Hawks filing in – $87k raised, $41k spent, $116k Cash on Hand

Paula Hawks’ campaign finance report is in, showing $87k raised, $41k spent, and $116k Cash on Hand. 

That’s respectable for a PUC race. Congress? Meh.  It shows she’s about $200,000 off pace from Kristi Noem for fundraising, and a million low for cash on hand.

Apparently all her banking connections from her time at Metabank were all for naught.

5 Replies to “Hawks filing in – $87k raised, $41k spent, $116k Cash on Hand”

  1. Anonymous

    This isn’t great but it at least shows some effort. As opposed to Jay Williams who obviously hasn’t even mailed a fundraising letter.

  2. Rooster

    Q1 2012 Varilek raised $170k and had $235k in the bank.
    Q1 2014 Corinna Robinson (remember her?) raised nearly $70k.
    So Hawks is getting crushed in comparison to a failed candidate from 4 years ago. And she’s basically tying the effort of Corinna Robinson.
    If this isn’t a failure I’m not sure what else to call it.


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