Guest Column – Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing:  A Closer Look

Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing:  A Closer Look

Karon Gubbrud is a member of the Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women’s group

Have you been approached recently by someone who wants you to sign a petition to get an Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing initative on our November ballot?  Did they tell you how much such a thing being passed in to law, here in South Dakota, would be the most caring, loving, and compassionate thing that you could do for a loved one?  Did they tell you how, being able to end their life in a painless way, would be the kindest thing you could do, to put them out of their misery, and to end their suffering?  Did they tell you there were no bad parts to that proposed law?  Did they make it sound like such a wonderful idea that you they cannot imagine why everyone would not be willing to sign it?  Did they pressure you to sign it?

On the other hand:  Did they tell you8 there are some very dangerous clauses in there that could make that law easily made legally killing possible.  I doubl it!  Did they tell you that pharmacists absolutely have to fill a prescription for those drugs, irregardless of how they personally feel about mercy killing?  I doublt i!  Did they tell you it has already been voted down in 23 states?  I doubt it!  Did they tell you there is no clause in there that the person who would receive those killing drugs does not even need to be aware of them?  I doubt it!
So, come and hear about what all is really in that proposed new law.  Come and learn about the actual wording of that petition to put the Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing issue on our up-coming November ballot.,   Come and find out the 10  – not ust one or two, but ten! – most dangerous parts to that proposed law.  Come and find out what it could do to our South Dakota citizens if such a measure would actually become law.  Come and get informed.  KNOW exactly what you are signing, either before you sign the petition to get that issue on our November ballot, or before you vote yes on that issue, if it gets on the ballot!
Dr. Fred Deutsch is going to be the special speaker at the September 28th meeting of the Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women’s group.  He has researched, and studied, this proposed initiated measure, in great detail.  He is extremely knowledgeable about exactly what the wording of this petition means, and what the true effect of this issue becoming law would be!  He is going to be at this meeting, and will share, in detail, exactly what is in this proposed law.  He will point out the most dangerous parts to it.  He will explain the ramifications of the many parts of this dangerous, and controversial, issue.   His presentation will be factual, frank, and definitely informative.  He will also be prepared to answer any, and all, questions that anyone may have.  Come and get informed!
The meeting will be held at Spezia’s Restaurant,  at 4801 S. Louise Avenue, in Sioux Falls.  That is at the intersection of Louise Avenue and 57th Street; so it is easy to find.  The group will be served a special lunch at 11:30, for those who choose to join the group for lunch.  The lunch is very reasonably priced.  The lunch, the beverages and the gratuity all combined only cost $12.00.  If you are planning to attend, advance notice would definitely be appreciated.  Please either call Karon Gubbrud, President of Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women, at 605-351-0246, or e-mail her at   That way, Karon can let Spezia’s know how many meals to plan.  During the lunch there will be a brief business meeting.  The group hopes to see you there!
If you are not interested in eating lunch with the group, but would still like to hear this speaker and learn about this important issue, you may still attend.  You are welcome to join the group at 12:00 to just hear Dr. Deutsch.  Depending on the numbers of questions, after Dr. Deutsch’s power point presentation, the meeting will conclude some time between 1:00 and 1:30.  Everyone is welcome, and highly encouraged to attend.  The members of Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women would love to have you join them for this important presentation!

3 Replies to “Guest Column – Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing:  A Closer Look”

  1. David Barranco

    Karon Gubbrud is a kind, wonderful, loving mother (and grandmother) who respects the sanctity of human life. Reading her guest column, I recalled the words of my uncle, Msgr. Jeremiah McCarthy, Ph.D., who wrote: “How should we care for our critically ill or dying loved ones? We should offer genuine compassion, not the misguided compassion of physician assisted suicide. There’s an excellent, effective, and ethical alternative: namely, palliative or comfort care.”

    Good palliative care enhances the length as well as the quality of a person’s final days. It can alleviate fears and problems that lead some to the desperation of suicide; it lets patients to devote attention to the unfinished business of their lives and to reach a sense of peace with God, with loved ones, and with themselves.

  2. Troy Jones

    Thanks Karon and Fred.

    The Jacobins of the left are dishonest and sinister in their pursuit of death, their bigotry and hatred has no limits, and there is no lie they won’t tell to serve their purpose.

    Fred will give you the facts.


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