Has anyone figured out what Ellee Spawn is running for? Including Ellee herself?

spawn_runsRecalling an announcement this past summer, in the prior story mentioning Blake Curd running for State Senate, I was going to mention that it had already been announced that unsuccessful District 12 Democrat candidate Ellee Spawn had noted she was going to be a candidate for the seat.

In fact, I had made note of it this past summer, that Spawn had announced as a candidate, because that’s what Democrats in South Dakota do; run marginal candidates for higher office. (Marginal candidate: definition. see Paula Hawks).

I went to confirm with current information, as I vaguely thought I’d seen something about her running in 13.  Because apparently District 12 was not inhospitable enough for a liberal Democrat.Spawn_in_13_House

As I went to look, I noted her Twitter feed header has her listed as a candidate for State Senate in District 13, which would have her opposing Phyllis Heineman.

Except in her twitter feed, it has her ignoring Heineman, and taking pokes at State Representatives Westra and Mickelson, who are both obviously in the House.

If you look at Spawn’s Twitter header, it actually says Spawn for District 13 House in the Graphic, and if you click on the link, it does take you to a page titled “Ellee Spawn for District 13 State House.”

Spawn_in_13In fact, in looking for what she’s running for, she has a website also set up at “Democracy.com” with the following announcement pictured to the left.

Note the Date – on the page, she has a post on an “Official Campaign Announcement” that back on April 12th of last year, she made an official announcement “that she is running for House of Representatives in District 13 in 2016.”

And a follow up post dated from September of last year had also her noting “As your next state representative from District 13, her leadership will continue to reflect the priorities and concerns of our community.”

But….  Going back to the original announcement for District 12 State Senate, as late as July 2015, she was actively running against Blake Curd for State Senate in District 12.

So, at the same time she was running for State Senate in District 12, she was running for the House in District 13? Hmph. Her candidacy for the House in District 13 seems far less than a calling to public service than it does someone job hopping.

If anyone manages to figure out what Ellee Spawn is running for, be sure to let us know.

And they should probably tell Ellee, as she seems to be having trouble figuring it out as well.

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