"Half Time in America" – Clint Eastwood

This was a great Chrysler ad featuring Clint Eastwood during Super Bowl XLVI.

It’s refreshing to see someone speak optimistically about the future of America again.

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  1. Arrowhead

    This was a classic ad. Clint Eastwood is one of the great American actors. Dirty Harry is still my favorite film of his.

  2. caheidelberger

    …but I will grant that it is nice to hear Clint Eastwood reverse his previously voiced criticism of President Obama’s Detroit bailouts and acknowledge that “Motor City is fighting again” because “we all pulled together.” Pulling together: that’s the real cause for American optimism that President Obama has been talking about all along.

    But let me guess, “Bill Clay”: you probably still think Bruce Springsteen wrote “Born in the U.S.A.” as an endorsement of Ronald Reagan, don’t you?

    1. duggersd

      I have to echo Troy’s thoughts on this one. Cory, do you really think confiscating property from the owners and transferring it to the workers was a good thing? I don’t. If the government can force owners of preferred stock to give up their rights to it, the government can pretty much do anything. Had these companies been allowed to go under, I believe other companies would have bought the brand names and even the property and GM and Chrysler would be around today in different forms, but around. Well, I will let you get back to putting the fire out on your Volt.

      1. duggersd

        Actually, I did like the message. I just do not believe the Chrysler/GM model is the way we go about getting our country on the road again.

  3. Anony Mouse

    The problem with Heidel-hamburglur is that he sees politics in everything. It was an inspirational message about America.

    If Cory doesn’t like it, he should move to France, and complete his transition to a cheese eating surrender monkey.

    1. ymous

      Clint and Obummer have zero to do with each other. Clint has actually created jobs. The only hope Obummer gave me was for a new president. Go get em Cory!

  4. insomniac

    It’s half time America. Stop being so down on yourself and start believing again.

    You know what’s wrong with Obama and the GOP candidates this cycle? They tell us the world is falling apart everytime they open their mouths. Remind us what is great about our country.

    If we could overcome the civil war, great depression, WW1, WW2 and the turmoil of the 60’s then we can get through our current struggles. Maybe Chrysler wanted to get a bailout message in there but do you really think they wanted to remind everyone they were bailed out? (I doubt it).

    Stop complaining and start believing again! Half-time is a metaphore for the USA being at a turning point. Do we just quietly fade away or do we decide our country is worth a comeback?

  5. BF

    Yes. Halftime. Who is going to win? The corporate Giants or the scrappy little Patriots? LOL. It all depends on if the receivers on the P team can catch the damn ball, even when their leader lobs it right into their hands.

    1. duggersd

      I have often marveled at how one time a player is able to make an unbelievable catch and then drop a ball that one would think should be easy. But then I watch the game, do not play the game. I dare say if some guy was getting ready to knock me on my butt when I catch the ball, I might tend to drop almost everything that came my way.

  6. BF

    Yup. In football, as in politics, psyche is a big part of the game. Huge. Even when blogging. I have to know that every time I post something, either Bob Ellis, Ymous, or DuggerSD is going to try to clobber me. The trick is to learn to enjoy it… a skill which I feel I have honed to a point of near mastery. Bring it, dugger, bring it. LOL.

  7. anon

    Wonder if ‘ol Clint was packin’ heat?? Never seen him go two minutes without shooting something! 🙂

  8. Duh

    Those who criticized the ad didn’t listen to it. There was no partisan message. It was totally pro-american. Kind of reminds me of the best superbowl ad ever, the AB horses bowing towards the statute of liberty.

    1. Great ad!


      Imagine that Troy Jones and Cory Heidelberger are off base again. Those two see everything different than intended.

  9. grudznick

    The best Superbowl commercial ever was Bud Bowl II, which was used by some of my coworkers to determine what kind of beer to buy for the retirement party they hosted for me.

  10. Duh

    “You have no direct knowledge of what was intended. Troy and I are reading the text as presented.”

    ????????? What text? It was a friggin commercial. Do they have captioning in your rubber room? UGH.

    1. BF

      Duh, take a nitro pill before you have a heart attack.

      Cory is talking about the way MC presented the ad here as in:

      “This was a great Chrysler ad featuring Clint Eastwood during Super Bowl XLV. It?s refreshing to see someone speak optimistically about the future of America again.”

  11. Cliff Hadley

    Chrysler paid — what, $5 million? — of my tax dollars to buy 2 minutes during the Super Bowl so Clint Eastwood can growl “let’s work together.” A truly inspiring message in 15 seconds would have been, “Chrysler announces today it has repaid every dime of its government loan, and in the ‘second half’ will do all it can to make great products and provide top service to earn your trust and compete in the marketplace.” Nah, never gonna happen. Instead, we get a steaming pile of pony loaf in platitudes and bromides about “hearing our engines roar.” Wow, it hurts just to type such nonsense.

  12. troy jones

    Good advertising requires one to know their audience, serve the corporate interest, and contribute to the brand.

    I think this failed for these reasons:

    1) Know your audience: Chrysler has to overcome resentment from taxpayers (potential customers) who didn’t support the bailout. I’m not sure a “pep talk” from recipients of government bailout mitigates the resentment but compounds it.

    2) Serve the corporate interest: Sell cars (where was the “steel” in the parlance of car ads?).

    3) Enhance the brand: When Fiat bought into Chrysler they said they wanted to position Chrysler as an upscale quality brand. Eastwood has a “Chevy/Ford/Dodge” personna. MAYBE this message focused on Dodge would have worked. Chrysler, no way.

    However, it wasn’t near as awful as the Audi vampire ad. Sheesh. They should have brought back the guy in Alaska who hunts Audi’s.

    1. anon

      The intent was not to sell cars. It was a 2 minute campaign commercial (which we all paid for). We are supposed to pull together, and give the team that is messing it up our support for the second term half. Ignore all of the capitalists pessimists who are telling you that socialism our game plan doesn’t work, pull together for “the team”. Hear our hope and change engines roar.

  13. BF

    Troy, I don’t think people saw Chrylser. I think they saw Dirty Harry. You could call that borrowed interest if you like, but it certainly didn’t hurt their brand.

    It would have if they would have talked about cars. I’m just sayin.

    Interesting to me that Eastwood seems to not give a sh*t what anybody thinks of it, except to say if somebody wants to adopt his attitude and run their campaign on it, go for it.

    I would think the GOP would jump at the chance to get behind a positive message, but maybe that’s just not in fashion these days.

    Better to wring our hands over the impending end times and scare the citizenry half to death with doom and gloom prophesies that will all come true unless we elect *gulp* Newt Gingrich, right? LOL.

    1. Job Creator

      Bill, what percentage of people who saw that ad even know the American lifted together to help GM and Chrysler? I am guessing that well over 50% did not know and that another 40% did not care. I will, however, defer to your learned opinion. So please opine on it…

      1. Bill Fleming

        The assist Chrysler got from the government is irrelevant as you say, JC.

        So are the cars.

        Emotional branding isn’t about the product. It’s about the relationship the company has with the customer and prospective customer.

        If Chrysler and Clint made them feel good about themselves and proud of their country and each other for a minute or two and managed to connect their name to it, that’s way, way better than trying to sell a car.

        Troy knows this. If he doesn’t, he’s not qualified to review a modern company’s marketing plan.

    2. troy jones

      If they didn’t see Chrysler, it was a waste of money. I guess typical of anyone associated with this President.

      1. Job Creator

        And I guess your comment is typical of people who will have that sickened feeling in their gut for at least four more years. Troy, why are you guys so angry and hopeless?

        1. ymous

          Just realistic and and we have a understanding of economics and capitolism. What was your attitude during the Bush years? Yeah, I thought so “job creator”, that’s a good one. I highly doubt that!

          1. Job Creator

            My attitude during the Bush years was this: “Why are we shipping 40,000 American factories over to the third world?” Great foreign job creation for a few more sheckles in a few guy’s pockets. Horrible for America. I guess I should change my handle to “American Job Creator” because the mass exportation of these factories because of disastrous Bush policies during his watch still sickens me and is still a gaping wound in the country that I love. I hope you made $500 more in dividends because of that, ymous. It sure was worth it, wasn’t it?

            I’m not sure your understanding of economics is much more advanced than a sixth grader playing Monopoly.

  14. Anonymous

    What kind of crack are you Tea Party members smoking to think that Eastwood was doing a pro Obama ad?

    Pass the crack pipe!

    Eastwood has said there was nothing political about the ad.

  15. MC Post author

    So what is wrong with a Pro-American ad?

    Troy is saying they wasted money. Maybe. However if we start feeling better about our country, we just might go out spend more and just might buy new cars.

    If they got money coming out the wahzoo why not spend a little

    http://youtu.be/8yFFyW4Ad8kSo what is wrong with a Pro-American ad?

    Troy is saying they wasted money. Maybe. However if we start feeling better about our country, we just might go out spend more and just might buy new cars.

    If they got money coming out the wahzoo why not spend a little