Guest Column: Uncovering The Real Agenda Behind Ballot Measures

By State Representative Drew Dennert. Drew Dennert is a sixth generation South Dakotan, his family first settled here in 1893. As the grandson of one of the longest serving state legislators in state history, H. Paul Dennert, Dennert comes from a family of public service. Dennert at age 17 served as a Legislative Page; at 19, he served as a Legislative Aide; and at 21 years old, Dennert is the youngest serving legislator in the state of South Dakota.

Uncovering The Real Agenda Behind Ballot Measures

Last year South Dakotans cast their vote for a near record breaking 10 ballot measures, nearly beating the modern record set in 2006 of 11 measures in an election.

Next year we may be poised to beat the 2006 ballot measure record, as 20 measures have been submitted for review and several have been approved for circulation. But before any of these measures can make it to the ballot, they must collect enough valid signatures from South Dakota voters before the November 6th deadline.

Like every election, most ballot measures have good intentions but some may have unintended consequences that voters should consider before signing off on to put them on the ballot – or vote them in. Something I know all too well from personal experience.

In 2015, I remember being approached by a petition circulator who asked if I would be willing to sign his petition for Marsy’s Law. I asked him to explain what the measure would do and after his explanation that the measure would guarantee equal rights for victims in the judicial process, I made the decision to sign it.

But soon after signing the petition, I did some research of my own and learned that the measure was sponsored by an out-of-state group and that measure could have significant costs for local taxpayers, which the measure’s sponsors wouldn’t have to bear. It quickly became apparent to me that it wasn’t as simple as the circulator had explained; and whether or not it was a good decision to sign it – I was disappointed in myself for not taking the time to evaluate the issue and make an informed decision beforehand.

Many of the upcoming 2018 election ballot measures sound good on the surface, but by digging a little deeper, you may find they carry some unintended consequences. That’s why I plan to ask questions and slow down this year when approached to sign another ballot measure petition. 

Petition circulators are great salesman and know how to do their job quickly and effectively, but some simple questions may get some answers to give pause before signing.

A great question is to ask whether the measure’s sponsor is from South Dakota or not. Out of state groups commonly want to have their cake and eat it too – by pushing their agendas while never facing the unintended consequences they may have. I want to know the people that came up with the law, whether good or bad, will have to live under it just like you and me if it passes.

Often these out-of-state groups hire professional circulators to get the required number of signatures to get their issue on our ballot. That’s why it’s worth asking the petition circulator whether they are being paid or are a volunteer – it’s the difference between doing a job or believing in a cause.

And finally ask to read the Attorney General’s explanation of the measure, which is on the back of every petition in its entirety. It’s worth reading, if not just to make sure that the circulator isn’t selling you a bill of goods.

South Dakota is the birthplace of the ballot measure process, leading the country in this vital tool, and we should all participate. But we should do so informed and confidently in our decision, because we’re the ones that have to live with our choices.

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  1. Tara Volesky

    That would be great to get rid of out of state money like ALEC and AFP who gave $600,000 to fight the IM22. If the Legislature would do their job and put the people in front of big money, we won’t have so many ballot issue. Start with transparency and honest government. Try getting back to limited government instead of growing government. $$$$$ talks in SD.

    1. Anne Beal

      Tara, the reason we have so many ballot measures is BECAUSE our legislature won’t listen to these moneyed out of state interests. Their crap rarely gets out of Committee. That’s WHY they go directly to the voters.

      1. Spencer

        For example, there are so many problems with the current language in the assisted suicide petition it would be DOA in the first committee. It would be entertaining to hear how allowing others to request a suicide for you while banning any language in living wills for any guidance will NOT be abused. The carve out that specifically puts heirs and facility owners at the center of whether you live or die by witnessing and even requesting a suicide supposedly on your behalf is especially note worthy in determining the likely extent to which this proposed measure would be abused. I can just imagine the response to the petition’s solution to suicides carried out in public places. Of course, they choose this method. Few people will read 3,000+ words and 26 sections of proposed law, and if they did, this proposed measure would not stand a chance.

      2. Tara Volesky

        So then why doesn’t the Republican party renounce out of state money from the Koch brothers. How about an even playing field?
        Double standard.

  2. Anne Beal

    There was a kid at the Sioux Empire Fair yesterday soliciting signatures for the out-of-state money one. We said no, it’s unconstitutional and unenforceable. He told us some people had asked if that meant the NRA couldn’t help with local threats to our 2nd Amendment rights.
    Anyway, later my other half said we should have asked him where he’s from, and I said come to think of it, I think he’s one of Mark and Cynthia’s boys. Maybe we should have been nicer to him.

    1. Spencer

      Anne, next time you see a petitioner give them the benefit of the doubt that they are not on drugs. They just want to legalize them because they really, really want to try them for the first time. I thought it ironic that at the same booth you could supposedly help terminal patients by legalizing pot while condemning these same people to an early death with the assisted suicide petition sitting right next to the pot petition.

        1. Anne Beal

          Nobody disputes that the terminally ill might benefit from drugs. The problem is that the terminally ill have enough problems without trying to keep at least six plants alive.

            1. Anne Beal

              Pity the poor sick and dying people who will be dragging themselves out of their deathbeds to water their 6 plants then!

      1. Anne Beal

        I said I think the kid we talked to might be one of the Mickelson boys. Not going to make any assessments of drug use there. Nope, not going to go there. Are you nuts?

  3. Springer

    I was asked to sign a petition at the farmers market in rapid City. I didn’t even ask what it was; I just I wasn’t signing anything! NOE — no on everything!

    And reading the AG’s explanation on the back is no good either because it can’t and doesn’t adequately explain the ramifications if the ballot measure were to pass.

    Moral here — DON’T sign anything!

    1. Tara Volesky

      That’s about the only way the people get a voice now days. Koch brothers are king to the establishment. I side with the people.

  4. Mel

    Anne what is your obsession with the 6 plants? It’s not a requirement in the language that everyone MUST grow it is an OPTION and a separate peice that the state regulates. It is also written that way to prevent people from growing irresponsibly and not properly setting up their space. Setting a max but no minimum could lead to house fires due to electrical not being properly set up and will lead to issues of people not educating themselves on what they are doing. 6 plants is a commitment and requires education. It also allows for 2 to be in harvest, 2 to be 30-45 days from harvest and 2 to be seedlings. It provides a continuous supply of medicine if staggered correctly and does not leave the patient with more then the legal limit for possession set forth by the act….it’s amazing what can happen when you actually want to learn something. You get answers to things you don’t understand. I have said before and will say again ANYONE with questions regarding specifics in the language is welcome to call or email. I will always respond to respectful dialogue that is based upon seeking knowledge & understanding. I won’t respond to hate filled dialogue. Life is to short to dwell on the negative.

    Spencer you may want to actually read the language instead of listening to Fred’s version of it because what you posted above is not included in it. There is specific language that does not allow anyone else to participate or sign off on the request. It is also self administered so if you cannot physically put the medicine in your mouth and swallow you do not qualify. It is ironic to see you telling other people to read the language when you; yourself have not.

    Must be a slow day for you all.

    Great input from Drew though! Yes everyone needs to read and research what they are signing. We not only give out the summary we also give out a business card with all of our social media and website links for our full language. We keep limited copies of the full measure at all booth spaces if someone wants it.

    Ask not only of they are paid but also if they are from SD. Pay attention to who brings you into sign or who stops you compared to who is holding the clipboards. There are a few ballot question committees who have already brought in out of state people to circulate. Ask the contact person if they are from SD many are not & the person holding the boards is a “witness” a SD resident standing there to give legitimacy making BIG money.

    If you follow the New Approach FB you will see we have already called them out. Angela from KELO has been contacted & the police have taken reports.

    You all may hate our issue but you should appreciate our grassroots 0 money efforts. We haven’t spent 10 grand between the 3 issues and of that more then 75% was printing & booth fees. That is what true ballot initiatives are. Volunteers who are passionate about an issue & make time to circulate it the right way.

    We were happy to share our printer for AG summaries, lanyards/name tag supplies, voter reg cards & forms with other issues that were not prepared this last week. In good faith & good sportsmanship. We want every issue with true grassroots to succeed.

    Again Thank YOU Drew for the great input!

    1. Anne Beal

      Section 51: “a person may assert the medical use of cannabis as a defense to any prosecution involving cannabis, and such defense is presumed valid where the evidence shows that:

      2. The person was in possession of no more than 3 ounces of cannibis, the amount of cannabis products allowed by department rules, 6 plants minimum,… ”

      It doesn’t say “6 plants maximum.”
      It doesn’t say “Or 6 plants minimum”

      It says the person has to have 6 plants minimum.
      So the law will allow someone to have zero cannabis in his possession, but he’ll still have to have 6 plants.

      Which is going to be a hardship for somebody who is dying, I think.

      1. Miranda Gohn

        They sell it as Medical MJ but it is really a recreational MJ initiative. If this gets voted in it will turn into one big joke in South Dakota and the unknowing voters will not be too happy after they realized they got duped. Not even close to what Minnesota passed.

  5. Anne Beal

    I just had a thought: a TV ad featuring some frail sick person struggling to get out of bed, using a walker, to pick up a broken flower pot knocked off a windowsill by a cat (cats are so good at that) sweeping up the scattered potting soil, watering the plants, and then shuffling back to bed. With the message: “the medical marijuana ballot measure will require terminally ill people to keep six plants alive.”

    Unfortunately, it’s so mind-blowing stupid most people won’t believe it.

  6. Troy Jones


    Why not go there? Why leave people thinking this young man was on drugs? And it might be a Mickelson boy?

  7. Miranda Gohn

    Here we talk about out of state money and organizations having an influence on South Dakota’s ballot initiatives and a few SDDP party unit officers brought up a good points with me. They suspect New Approach South Dakota is getting financial and indirect support from the national New Approach organization to help pay salaries for the top people and pay petition circulators here in the state. They also realize just how flawed all of the initiatives are being abrasively pushed by Melissa Mentele and NASD. Great discussions!

  8. Miranda Gohn

    Another concern I have is the particular ballot initiative that basically ties the hands of legislators so they cannot tamper with a ballot initiative after it has been passed by voters if I understand this correctly. Going over the initiatives pushed by NASD whether it be to legalize all forms and uses of MJ and/or assisted suicide are prime examples if they pass in their current form it is going to be a wide ranging mess. The citizens of South Dakota will not be happy after they realize what happened.

  9. Cliff Hadley

    Sorry, Mel. The more passion, the worse the result. Lawmaking is best done through cool deliberation by elected representatives. Anything else is destructive whim, whether by kings and tyrants or by mobs. Or in this case, direct vote.

  10. Miranda Gohn

    Rental property owners will be especially concerned and will be against the section in the Medical Marijuana ballot initiative where they cannot refuse to rent to a Medical MJ cardholder. Many will not want any plants, smoking and vaping on their properties. Growing 6 plants and there may be tenants that will try to grow even more will cause moisture problems which can result in structural, electrical and mold problems along with odor. They know there will be tenants that will jerry rig electrical cords for lighting causing fire hazards. Smoking and vaping can cause odor problems in that unit and can drift to other tenant’s units. Carpet and drywall can absorb it. Smoking leaves that nasty residue that has to be hand washed before painting. Then there is the increased liability insurance that can result and an increased possibility of criminal activities & drama.

    Property owners will fight this.

    1. Springer

      We once rented out a rural acreage to a person who (unknown to us) was illegally growing marijuana in one of the buildings, which caught fire and burned to the ground. So in this measure property owners are forbidden from renting to a person who would be known to grow marijuana and endanger others also living in that building??!! This is asinine! Growing marijuana should never be a protected right at the expense of property owners’ or other’s rights or lives.

      I would not be against marijuana used strictly for medical purposes if regulations were in place to treat it as narcotics and other drugs are now, but anything else is recreational use in disguise.

      1. Miranda Gohn

        It is a prime example how those who write and support these initiatives are caught up in their own chemical/psychological addiction, believe all these myths in the drug culture/industry looking to make a fortune or live in bubbles and never realize the far reaching negative consequences of what they propose.

        It is not just rental property owners that will have to legally fight this from being forced upon them but I would be very wary of looking at single family homes to purchase as a primary residence or an investment property with all the issues mentioned above. That is resale value, increased risk, unexpected repair costs and will put the owners in a weaker negotiating position when it comes time to sell.

  11. Charlie Hoffman

    I’m with Troy on his assessment of the easy assumption you laid out connecting young Mickelson with drugs. It doesn’t read well and isn’t fair and very misleading.
    Your old friend,

    1. Anne Beal

      Go back and read the thread. I said the kid was circulating the petition for othe out of state money ban.
      Spencer responded by suggesting the kid might, or might not, be on drugs.
      Since I think it might have been one of Mark and Cynthia’s boys, I said I wouldn’t consider it.
      I know some of these threads can be hard to follow but try to keep up.

  12. Mentele

    Anne you missed
    Section 1-Terms
    C & D
    Designated caregiver info
    Section 18
    Section 45

    All those points where it talks about a separate license for cultivation. You also missed all the information on designated care givers. You may want to read what that is and why your comments about the broken flower pot is absolutely ridiculous. All plant counts can be designated to a dispensary or to a caregiver who will grow, cultivate and make their medicine all under licensure from the state. This is being done in all legal states and is a great way to bring revenue to our farm families. They already have the room, facilities and agricultural knowledge. If you have questions please email me at

    Miranda again you come on here and lie like a rug. Please post a link to this fictional “National New Approach” organization. I would love to see it….considering it doesn’t exist. There are several separate New Approach groups in other state however none of us are connected or share resources. There is no BIG money in advocating now that 46 states are legal. Bummer for you that again you look like a fool.

    I may be abrasive but it comes down to your opinion vs science. I would imagine I am about as abrasive as you are when told being Transgender is a mental disorder, having people bring legislation that bans you from using public bathrooms because you are a sexual predator and when someone says your gender identity is a choice not genetic. Science has disproven all of that. Just like science has disproven your “opinion” of cannabis. I do want to add the above paragraph was used to show a comparison I do NOT feel that way nor do I believe that any of the BS that people spout off about transgender individuals is fair. It is based on ignorance and hatred. Which makes it very hard for me to understand why you also perpetrate hatred against individuals who have different needs because you don’t understand them. The offer of coffee is always open. Let me know when you want to have a real conversation. I will continue to pray for you.

    1. Anne Beal

      Section one sounds even weirder. “Six plants minimum or as prescribed by a physician.”

      Since when do physicians prescribe house plants?

      Are physicians qualified to prescribe houseplants?

      I knew a cardiologist in Georgia who once prescribed chrysanthemums. It was the middle of the night and he was asleep when he did it, and the nurse who called him had to yell “wake up!” Into the phone. But awake or asleep, I wouldn’t trust a physician to order houseplants.

      1. Tara Volesky

        People have herb gardens and how about lemon grass or an aloe vera plant? I will definitely be growing marijuana to eat for nutritional salads, and I will use it for smoothies too. Can’t wait.

  13. Anne Beal

    Face it: the text of the bill would make perfect sense if it said “six plants maximum.”
    In two places now identified, it says “minimum.” As a result, it doesn’t make sense, it’s fodder for ridicule, and it will be ridiculed. This is why legislation should be written by professionals.

  14. Mentele

    The bill was edited and had input of several attorneys. It was also submitted and returned with edits from the LRC. I’m not sure who you qualify as more professional then that.

    Also cannabis is not a house plant. Plant counts are set by diagnosis as a rubic for physicians to recommend. Cannabis also has to be grown in a closed, locked room that is not accessible to the public. Plants can grow up to 4 ft tall so it is imperative that these guidelines are followed & people are not growing without education on how to do it safely.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree the people growing it should be in a closed locked room!

      NO on these ballot measures. Regulating drugs through ballot measures is the most insane thing ever.

  15. Mentele

    Again Miranda is talking out her rear.

    Section 19 covers that leases cannot be denied solely on cardholder status

    Section 27
    #2 covers the misconception that this allows consumption anywhere at any time irregardless of others policies.
    #3 allows landlords to ban cultivation in rental properties.

    I’m going to say it again. You would save yourself a whole lot of looking like an ignorant ranting idiot by just reading the damn language!

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look? All I can wonder is…Are your pants on fire Miranda? Because you are a bold faced liar of epic proportions.

  16. Miranda Gohn

    I am grateful for the Brookings County Dems putting a stop to this snake oil traveling roadshow passing out their petitions and the other petitions gatherers out there in their upcoming Potluck picnic fundraiser where candidates Billy Sutton and retired Judge Tim Bjorkman will be speaking. Good for them!

  17. Mentele

    It is really sad that when faced with the facts you again attempt mud-slinging. It sickens me that you are part of tearing our party apart by causing internal conflict. Keep your crap up and keep starting infighting amoungst county party leaders & you may as well vote for Jackley because with out party unity Billie doesn’t have a chance in hell. Bravo to you Miranda for being a direct part of the destruction of the SDDP. I hope you are proud of yourself. Unlike you my organization will still attend to support our candidates as we are not petty like you.

    1. Anonymous

      I think think the Democrat party was destroyed and in utter disrepair long before Miranda came along

      Democrats can’t win elections with ideas they have to fool the people with slick out of state paid for ads on these ballot measures.

      NO on everything!

  18. Anne Beal

    Two things here leave me baffled:

    Why does the medical marijuana bill specify any number of plants, minimum or maximum? If you’re going to make it legal, why not allow people to grow as few or as many as they want?

    The other puzzler in this discussion is why Tara, who is the number one fan of True Conservative Stace Nelson, is so opposed to money coming in from AFP and the Koch Brothers? What’s up with that?

    1. Tara Volesky

      Anne, I don’t discriminate as far a party goes, because SD Legislators can represent the people and write laws without being influenced and lavished with gifts by out of state special interests. Like these people really care about little ole SD? lol Check what their real motives are…..$$$$$

        1. Tara Volesky

          I know, did she get shunned? lol…..she just pulled a toilet and vanity for me right before the luncheon.

  19. KM

    “Circle jerk”, “pissing contest”, “talking out her rear”, “looking like an ignorant ranting idiot” all statements made by someone who has “compassion” for people. Then we notice other statements made by the same person: “I will always respond to respectful dialogue” and “I won’t respond to hate filled dialogue”. Quite hypocritical one might think; however, right in lock step with the DNC’s motto: Do as I say, not as I do. MM you may find people could be more receptive to the issues you support if you stuck to addressing the risks and questions presented. Yes, yes, I know contact your email….

    Would Angela from KELO host a debate (if the measure makes it that far) between Mentele & Deutsch? It would be entertaining, though doubtful KELO’s higher-ups would take the risk of giving a platform to a person that has such vulgar outbursts.

    We will not be signing any petitions and are encouraging others to do the same.

    1. Miranda Gohn


      I personally do not seek nor desire any approval to trade my values for what others and I have witnessed to be so damaging, irresponsible, deceptive and not well thought out. It is similar to a manipulative attempt of someone who is deep into addiction trading they will accept you if you accept their drug use of choice. Not going to happen and her behavior & actions along with Reina Parker’s pushing the use of MJ are liabilities.

      There is a clear distinction between public policy which is far reaching and pettiness.

      Again if parents or adults were to come to me seeking advice which is something I take very seriously I would advise them to stay away from Sioux Falls with what is being pushed by these so called friends of the LGBTQ community. There are far better resources elsewhere. Those parents their children and adults need help not make their challenges worse.

  20. Charlie Hoffman

    Anne I do apologize. I totally misinterpreted and misread the two posts. Spencer did bring up drugs and it was not associated with any named individual. My bad.

    1. Anne Beal

      Thanks Charlie!
      We still don’t know who the petition-passer was, but he is a fine young man who showed great courage under fire.

  21. Mentele

    KM everyone reaches a threshold of lies, ignorance, hate filled comments and lies…mine has been met with Miranda. If you read above you can see why. She posted outright lies in regards to the rental agreements, growing terms and attempted to gain support of her stance by lying. I’m sorry I have 0 tolerance for that. Absolutely 0. Just as I am sure she has 0 tolerance for hate filled misinformation regarding the transgender community. My issue is being brought forward for people with severe catastrophic diseases and illnesses. Her comments are a direct personal attack on those people and I am 100% DONE allowing it to continue.

    Yes I have some colorful euphemisms I won’t apologize for it, I am a straight shooter all the way….with some colorful language. If you actually took the time to have a dialogue in person, by phone or at an event you could see who I am. Instead the Internet personal attacks are more your speed.

    Anne- there is limits set forth due to preventing the opening of a door we cannot close. If there were no limits I don’t want to even consider what kind of headache we are setting ourselves up for. Current federal guidelines prevent any patient from going over 99 plants. So do you want a 6 plant minimum or do you want no minimum and for me to allow those to be based along the federal guidelines? I would rather have a neighbor with 6 plants then one with 99. My true hope is to build a network of knowledgeable and experienced care givers so that patients won’t have to grow their own meds they can designate them to that person and the state will set the regulations with help from the board.

    I am done here for the day. I have a ton of work to do.

  22. Mentele

    Yes Miranda please continue to poison your own community with your lies and hatred. Continue to attack people who truly help others. Continue to lie and bring forth misinformation. I am a firm believer in the truth always coming out in the wash you my friend are due for a wash. I almost feel bad for the loss of credibility and labeling this issue that has 0 to do with you has brought to your doorstep. This thread is being watched by many today.

    BTW-Debating Fred will never be on my agenda because DWD is not my issue. I am a co-sponsor not a prime & there are several Physicians who would be there not myself or Angie. Doctors for Dignity in SD is headed up by an amazing woman who has pioneered in her field along with Physicians from every health system in this state. Once the signatures are collected they will be the ones to contact.

  23. MC

    Right now, we have 20 ballot initiatives in the pipeline. That is going to make for a huge ballot if they all make it.

    I agree with the gentleman from Aberdeen, Representative Dennert, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions about what we are signing. If there are questions not answered to your satisfaction, DON’T SIGN IT.

  24. Anne Beal

    Here’s the thing, I’m old, and subject to all the shit that happens when one’s warranty expires. If I decide to grow my own, you are telling me I can’t grow it outside next to the catnip, I will have to grow it indoors in a locked room which at my house is the laundry room. And I have to have at least six plants in a room already crowded with a 6′ tall Dracaena and a 4′ tall grapefruit, a lot of geraniums, and some ivy. And dogs and cats. They hang out in there too.
    If I don’t grow my own I might have to buy it from a grower or distributor instead.
    It would be a lot easier to grow it outside next to the catnip. And grow as many or as few plants as I want.

    I don’t know why you want to burden old sick people with such crazy regulations.

  25. Springer

    Mentele:. Please enlighten me as to why a minimum of six plants will prevent someone growing the maximum of 99. Seems to me that you have the words maximum and minimum mixed up, and how in the world did the LRC and lawyers pass on this wording?


    1. Anne Beal

      Springer my inderstanding was the LRC sent it back with suggested edits which were ignored.

      Why all the regulations, certifications, etc?
      Why can’t we be allowed to grow it outdoors, by ourselves, without a doctor’s prescription? The bill is NUTS!!

  26. Mentele

    The LRC edits on the medical were not ignored and have never been questioned. You are thinking of the recreational initiative.

    Anne-growing in a locked enclosed space is safer for everyone. It could be your laundry room, a closet or a garage. I suggest if you are serious that you look into a grow box. The fulfill the requirements of being locked. Here is an example if you want more please Google (lockable cannabis grow boxes)

    A minimum of 6 does not prevent them BUT a physician will determine plant counts based upon data of patients in other states and on disease processes. For example a child with Dravet will need 99 plants. Those parents will designate that grow to a caregiver who will have a commercial facility and will take care of the plants from seed to the extraction process of making the oil they need. The minimum is set so people will take the time to truly get educated on what they are doing and so the state is not taking a 2nd step of approving a cultivation license for people who are just playing around. This is serious stuff. Growing cannabis is not just throwing a seed in a pot and praying. There are light requirements, nutrients and several kinds of mold/mites that can destroy a crop. You really need to take the time and get professional guidance on growing. There are several companies in SD that sell hydroponic systems that offer education on how to use their products for vegetables the process is similar with cannabis.

    I am of the mindset that the more we deal with issues other states have had on the front end the better. The regulations are a combination of what worked in other states and what changes were made after their bills went into effect. I feel strongly that legalization happens in steps. This is a step forward and once implementation is taking place the state can look at what works for us and what doesn’t.

    1. KM

      Hmmm…did someone get you back in line? You cleaned up your language and focused on the issues. This post isn’t the MM were use to, your not attacking anyone because they have concerns, ask questions or for just being a person with different opinions. Well-done!

    2. Anne Beal

      In the 60s we used to just throw seeds out around the septic tank and let it grow. We didn’t need to grow it indoors in a locked room, under a lot of electric lights.
      We didn’t need to have a cultivator’s certification, a doctor’s prescription, or any of this other regulatory stuff. We didn’t have to file any paperwork with anybody.

      If this passes, using marijuana is going to be harder than ever. Why are you doing this to people who are sick? Don’t they have enough problems?
      Are you trying to get an industry monopoly going, with a product that is too difficult to produce on a small scale, so as to force people to buy it from large scale producers? Because that’s what I suspect is going on. You want to gouge sick people.

      1. Anonymous

        Anne, are you intentionally being obtuse? This is South Dakota. To have any chance of success a marijuana initiative will need to allow for intense regulation. The proponents of this measure were smart to include this. It will result in more accountability and less unregulated marijuana.

        The idea that Mentle is trying to “get an industry monopoly going” and “gouge sick people” is Lora Hubbell-level crazy talk. Heck, it’s way beyond it.

  27. Anne Beal

    Hey, Mentele, WHO is funding this medical marijuana thing???

    Could it be MONSANTO??? Have they got a patent on the plants? Are they going to sue everybody who grows it at home and doesn’t pay them royalties???
    Do you think we don’t know what Monsanto is capable of? Ask any farmer who owns a field where bees carried Monsanto DNA .
    And the imminent merger with Bayer AG?
    How many people know that Monsanto is teaming up with one of the biggest of Big Pharma??? Is this a coincidence?

    Bayer AG and Monsanto are going to merge, and suddenly all these marijuana advocacy groups are awash in money, and pushing legislation which will make it almost impossibly difficult for a person to grow his own. The legislation you are promoting is ridiculously complicated.



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