Hawks avoids admitting she drinks the Liberal Kool Aid in debate.

If you watched the debate yesterday at the Sioux Falls Rotary between Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem and Democrat sacrificial lamb Paula Hawks, the one think that struck me was that this has not been the Paula Hawks we’ve seen elsewhere.

In fact, she seems to be deceptively steering to the right.

Hawks seemed to be taking a page from Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, and tried to tell people not to worry about supporting a Democrat. The only nods she made towards her party’s positions seemed to be expressing the need to keep Obamacare…. but also going out of her way to admit it needed to be fixed.

Kristi Noem led the discussion, and Hawks followed with predictable “me-too-ism,” trying to look as Republican as possible, while still expressing support for Hillary Clinton.

The question is whether anyone bought it.

3 Replies to “Hawks avoids admitting she drinks the Liberal Kool Aid in debate.”

  1. Michael Wyland

    After the forum, I asked moderator Jack Marsh, “Remind me – which one was the Republican?” Seriously, the main difference between the two was that Noem attacked the Obama administration several times and Hawks refused to take the bait.

    I also really liked Noem’s answer to the last question – who would she support in the Presidential campaign? It was a strong defense of a vote for Trump solely in terms of the unacceptability of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Both candidates are seriously flawed, but she’s unacceptable for the country, paraphrasing Noem.

  2. Anonymous

    Hawks is a leftwing loony, plain and simple. Also, acting like SHS doesn’t make me any more likely to vote for any Democrat. Was SHS so great or is it just the name? Frankly, I wasn’t a SoDak resident when SHS’s relative-whoever-was in office, and I don’t care who she is related to. She was proven to be a shill for the immoral leftwing side of the Democrat party, and I wouldn’t vote for her against pretty much anybody.

  3. Anon

    I lost track of how many times Hawks said something along the lines of “I agree with Kristi on this issue”.

    Like Pat said, we all know she’s far left on most issues. She was just trying to paint over that for the business crowd. The debate was just further proof (as if we needed any) that Noem won’t have any issue discarding Hawks on Nov. 8th.