Heard on the River….

“Tonight, I see so many smiling faces. Where were you when I was meeting with Pam Homan?”

Governor Dennis Daugaard

Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner, February 15th

That Dennis — he’s got a sense of humor.

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  1. Les

    Dennis is so cool. A governor for the people.

    Often it is hard to admit a mistake, but not with Governor Daugaard. I was mistaken in thinking he would not or could not carry the torch for South Dakota. I am pleased and proud of our new Governor and will pray he doesn’t fold to spending pressures.

  2. Seeing the Light

    The only reason he got to be governor was because he was so out of the loop as to what was going on in state government or he just plain lied. That makes him not so cool anymore in my book. If you recall SD Public TV did a program with all the Republican candidates back in May. The question asked was on a scale of 1 to 10 how did the SD budget stand.
    Daugaard said it was a 3. The others said it was 7 or 8. Musterman said it was a 10. Should have voted for him he knew what was going on but even he said it would be a $80,000 or so shortfall.

    Rounds said a five per cent cut when he submitted his budget. Those two were working on the budget and they knew. They just decided to pull the wool over our eyes.

    I am going to remember that when it comes time to vote. People will say that it doesn’t matter what they said, it budget needs to be fixed. Well, it does matter, voters need to make informed decisions based on facts. Musterman may have lost because he told the truth.

  3. Name

    Dennis is hands down the best person representing SD. He is an amazing person. I love his humor.

    Dennis, Thune and Jackley are hands down my favorite people representing SD at the highest levels. They are all class acts and treat people with kindness and don’t get down into the mud.

    I hold Dennis in the highest regard. Keep it up Dennis!!!

  4. mhs

    They were all home in their jammies blogging! Funny, gotta like a guy who doesn’t take himself to seriously . . . and who’s not afraid to needle the armchair quarterbacks while he’s at it.

  5. Duh

    @ See the Light.

    Musterman didn’t lose because he told the truth. Munsterman lost because he had no name recognition and very little executive experience. Governing 20,000 people is a far cry from 700,000. Dennis is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. What difference on the “scale” vote on the budget does it matter when he is attacking the budget like no governor before him. Unless you were living in a cave or video lottery casino, it was common knowledge that there were budget issues. I suspect Dennis’ take was less than gloom and doom of the other candidates, he admitted that there were problems but put a positive spin that we can get out of it.

  6. Aw Shucks

    Dennis was a budget denier all during the campaign. He claimed the deficit would be about $70 million and, I hate to say it, but he dismissed HeideSpin’s claim it was going to be around $125 million. Then he ran ads showing him Mr. Buddy Buddy on education. Now he wants to gut it. It’s true the Lincoln Day crowd and the tea party folks that populate this website still like Dennis, but a lot of rank and file Republicans and a ton of folks in Lincoln County couldn’t be more disappointed in this guy. Tough start for old Double D.

  7. Duh

    No on Rounds. The guy has a terrible fiscal past. 8 deficits in a row. He would blend into DC like wallpaper. No impact, all smiles. There are many better candidates.

  8. Jeff Endrizzi

    Tons of folks disappointed in Daugaard? I’m not buying that. Some that weren’t paying attention during the campaign (and to be honest, weren’t paying attention the last 8 years or more) may be surprised by his backbone. People that are falling into the emotions of tough budget decisions may disagree with the Governor. But Daugaard is, and will continue to be, true to himself and to the State.


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