. Michael really willing to shut down the Fed gov if full amnesty isn’t granted to DACA plus others? That doesn’t seem like South Dakota values? It’s embarrassing to see one of my senators associated with such shenanigans.

    1. William Beal

      Last night, Brendan Buck, counselor to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, laid out what is blocking a continuing resolution to keep the government open: “While it is a *very* smart take to point out Rs have a majority in the House and Senate, it is also purposefully obtuse to ignore that in the Senate a minority can filibuster and block any legislation . . . I stress that Democrats are asking for something entirely unrelated. Because, to be clear, Democrats have no underlying objection to the CR or CHIP. They are, quite openly, voting ‘no’ in an attempt to force action on something else. We are not jamming anything on Democrats they don’t support. We’re just saying keep the government open and fund children’s health insurance while we continue to work out a deal on DACA.”

  4. Tara Volesky

    So why wasn’t Lora Hubbel invited? Let the people decide who going to be our next Governor, not the party elites.

    1. Noah

      Doesn’t look like she is running. Her website is sparse and her twitter is mostly links to the great unknown with almost no context. If she wants to be invited, she has to show up get her information out.

      1. Jon

        She probably was invited, but the carrier pigeon with the invite got caught up in a chemtrail and delivered the invite to a baby not sleeping on its back. Possibly the pigeon wasn’t vaccinated against nanobots?

            1. Tara Volesky

              Or maybe they don’t want to discuss common core, Obama Care, Islam, Gear-up………ya just stick to the fluff issues where everybody agrees… tourism, pro guns, pro life, pro family values.

              1. doc

                Perhaps the tourism industry wanted to talk about tourism at the tourism conference, rather than insane facebook posts from weird news sites about common core and sharia law creeping into Akaska, SD.

  5. Retailer

    Noem is no friend of the tourism industry. She fought us on the half penny tourist tax passed in 2009…which was really a self imposed tax by the industry to generate money to promote tourism. At that time it would only a temporary 2 year tax. I tried to talk to her when she was a legislator and she wouldn’t give me the time of day. Now she is running for governor she is bragging about being a champion for tourism. Give me a break. She voted against tourism.

    1. Fled to Red

      Did she vote against tourism, or vote against a tax hike? I’d rather drive to Ward or Flandreau for a steak or burger than pay Brookings high taxes + entertainment/restaurant taxes.

      1. Ike

        Tax rate in Flandreau is 6.5%, just like Brookings. If you go to Ward, the tax is 4.5%. Say you spend $50 eating at the Pheasant’s Nest. You’ll save $1.00. What’d it cost you in gas to drive 56 miles?

    2. Anon

      You wanted to tax your customers so the government had more money to help you get more customers? If she fought you on that then she’s earned more respect from me.

    1. Engineer

      Because he has an Electric Engineering degree from the school of mines. It is called an iron ring and a lot of engineers wear them.

  6. Anonymous

    Its so easy to name call, its tougher to back it up isn’t it. Anon 2:16 Marty is a crook? Spit out some evidence. Elitist because he has an actual degree? While Noem has a degree given to her by SDSU for political science…a degree in the science of what? which sounds more “elitist” just my thoughts.


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