Hawks can’t even get her attacks on Noem right. RCJ outs Hawks as not knowing what she’s talking about.

A headline at the Rapid City Journal shows that one of the worst campaigns in State History can’t even get their attacks right, as the Hawks for House team screws it up again:

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The last time South Dakota lacked representation on the U.S. House Agriculture Committee was 1978, not 1957 as claimed by some critics of U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D.

I'm running. But just ignore me on the controversial bills.


Paula Hawks, a Democrat who is running against Noem in the Nov. 8 election, stated that Noem’s departure from the Ag Committee last year left South Dakota without a seat on the committee for the first time since 1957.


The Journal fact-checked the claim with the assistance of Eric Ostermeier, author of the Smart Politics website at the University of Minnesota, and found that it’s off by 21 years.

Go read it all here at the Rapid City Journal.

6 Replies to “Hawks can’t even get her attacks on Noem right. RCJ outs Hawks as not knowing what she’s talking about.”

  1. Anonymous

    Still a long time. Embarrassing for Hawks. Get the stat right. Noem is not my favorite official but hawks is running a stinker of a campaign. Noem isn’t even running a campaign.

  2. Level Headed Thinker

    I might not be the most savoy political observer in South Dakota, but Miss Hawks is wasting her time.
    Along with that, the pool of democratic candidates the party has lined-up is … (insert your own word here)

    1. Anonymous

      Did you use a dictionary to review the definition of savoy before you typed that word in your comment? The word you’re looking for is savvy.

  3. Troy Jones

    Here is what is Hawks really doesn’t understand:

    South Dakota has three members of Congress. Members have to spread themselves out to make sure our voice is heard in as many places as possible. Senator Thune serves on the Agriculture Committee (a Committee whose most important activity occurs every five years when the Farm Bill is written).

    If anything, there was a greater legitimate consideration when we had both Noem and Thune serving on the Ag Committee than now that we have just one.


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