Guest Column: Liar, Liar Kathy Tyler – VP of SDRTL calls out State Rep Kathy Tyler on a supposed “pro-life record”

(Note from the editor: I had this guest column submitted, and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy – PP)

Liar, Liar, Kathy Tyler.

It’s amazing what some legislators get away with in their districts.  Probably the one claim that really stands out this session in my mind is Kathy Tyler’s supposed “pro-life” Democrat record that she always peddles to her constituents.  Boy, does she have her constituents buffaloed on this issue!

This session she has voted against HB 1180, the pregnancy help center adoption bill.  She testified against HB 1240, the Down Syndrome bill, and spoke against HB 1162, the sex-selective abortion ban bill, during the same testimony.  When HB 1162 went to the House floor, she also voted for a hostile amendment authored by Peggy Gibson that would have gutted the bill.  Her testimony on 1240 is definitely worth listening to:    It is one of the most bizarre performances ever given by a sitting legislator.

During her testimony she tells a strange story about how her priest told her that Jesus was pro-choice and that led her to some epiphany on relativistic morality.  She did not know why she was so emotional about the issue and admitted to not having any connection at all to the issue; yet, there she was testifying against it.

I wonder at what point she will start to consider herself a pro-abort.  She’s fooling herself if she thinks she’s anything else, and there are plenty of people in and out of SDRTL who are becoming more than a little annoyed with her performance.

Spencer Cody, Vice President of SDRTL


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  1. Anne Beal

    I think her revelation that Jesus was pro-choice is the most interesting thing. Her belief that her priest told her that makes me wonder if she got her priest confused with the guy sitting at the end of the bar. It could happen! Other theological possibilities: in Luke 13:34 Jesus refers to the exercise of Free Will being responsible for the city of Jerusalem murdering prophets and stoning people who are sent there. So using Free Will to kill people is okay because Jesus talked about it?
    I think the guy at the end of the bar is the more plausible explanation for her religious beliefs.

  2. Anon

    Tyler’s pro-abortion testimony begins at 1:18:28 on the link.

    Those of us that know her know she’s a nutcase. She’s torn our community of Milbank apart with her opposition to development of a swine CAFO. But her opposition to agriculture goes much deeper than development of a Grant County swine CAFO. Guess who voted against SDSU’s swine facility? Without any explanation, after passing out of appropriations 8-0, our good Representative was one of only six on the House floor to vote against SDSU’s swine teaching and research facility. No explanation — but everyone that cares about economic development in Milbank understands the reason.

    Why I am bringing up her agricultural voting record in a post about her abortion voting record? Because two years ago she campaigned as “pro-agriculture” just like she campaigned as pro-life. However, her voting record has been anything but: all three of her sponsored bills this year were anti-ag and anti-business (not my words, but the words of the ag- lobbyists that lined up to testify against her bills). Even her Democratic seatmate and fellow District 4 Representative Jim Peterson voted against one of her anti-ag bills in committee.

    It seems Representative Tyler is indeed a “liar” on many issues. She totally buffaloed us during the last election. It won’t happen again.

  3. Franklin

    Thank you for posting this as it gives me a chance to write about my disappointment with the way Kathy has handled herself these two years in Pierre. When I first learned Kathy was running I thought she would do a good job. She was a main-street business person running a computer company that I had the opportunity to use, and I knew her from her days as a teacher. As I went to vote, her name was familiar to me. Plus, I always thought she came across as level-headed.

    However, her behavior these past two years has led me to change my opinion of her.

    When this mess with the swine CAFO hit the papers, my first thought was her opposition seemed reasonable because the proposed development was close to her property. But then I heard about her technique to do an end-run around the rules — digging a hole in the ground at the last moment and calling it a well — and I just shook my head in disappointment. That, to me, reflected a person with little integrity. Kathy couldn’t find a way to legitimately fight the CAFO, so she played games with the rules. In the end, the county commissioners found her well-drilling claim lacked credibility and voted to move forward to allow development of the CAFO. In response, she has taken the case to the SD Supreme Court where it waits to be heard.

    Since then I’ve followed her legislative work, and I am less impressed we share the same values.

    Kathy’s integrity also takes a hit in the legislature. I understand politics is polarizing and legislators sometimes have to make difficult votes. But when you look at Kathy’s votes on gun rights, on agriculture, and on abortion, she comes off, to me, as hypocritical. I may disagree with the position of any number of legislators, but I respect them for the consistency and integrity of their voting record. In other words, I know where they stand on issues. Kathy, I’m sorry to say, lacks the integrity I want in my legislator. On all the above issues, her campaign rhetoric is different than her voting record. Very disappointing.

  4. Les

    We twist from both sides of the abortion issue, into a competitive political game.

    We, myself included put little to no effort into providing working alternatives to either side other than regulations forcing the opposition to comply.

    We, who use this issue for political gain, be damned.

  5. Anne Beal

    I just love it when the Democrats wail and howl about how the Republicans don’t care about hungry people and want poor people to starve etc, and then they turn around and vote against agriculture. Just what are poor people supposed to buy with those EBT cards? Carbon credits?


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