Hasn’t it been about enough? Can we at least agree to disagree, without wishing for the untimely demise of our opponents?

The tragic rifle attack in Alexandria, Virginia this morning perpetuated against a group of Congressmen & their staff members by a mentally disturbed Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Republicans and President Trump underlines the fact that the violence and rhetoric perpetuated since the November election has got to stop, or it will only continue to get worse.

If we can’t all get along, can we at least agree to disagree, without wishing for the untimely demise of our opponents?

In the past, I’ve had to report people to the police who have left threatening statements on this website. (Now one of them bad mouths me on another website, but that’s another story).  That kind of stuff just leaves you shaking your head.

And really, it’s just politics. Why would someone get to that point of instability and frenzied hate that they have to threaten someone over disliking the other’s views?

Just agree to disagree. Ultimately, the majority will get to make the decision.

It’s a good reminder to remember that we’re all human,

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    1. Springer

      Anything that was said in the campaign pales in comparison to the rhetoric now coming from the left. Just look no further than the Kathy Griffin fiasco or the “Shakespeare in the Park” (which would leave Shakespeare turning in his grave). I have heard no one on the right act as these far leftists. It’s time for the sane Dems to condemn the actions of the far left and for the politicians of both parties to work together to do the work they were elected to do. The time to “resist” in the manner called for by the left is way past over. Disagree fine, debate fine, and then get on with governing. We had an election, Trump won fairly and is our President. You don’t have to agree with him or even like him, but this pure hatred on the left needs to end.

  1. happy camper

    Thus far I am unimpressed with the lack of response from those on the left. This was an assassination attempt on a large number of people from one political party. Where’s the absolute condemnation?

  2. Tim Higgins

    There is no response from the left. None of the liberal trash blogs have posted anything

  3. happy camper

    How long does it take to “come to grips?” The further left one moves from center, the more sympathetic they become. Mr. H. has a few crazies of his own and is not tethered sufficiently to be a reasonable person. Super intelligent yes but too haunted by early demons as are many on the left. They can create banter and challenging thought but never underlying policy.

    1. Anonymous

      yes that was my observation too! Mr. H is untethered for sure with some serious anger issues and he creates an environment of hate and generalizations that attract others that are way out there to put it mildly. There have been a few threats of violence over there with one of the loons taking a bus from Colorado to Missouri and that same loon bringing a gun to fight a guy from Madison. Will they be the next to go postal?

  4. SD rancher

    This guy’s FB reads like every liberal blogger around. I guess the resistance finally went live fire.
    I wouldn’t expect any liberal to come to grips with this, they are the masters of deflection and making up excuses for losing. Hello Russia.

  5. Cory Allen Heidelberger

    No need to spend any more time coming to grips with this shooting than with any other. Some psycho went over the edge and committed an act that I would never commit or approve of. Any effort to lump every liberal writer in with this killer—like any effort to view every Muslim as a terrorist, every Republican as a racist, or every Trump voter as a sex offender—bears shades of the same sort of dehumanizing that may have allowed this killer to commit his atrocious act.

    1. Tim Higgins

      Really? You have done nothing to condemn this act, and neither has any of your readers. I have lost respect for you.

    2. SD rancher

      Have you watched any of the fake news lately? Plays where Trump is killed, comedians pretending to be ISIS, your anointed one saying “if your opponent brings a knife, bring a gun”, VP Kaine saying “Democrats have to fight in the streets against Trump”? They have been ramping up a rabid mob for months.

      Liberalism has become free speech only if I agree with you, otherwise we will riot, threaten violence and do whatever we can to ruin your business or sponsors.

    3. happy camper

      Sounds nice Cory except that is what you do. Generalize about Republicans, Trump supporters, and have a very slanted view. Some of your commentators go to much further extremes with no disagreement made by you, which amounts to approval and encouragement because they are people with whom you identify.

    4. Steve Sibson

      Cory, that is a very interesting argument. It is interesting because when Rep. Noem used that same line of argument, you dismissed it as “false equivalency”:


      Am I still banned from commenting on Dakota False Press? Seems to me the ban started right after you accused be of using a false equivalency.

      It seems a little fascist to be critical of those for doing what you yourself frequently does, to the point where you ban them from doing it.

      1. Anonymous

        Steve, Cory does not like it at all when you challenge contradicting himself and that is often! Then again he is desperate to break his losing streak in getting elected to public office. His blog needs to have diverse input rather than be a hate, victims club and echo chamber. Cory unban Steve Sibson.

          1. grudznick

            I do miss Lar, but the letters we write back and forth blunt my heartache. Mr. Sibby is always a welcome breath as well, although he and I are not as tight as we once were.

            Let us be clear: Mr. H is not the insaner libbie that opened fire and tried to massacre dozens of people, and he does not condone that sort of behavior. It is important that we keep in mind that Mr. H is not involved in the attacks.

            There is much hatred spewed at Mr. H’s blog but it mostly comes from out-of-state libbies who come there just to vent against the successes we all have in South Dakota.

    5. Benz

      The LEFT is consumed by their HATE…Evident since the election…where their individual didn’t win…The LEFT will destroy and tear our COUNTRY apart to get their way…

      1. Anonymous

        I’m not so sure about that. That is generalizing. Good and bad apples on all sides of the political equation.

  6. KM

    Responsibility of this horrendous act lies solely on the attacker. Thank God good guys with guns were able to stop him from potentially killing children. Bernie Sanders may have lost his mind, but he doesn’t directly tell people to use political violence, such as the encouragement from violent terrorist groups like antifa or BLM. Great piece PP, both sides should take a step back and decide if it is really worth it; sometimes it is best just to “agree to disagree” and move on.

    1. Anonymous

      The BernieCrats named their organization “Our Revolution” but is this the beginning as in 1917 in Russia and now being 2017 with the first shots fired?

  7. Troy Jones

    I am shocked by the silence from the left.

    But why should we be surprised.

    They defended Kathy Griffin showing a bloody mask of Trump which is analogous to the ISIS assassinations. Think they would have been so sanguine if there was satire of an Obama lynching?

    They support as art a play insinuates Trump is Julius Caesar and deserving of assassination. How would they have reacted if there was a play that compared Obama to Nero, Commodius, or Domitian?

    Their satire and art say this is ok. Why wouldn’t we expect somebody in the streets to act on it?

    Further, we have the same disease here. Dakota Free Press Sponsor Heidelberger and many of his regulars minimizes and normalizes [redacted].

    1. Anonymous

      Will the next shooter or attack be one of those from that blog or were inspired by it? It is the left’s version of InfoWars.

      1. Pat Powers Post author

        Guys, come on.

        Even though one of the regular commenters there is the one I had to report to the AG & Capitol Police for what they wrote here at one point, I don’t think one of them is going to pick up an AR-15 and start shooting.

  8. happy camper

    No Troy, I’ve certainly never read anything like that at DPF. Mr. H. would never stand for it. He and the commentators simply identify with perceived victims and have a shared persecution complex as many liberals do. Everyone else is the enemy, even though they often aren’t.

    1. grudznick

      There are some swell enough fellows there, as libbies go, but most are from out of state. Most of them are decent enough fellows as well and really close friends of mine but a few are teetering on the angry side. You can tell.

  9. jackrabit1

    Seeing how both Republicans and Democrats have spewed their vitriol for decades, it’s not difficult to understand how yesterday’s terrible act took place.

    We have a long way to go before we can call ourselves “civilized”.

    1. SD Rancher

      When is the last time a bunch of conservative students rioted, started fires and assaulted people when some liberal gave a speech?
      Or how about when an election was lost did you see weeks of marches, riots, vandalism and then try and pawn the loss off to some foreign country and claim the Democrat victor was illegitimate? I don’t remember this for McCain, Romney, Bush, Dole, etc.
      Or better yet when was the last time a Republican stoked the embers of racism after a white guy was arrested for stealing or assaulting a cop? I fail to see the last time city blocks were lost due to conservative riots.

      Stoking social unrest is right out of the playbook of the left.

      1. Emoluments Clause

        McCain, Romney, Bush, and Dole lost not only the electoral college in their given elections but also the popular vote too, that’s why….. And the opponents of McCain, Romney, Bush, and Dole did not encourage violence at their rallies, where they opined about the days when you could bunch someone at a political rally.

        Oh, and when was the last time a Democratic congressional candidate body slammed a reporter or grabbed a woman inappropriately?

        What happen to those Republican congressional leaders yesterday was tragic and all Americans should be thankful to God, that that tragedy was not worst than it could have been had it not been for the bravery of the Capitol Police on duty, and our prayers also go out to those who are still wounded and recovering through hospitalization.

        But what happen yesterday was not only the act of a single gunman, who most likely suffered from a form of mental illness, but it was also the result of a declining middle class and the pro super wealth politics of our time, and the frustrations which come from that, the unwillingness of too many in Washington to pass effective gun control legislation, and the heighten political tensions in this country which have been spurred through the rhetoric of political leaders who either say it or enable it to be said, when they directly or indirectly encourage violence at rallies, violence against women, and an intolerance against the free press through a willingness for aggressive physical resolve.

        And in closing, I can only wonder how many of those Republican congressman, who were wrongly assaulted yesterday in Virginia, will now turn around later this month to seat Representative-elect Gianforte, who violently body slammed a reporter for asking a question about health care, and I must ask why?

    2. jackrabit1

      Seeing both parties tear each other down, criticizing the other when legislation is passed, never owning up to their mistakes and trying to blame the other side. Eventually it all comes to a head. And frankly, both parties are to blame in this.

    3. jackrabit1

      We elect people from both parties and expect they will act like adults. Yet, most of the time they and their followers act like fifth-graders that are having a playground war at recess. And the “he started it” or “she started it” doesn’t bring a lot of comfort to the folks that are currently in Washington D.C. hospitals.

      Who’s going to step up and be a damn adult?

  10. Troy Jones

    Emoluments Clause: “But what happen yesterday was not only the act of a single gunman, who most likely suffered from a form of mental illness, but it was also the result of a declining middle class and the pro super wealth politics of our time, and the frustrations which come from that, the unwillingness of too many in Washington to pass effective gun control legislation, and the heighten political tensions in this country which have been spurred through the rhetoric of political leaders who either say it or enable it to be said, when they directly or indirectly encourage violence at rallies, violence against women, and an intolerance against the free press through a willingness for aggressive physical resolve.”

    Ahhh, I see. Its the Republicans fault these Republicans got shot. Same with all the rioting and burning. And Kathy Griffin and the NY Broadway play are just political statements.

    1. Emoluments Clause


      Your last paragraph illustrates the by-products of a politics of bullying. I cannot justify them, but I am confident who started it all – and the absence of sound policies to strengthen the middle class, enact sensible and effective gun control legislation, and offer mature leadership are the true ingredients which have caused this current fall into a sad political abyss.

      Concern for the middle class and effective gun control legislation has found a lacking in both parties actually, especially on guns, but the bullying is a new Republican thing and you sensible Republicans out there need to put a stop to it so that Republicans and Democrats can walk into a future of civil debate and not civil war…..

      1. SD rancher

        I like how Camille Paglia describes her own party and leadership:

        “Had Hillary won, everyone would have expected disappointed Trump voters to show a modicum of respect for the electoral results as well as for the historic ceremony of the inauguration, during which former combatants momentarily unite to pay homage to the peaceful transition of power in our democracy. But that was not the reaction of a vast cadre of Democrats shocked by Trump’s win. In an abject failure of leadership that may be one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the modern Democratic party, Chuck Schumer, who had risen to become the Senate Democratic leader after the retirement of Harry Reid, asserted absolutely no moral authority as the party spun out of control in a nationwide orgy of rage and spite. Nor were there statesmanlike words of caution and restraint from two seasoned politicians whom I have admired for decades and believe should have run for president long ago—Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. How do Democrats imagine they can ever expand their electoral support if they go on and on in this self-destructive way, impugning half the nation as vile racists and homophobes?”

  11. Troy Jones

    C’mon EC,

    First you blame Republicans for the shooting of these Republican Congressman and then you think mentioning Kathy Griffin and a play that sy,bolically asserts a justification of Trump is bullying. Have you lost your marbles?

    Get real. There are currently 200 Democrats suing the President because he owns a business open to the public abusing the concept and intent of your pseudonym.

    1. Emoluments Clause


      You wish, I blamed Republicans and Democrats both for the lack of effective gun control legislation and not ot just Republicans. Your current comment just shows your subconscious guilt as a partisan on gun control, however. I admit my Party’s failings on the issue.

      And as far as your definition of bullying, well, isn’t any threat, any roll playing of a threat, or intimidation a form of bullying to the extreme? And I am afraid it all started with a presidential candidate encouraging his supporters to punch their political opponents.

      Oh, don’t you worry about the emoluments lawsuits my friend, the obstruction of justice charges will end this presidency long before a emoluments claim ever does. I guess I was wrong with my pseudonym, though. I should have used “Deep Throat II,” because it is more appropriate and relevant to the current state of affairs in Washington.

  12. anonymous barry freed

    Please define, then give three examples of “effective gun legislation? and how they will actually affect the real World

    1. Emoluments Clause

      1) subject gun manufacturers to product liability lawsuits. 2) Place a title on all guns 3) Hold gun owners responsible for their guns, and if they are stolen they (the titled gun owner) should be held civilly responsible , not criminally, if that stolen gun ends up being used to injure or kill an innocent person, or is used to damage an others property.

      Instead of making guns illegal. I seek a conservative idea where you allow the market to help solve the problem. Gun manufacturers and gun owners are not living in the real world because of current legislative protections that are unwarranted and unjustified and only help to enable a culture of violence.

      If gun manufacturers knew they would be held responsible, in a civil manner, for a tragic mass shooting. Then I think they would be a little more concerned about who bought and owned their guns. It all comes down to money. Like you Republicans often say, “Let the market solve the problem.”

  13. Anonymous

    It is no wonder there is so much polarization with statements like these over at the Hard Left hate blog. Hypocrisy reigns supreme there. Generalizations about Germans and now Jews but religions and political affiliations are a often made there too. Meanwhile SDDP registration numbers are continuing plummet. Any surprise?

    Porter Lansing

    2017-06-16 at 12:51 .

    Dan Lederman’s a Jew. Jews don’t practice “turn the other cheek”. Jews practice “an eye for an eye”.

    1. Anonymous

      His statement is factual, even if he was trying to be obnoxious. The offense you’ve taken is rather snowflakey.

  14. grudznick

    Mr. Anonymous, Mr. Lansing is an out of state fellow from Colorado and is usually a fairly civil individual. There are some other fellows whose hate seethes far more openly that threaten eye for eye poking and such. We need to just love one another.

      1. grudznick

        Yes, sometimes young Mr. Lansing does let his hate get in the way of his words. It is a shame, but we need to also remember he is not a South Dakotan and really doesn’t understand what we are about.

  15. Troy Jones

    Let’s just wuit beating around the Bush. Cory Heidelberbermis a little snowflake hater. He calls everyone who disagrees with him names and “stands behind” and “mean” all what he says because he is a hateful, insecure, little wannabe who will never be anything but an angry crybaby.

    He “tolerates” anti-Semitics like Porter Lansing so long as they criticize Republicans because his relativistic morals are grounded in hate of anyone who doesn’t think he is anything but the ant he is.

  16. Miranda Gohn

    Pat and Troy,

    This was my reply to Porter and Cory since he condones this garbage which not only helping to kill an opposition party here in South Dakota that would be good for all of us but is a perfect example of Hypocrisy! Cory chose not to post it and sometimes changes what I say or deletes a few thing to fit his narrative of hate and divisiveness that is a contradiction. He does not like to be challenged on it.

    Miranda Gohn

    2017-06-16 at 13:31

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    As I enjoyed my Grain Belt from the Schell Brewery while viewing Herman the German after a nice meal of Schnitzel with a friend in New Ulm, Minnesota I shared your generalizations of Germans and how they are supposedly predisposed to act. We got a good laugh out of that. Now Jews? Good grief! You fellas are no better than what you claim to be against! Get out of your bubbles and talk to people as the individuals they are and quit judging an entire ethnic group, religion or people’s political affiliation.

    1. Troy Jones


      But if you tell Cory he is smart and should run for office, you can get away with any and all bigotry.

      1. Miranda Gohn


        I agree. I was in Aberdeen this past weekend and talked to a few Democrats, Republicans and Independents and they are really excited about Billie Sutton running for governor. They hope that with Billie running it will energize other moderates to run for office especially in the South Dakota Democratic Party. We are all so sick and tired of the negative divisiveness, demonization and blanket statements about people that are really our neighbors, friends and family. These extremists need to be shunned. They have done enough damage. It is time to move forward.

        George McGovern must be rolling over in his grave with the behavior that is going on in the party he worked so hard to build. He and Barry Goldwater aka Mr. Conservative were good friends and deeply respected each other.

  17. grudznick

    It is true that Mr. Lansing makes a lot of generalizations about German people and those of German descent and assumes that everybody is of German descent, when clearly that is not true, but it is a view held from far outside of South Dakota’s borders. It is likely many libbies outside the state share such ignorant views.

    1. Steve Sibson

      There is a very high percentage of voices from out of state at the Dakota Fake Press web site. And as Miranda has pointed out, many South Dakota voices are restricted. And Cory says he is an advocate of free speech? He is so fake.