Hearing rumors of House members banding together to jockey for leadership positions

Had a person closely associated with the legislature give me a hot tip today.

They’re telling me that there are some House members trying to form different leadership pacts before the November General Election – four groups of people so far.

One they particularly claimed was active is Rep. Latterell working with Reps. Pischke, Dennert and others to pull together a Libertarian bloc of leadership and looking to introduce District 6 GOP Candidate Aaron Alyward into a run for a House whip position… despite the fact Alyward wasn’t a registered Republican until late 2019.

There’s a lot of time between now and November for people to start forming plans to carve up the leadership positions amongst themselves.  Maybe even a general election or two to win first.

Stay tuned. I’m sure we’ll hear more about the machinations of those who wish to be in charge before the 2021 session.

Update: After posting this, Rep. Latterell sent a note claiming that he isn’t “aware of or involved in any such discussions,” denies that the rumor is accurate, and claims that this rumor is “somebody’s attempt to smear (him) or someone else.”

6 thoughts on “Hearing rumors of House members banding together to jockey for leadership positions”

  1. All three of these legislators are of the same ilk. Trust nothing they say. They, along with FryMueller and a few others, belonged to the “basement caucus,” a small group of libertarian-minded House Members who served to undermine the Republican House caucus.

  2. It seems strange that Rep. Latterell would be working with any one regarding House leadership, since he ran for Senate this year and lost his primary election.

  3. Pat – Why do you post about “rumors” before asking for Feedback from the people the Rumors are about. You continue to sound like a blog 45 minutes South of you on the other side of the Isle

  4. Isn’t it clear that the Senator from District 5 and the other “non-crazy, not pond scum” will be running the Legislature?

    1. While I think the article is the result of someone’s “telephone game” (mis-interpeted or false altogether, I do believe there is all sorts of jockeying going on for leadership in each chamber and not much is settled….not remotely. It’s way too early.

  5. How about a chart or an article on WHO is actually trying to run for leadership.

    I have heard Schoenbeck, but will Brock run for something?, but who else in the senate and who else in the House?

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