Happy Fathers’ Day from the SDWC

Happy dad day from a fellow dad at the SDWC.

I had that fact underlined to me this weekend as I gave away my #2 daughter Meredith at her wedding on Friday in Sioux City, and was called up to dance with her at the reception. 

She did oblige me by not holding it on GOP convention weekend, so that’s good.

It was a bit weird seeing her take her husband’s name on Facebook, but yes, that happens with weddings. I can take heart in that her betrothed is a good person, one of the hardest working people I know, and I know he cares deeply for my awkward, overly loud and opinionated, and lovely daughter.  He’s the kind of son-in-law you hope your daughter would choose for themselves.

And I can say things like “awkward” and “loud” because I’m her dad. She’s both driven my car into a tree, and made me as proud as can be in many, many aspects of her life. 
Having 7 kids, 5 of whom are daughters, the wedding this weekend is probably only the first one of many I’ll experience. But coming this particular weekend as it did with the first marriage of one of my children as it did just underlined the whole Father’s Day Experience for me in a way it had never been before. 

There comes a time when that little girl who you watched those God-awful Barney the dinosaur videos with, and decorated princess and unicorn birthday cakes for is going to grow up, leave the nest, and start a nest of her own. It happens sooner than you would care to know, and you wish them all the happiness and prosperity in the world.

So, again, Happy Father’s Day for all my fellow fathers.   

(Now about those wedding bills….)