Happy Birthday Senator George McGovern

Today, the former Executive Director of the SD Democrat Party, Congressman, Senator, and Presidential candidate turns 90.

I seldom agree with the Senator’s views but always agree with the class and decorum with which he came and continues to come to the public square.

Have a great day and enjoy your celebration.  90 years is a big deal.  Godspeed.


9 Replies to “Happy Birthday Senator George McGovern”

  1. Anonymous

    He was right on the Vietnam war ,and I served during that conflict .Also I am sure he wouldn’t have to resign the presidency.

  2. barney douglas

    You forgot Ambassador, Troy:

    Good catch. After I posted, I should have said WWII bomber pilot as well.

  3. mkweisz@iw.net

    I’m surprised the Mitchell Daily Republic isn’t running 10 special editions – since they are the only newspaper in the state that has “paper crush” on him – commenting on everything from bowel movements to his grandson who can’t decide what heritage/name he is!!!

    1. Anonymous

      While I agree Matt whoever couldn’t wipe Gramps butt, it appears mkwize*ss has a similar verbal diahrea to Matt the Michigan cat.

    1. Anonymous

      You make a good point, but did you have to stoop down to their level by the name you used?

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    Sen McGovern, thank you for your public service. Even for those of us who may not have agreed with all of your positions, you did much to stimulate good public debate on important issues. We should all wish to have your vim, vigor and resume as (if) we approach nearly a century of participation in our state and country’s history.

  5. Anonymous

    The term was used because that post was done by an a@@hole. Sometimes you just have to call it what it is.