Has the 2014 senate primary begun?

Reports coming from the Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner are that Congresswoman Noem may in fact have fired the first shot in the hypothetical 2014 senate primary between her and former Governor Mike Rounds.

Noem apparently said something to the effect that “The current Governor is a breath of fresh air. He’s open and willing to work with others.”

If this is in fact true, the 2012 GOP campaign events may be more fun than previously expected. Stay alert at future Republican gatherings for veiled shots at former Governor Rounds and also ask yourself why someone (Rounds) openly talking about running for US Senate in 2014 isn’t attending a Republican dinner supporting his Republican party in his home town.

If Rounds had attended the dinner, the political world would be buzzing over his appearance. If he attends anything this year, the enthusiasm in the party would begin to build around him. If he remains absent from GOP events until next year, he probably deserves to have a few verbal jabs thrown his way and will most likely have a contentious fight on his hands for the nomination.

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  1. Mrs. Firecracker

    She did this at the State GOP dinner also. (any time Daugaard is in the audience she slams Rounds by praising Daugaard)She isn’t a fan of Rounds.

    The question I have for her is what the heck is the difference between the two of them? She voted for most of the crap I was upset with Rounds for signing.

    As far as I’m concerned there isn’t a bit of difference between her and Rounds.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree that she voted for most of Rounds’ deficit and stimulus spending agenda, but we have to have someone other Rounds. The current Governor is ten times the Governor of Rounds! That is just a fact.

    1. insomniac

      I’d take Daugaard any day over Rounds and Noem.

      Noem is a lot of talk. She voted with Rounds all the time and she was in leadership.

      My money says Rounds would be tough to beat though neither of these to are on the top of my list.

  3. Les

    Whatever my personal thoughts on governor Rounds and Kristi’s voting right up his alley, she will never be as popular as he is right now

  4. Mitchell

    I understand Noem running against Nelson and Curd because she didn’t think they could win. What would be her rational for runnign against Rounds? Rounds would have a better chance of winning that she would in a competetive Senate race.

    I like them both but don’t understand why she is going after Rounds.

  5. WTF

    Noem shouldn’t be trashing fellow Republicans in her stump speech at a lincoln day dinner.

    That is really catty and I think that is one reason Rounds appeals to a broader segment of South Dakotans.

    1. Anonymous

      You don’t know Noem very well if you’re surprised that she can’t win without trashing the opponent. Noem gets the 18-35 vote and rounds gets the rest. Do the math on that one!


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