Hearing of a couple of new candidates…

The SDGOP held their Central Committee Meeting in Chamberlain this past weekend, and the most notable thing coming of it was that I heard a couple of new GOP legislative candidates are popping up and expressing interest in running.

There are a number of spots that the GOP is likely going to be recruiting for, such as District 2 house, District 3 House, District 5 Senate,  District 7 House and Senate, District 9 Senate, District 12 House, District 17 House, District 18 Senate, District 20 House, District 21 Senate, Distrcit 25 House, District 26b House, District 30 if a seat opens up there, District 32 House, and others that may pop up due to vacancy.  Some of those might change as people start announcing that they are (or aren’t) running.

If you’re looking at running as a new GOP Candidate in 2018, drop me a personal note here, and we can chat. As noted previously, I’m potentially looking at a few things to help new candidates out.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nevermind I’m told that’s not accurate. My friends from Lincoln county said they were thinking he’d be a good AG candidate but that is all it was. Just high praise and wishful thinking for a good conservative legislator from his friends.

  2. Anonymous

    Who is running for the constitutional statewide races?

    All new candidates in 2018 I presume since most should be termed like Jackley.


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