Hearing rumors….

I heard a rumor today that there’s talk that Paula Hawks may possibly be resigning from the State Legislature to free herself up for campaigning. Consider it no more than a wild rumor at this point.

I’m trying to pin it down a bit further.  But it would make sense, and there is precedent.

It was suggested to Larry Diedrich to get out when he became a candidate, otherwise your time and your votes get to be a problem with campaigning. $6000 or so for a session is a pittance compared to what you need to be raising if you’re a serious candidate.  You should be doing that or more at each event.

If you look at the headaches that Stace Nelson went through while serving in the legislature and running as a candidate for the US Senate, it illustrates the disadvantages that can pop up for a candidate at a moment’s notice. And there’s little doubt there would be some things directly brought up for a vote that Hawks would prefer to not be on the record over in the next session.

So, if the rumor bears out to be true, I wouldn’t be shocked.  But as I said, it’s still just a passing rumor at this point.

*UPDATE*   –  I did hear from a member that she is not, so the rumor could be just chatter. There’s lots of that that goes on. But, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. Anonymous

    Regardless Paula will have to deal with the DFP crazies on the hard left slamming anyone who worships God, hate this hate that, someone’s not a true Democrat, conspiracy theories up the ying yang, toking up while solving SD problems and Larry’s wearing out his Bic trying to set his hair on fire. In other words, another classic DFP roundtable


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