Guest Editorial by Richard Mounce, Candidate for District 30 House

(This OP ed was submitted by Richard Mounce, Candidate for District 30 House to several media outlets including the SDWC, so I offer it here for your reading pleasure.  Guest pieces are always welcome at the SDWC, and are published at my discretion – PP)

mounceI am a Republican running to be your State Representative in District 30 because I want our children and young families to stay and raise their families here in South Dakota. We can achieve this by growing our economy and providing our K-12 students a world class education—two pillars of a thriving community. I am optimistic for our future and what we can achieve together.

The Black Hills are a very special place. As I walk in the district daily, I meet the silent majority of salt-of-the-earth South Dakotans who would give the shirt off their backs to their neighbors and who live with faith and determination.

Unfortunately, by contrast, a small and vocal group uses outright lies, fear-mongering and manipulation to smear and intimidate candidates whom they do not like.  Aside from malicious gossip, they send outrageous, and anonymous, post cards at election time.  Such negative tactics are not consistent with South Dakota values and may ultimately discourage good people from running for office.  These hateful character assassinations do not represent the best of who we are as a community and stand in stark contrast to the true South Dakota we know and love.

Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”  This letter was written to put “the pants of truth” on about my campaign and me as there have been many negative attacks directed at my wife Laura and I.  No doubt these attacks will increase as June 7th approaches. In one sense these attacks can be viewed as a tribute to the strength of my campaign.  It means my message is resonating with the silent majority and threatens the noisy cynics.

One rumor being spread is that Laura and I have “Oregon Values” because we moved to South Dakota from Oregon several years ago.  In fact, Laura is a 4th generation South Dakotan and absolutely steadfast in her support of my candidacy. We chose to leave Oregon and move to South Dakota, in part, because Christians and Conservatives in Portland are an endangered species.

The Oregon values I learned as a child are love of God, patriotism, service to the community, honesty and the value of hard work.  While things may have changed in Oregon, in South Dakota these values are still the bedrock of life and are values Laura and I share and live daily.

The issue boils down to trust. The voters have every right to expect honesty and integrity from their elected representatives. Relationships of all kinds are built on trust. As a doctor and businessman, I am successful because I deliver what I promise.  I mean what I say and say what I mean. If I promise to support accountable, limited and common-sense government policies based on Reagan-esque conservative principles, I’ll do everything in my power to deliver results honestly and transparently.

I will not compromise to be an insider or forget who elected me in Pierre.  I will not compromise my conservative values. I will not compromise my faith and integrity.  As your representative I will always do what is right in the present, without regard to being re-elected in the future. You have my word on it.

Together, collectively lets say “NO” to the fear, lies and negativity. Let’s say “YES” to optimism, integrity and improving our state. Saying “Yes” will help our young families build a brighter future here. If you want to know where I stand on any issue, or if you hear something other than what is written here, call me. Respectfully, I ask for your vote on June 7th.

Richard Mounce, SD House Candidate District 30,

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  1. Troy Jones

    Candidate A promises things like “I will cut taxes” or “I will make sure everyone has health care” is one who will say anything to get elected unless he also intended to become a dictator.

    Candidate B promises to always vote “conservative” or “liberal” is one who will score well on scorecards and be “pure”, just be one of 35 or 70, and not be in the trenches actually moving things forward.

    Mounce gives a vision of what he will WORK for (“accountable, limited and common sense” policies) but his promise is to do all he can to deliver results toward his vision. I am impressed as it is easy to be “pure” and shout how pure you are relative to all the other heathens. It is hard to get results and courageous to say “measure me by results.”

  2. Anonymous

    He uses 4 paragraphs to talk about lies he says are being said about him and/or Oregon values.

    A lot of fluff, but what is he actually for? or against?

    I looked on the candidate list….I’d prefer Marilyn Oakes or Tim Goodwin in this race….

  3. Anonymous

    Richard Mounce is an excellent candidate and a breath of fresh air in Black Hills politics. His misfortune is that he is running in District 30, which along with Districts 33 and 35 are home to a small group of individuals who will say anything and do anything to see their candidates elected. The attacks, lies and all out efforts to smear candidate’s good name, which he speaks of, is not fiction. If a candidate doesn’t agree 100% with these groups’ radical agendas and agree to vote as they are told, these people will stop at nothing to make sure that candidate isn’t elected. These tactics were clearly visible in the 2014 elections and are already in full use in the 2016 elections. If people will take the time to look closely, I believe they will find that three of these candidates are highly unqualified to be legislators. It will quickly become apparent that Richard Mounce and Marilyn Oakes are the only two candidates in District 30 with the depth of character, the values and the intellect to serve in the Legislature.

  4. anonymous

    Richard Mounce is head and shoulders above the rest of the field in D- 30 . If you go listen to him speak ,have coffee or lunch with him you will come away impressed . Can’t say that about any of the other 4 candidates . The crazies don’t like him because he will not agree to their all or nothing agenda . This man will build coalitions and get things done in the legislature . The my way or the by-way legislators will never get it done .

  5. Gideon Oakes

    The Doc makes some very good points about these “postcard groups”, and we in the Oakes Camp appreciate his outlook on this issue. In fact, my mom turned down a likely endorsement from one of these groups — one with whom I’m positive she’ll vote every time in Pierre — simply because of their tactics in the 2014 election.

    When she told me about her visit with them, my first instinct was to say, “You did what???” But once she explained her reason, it became clear that she made the right choice. I’m so proud of her for sticking to the high road and refusing to get caught up in the nastiness that is sure to only ramp up from here. There’s a big line between calling people out on their records and manufacturing scare tactics and half-truths just to sway an election. Hopefully the rest of the pack will resist the urge to deviate from the issues.

  6. PorterLansing

    Those darn political postcards! Who’s responsible for these “outrageous and hateful character assassinations”? Hmmmm? Guess who, Mr. Mounce.
    (local ad) ~ Pat Powers and the Dakota Campaign Store has been one of the largest providers of political postcards for Republican and non-partisan candidates in South Dakota for the past two election cycles. Why? Because we do them better than anyone else.
    We’re loud and proud in our postcard marketing, helping candidates to stand out in the mailbox. Our 6×11 postcards are a perennial favorite, and the high gloss finish helps protect the card through the rigors of mail delivery.

    1. Lee Schoenbeck

      I’ve seen posts where you hold yourself out as a well informed expert on South Dakota politics. Let’s assume for a moment that’s true. Which party developed the modern “post carding” campaign technique in Soith Dakota, and for two bonus points – who in their organization created it and in which election cycle did they introduce it?
      Assuming you know the answers, on behalf of Republicans across the state, we accept your apology.

  7. Troy Jones


    I don’t know how it is in Colorado but legislative candidates (of either party) almost exclusively send out postcards that introduce/promote themselves. I can’t remember if I have ever gotten one from a candidate that was anything but a positive message from the candidate (regardless of party). Maybe some would want to send out something negative but even then their limited budget doesn’t allow it.

  8. PorterLansing

    That’s because you’re not a “high value voter”, Mr. Jones. (i.e.) A voter who’s not made up their mind, yet. These voters names and information are gathered in a list culled from the internet, Facebook and Twitter by a software program and these “high value voters” are targeted during the last weeks of a campaign. Of course the candidates names aren’t included. They’re sent anonymously (like the low self-esteem commentors on political blogs) These postcards are just negative, distasteful, distractions without validity.
    ~ Pat Powers gloated, upon hearing of Mr. Heidelberger’s District 4 Senate campaign that it would only take one negative postcard from him to pay for Mr. Powers next trip to Florida … proof of where these postcards originate.

    1. Anonymous

      “upon hearing of Mr. Heidelberger’s District 4 Senate campaign ”

      What will Cory do upon hearing of his district 4 senate campaign?

      Change the bong juice?

    2. Pat Powers Post author

      ..”These voters names and information are gathered in a list culled from the internet, Facebook and Twitter by a software program..”

      “They’re sent anonymously…. These postcards are just negative, distasteful, distractions without validity.”

      Bahahahahahaha! Aside from being an utterly ignorant statement, that’s just hilariously paranoid.

      Keep an eye out for those black helicopters.

  9. PorterLansing

    Also … VIKINGS was outstanding, last night. Does anyone on this side of the aisle watch it?

    1. Mhs

      Porter, you should be familiar enough with the area by now to know we never use “Vikings” and “outstanding” in the same sentence. Ever.

      1. Anonymous

        Good one. Maybe Jared Allen can give them a boost on his one day with them this coming season.

      1. PorterLansing

        Now I know who you are. You’re the one on Dakota Free Press (SoDak’s #2 Political Blog) who doesn’t capitalize her words and uses those phrases. Love ‘ya, Princess.

  10. PorterLansing

    What’s a bongover? What? Because I keep a home in CO you assume I smoke marijuana? I don’t, friend. That’s weak extrapolation. That would like assuming that because you live in SoDak you’re a “settler” and you eat jackrabbit pie and drink graywater soup. Only 14% of Colorado residents use cannabis. The rest of us just enjoy the tax money. Any other insults for me, haybilly? #MicDrop

    1. MC

      Did you just say:

      The rest of us just enjoy the tax money?

      you might this hard to believe, however before a tax can be paid, someone had to earn it! Somebody had to preform a service or provide a product in exchange for that profit. to help their community they provide a small percentage of that profit to the government.
      it is not meant to be ‘enjoyed’ it is meant to provide essential services for the community to used by all.

    2. Anonymous

      Say Porter, when did you hear this:

      “upon hearing of Mr. Heidelberger’s District 4 Senate campaign ”?

      In between hits?

  11. Liberty Dick

    That was pretty weak if that was supposed to be a response to something. In fact it makes me believe what you are trying to refute could be true… “Anonymous post cards” really??? Any fool knows how to Google a “paid for by”. I also didn’t see any “meat and potatoes” type real conservative positions taken in this post, mostly garnish statements about faith and family.
    Are you Pro life?
    Anti common core?
    For Constitutional Carry?
    For raising taxes? How would you have voted on the last two big ones?
    I don’t even know what’s going on down there right now but this doesn’t look good.

  12. grudznick

    The widow Oakes would be a good choice in this district. She is sensitive to the GLBTX agenda as well which is rare in district 30.

    1. Gideon Oakes

      Thanks for the kind words, Grudznick. I’ll be sure to pass them on.

      She’s sensitive to every constituent’s agenda. After all, she’s running for the House of Representatives, not the House of I-Say-So’s.

  13. anonymous

    If Liberty DICK was a registered Republican in D – 30 he would know where Mr. Mounce stands . You would have received one of his numerous mailings outlining his positions DICK .

  14. Anonymous

    Richard Mounce is hiding something. He was the only candidate running to refuse to answer the Fall River County GOP Republican Platform survey. Too scared already to adhere to the platform, Rich? Just another closet liberal who the voters are sniffing out in District 30. Another “campaign conservative” crying foul.