Heidelberger back arguing with speaker at Aberdeen immigration informational event. Police may have been called.

Back last week in Aberdeen the Americans First, Task Force of Aberdeen SD group held an event where they brought a speaker in to give a talk on Immigration Reform.

Of course, given that they had an event, Aberdeen’s self-appointed Social Justice Warrior and rumored 2018 Candidate for State Senate decided he needed to show up, and harass the event speaker.

Heidelberger claimed that he “got bored and left early,” but I’m being told a bit of a variation on that story.

What is being related to me that “He was arguing with the speaker, hosts, and attendants. The hosts asked someone to call the police. They did, Cory sat for a couple more minutes and bugged out before the cops got there.”   It was also noted to me that they would have been there sooner, but they may have gone to an incorrect location first.

Why such animosity? Keep in mind that Cory and this group have a bit of a history.

This is the same group whose event Heidelberger attended in August of 2016 and caused a ruckus, leading him to be driven out after arguing with the crowd (starting somewhere between 1:55:00 and 2:00:00, Video Courtesy SoDakLiberty.org)

I just don’t get it. There are lots of people who attend events of people they may not agree with, but I don’t believe I’ve ever felt the need to directly antagonize the hosts of the event to the point where they feel they have to call police or throw me out.

Maybe people attending the group are right? Maybe they’re wrong? But considering Heidelberger is already telling dem party insiders that he’s going to be a candidate,  Showing up at an event to harass and harangue the speakers and attendees is certainly behavior that remains unbecoming of a person who is going to be telling us he wants to represent all of the people who live in his legislative district in a few months.

Elections are won by addition, not subtraction.  Given he was beaten by 22% last election, that’s probably a lesson Cory should take to heart.

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  1. Corey accuses everyone on the Right of being hateful, but he has only accusations. Conversely, anyone who wants proof that Corey is hateful of conservatives has all the proof that need by looking at Corey’s actions.

  2. Aberdeen is going to turn into the dumpster fire we see happening in MPLS. Recently, we were in Eden Prairie for a funeral and people warned us not to go to the Mall of America. We had people move into our neighborhood from MPLS and they said the exact same thing, don’t go. Just wait until the “religion of peace” attempts to build a mosque in Aberdeen, then the show will really begin.

    People need sources…take one look at Europe. These unskilled workers do nothing but loiter in the streets, steal, harass, live off tax dollars and groom young children for gang rapes. Police stations have moved out of several towns in Sweden. No-go-zones are a real thing and they’re coming to a town near you if resettlement continues. Think people are going to send their kids to NSU? This family has crossed that university off the list.

    I truly hope the residents in Aberdeen take this situation seriously, your hometown will become unrecognizable. Who cares about Cory, they need to be talking with their mayor, legislators and the governor. More people must expose this invasion, there’s no assimilation taking place. I hope the men in this community stand up to protect their families and heritage. Not many are brave enough to do it, to speak against this take-over. Thanks Sibby Online and Americans First, at least we still have some with the balls to fight for their home state.

  3. What Cory is doing is helping Taneeza Isalm with her Civilizational Jihad of South Dakota where there will be a gradual implementation of Sharia Law. The first law is thou shall not say anything critical of Islam. Her success in Minnesota now includes a hotline so anybody caught being critical of Islam can be turned in. Funny that these people think they have constitutional rights to destroy the constitution.

    And SDGOP needs to get on top of their Chamber of Commerce special interests activists, who are going along with Taneeza Islam in order to deal with the so-called workforce shortage. In Minnesota, Taneeza forced Sharia law by filing civil rights complaints in order to enforce Sharia Laws onto corporations and businesses.

    1. “Workforce shortage” is a joke, they never elaborate on that statement.

      They’re coming for you, Steve. Are you ready?
      What was up with your blog last night and early this AM? I kept getting an error page.

    2. Sibby, there is not enough tinfoil in the world to make a hat for you. You are something else.

      1. It’s really disappointing to read comments like this.

        Do you know anything that is going on in Europe? Do you do any research? Did you know a young British girl was rapped 3times by Muslim men on her way home from a friends house. Communities are getting the “Muslim Makeover”, Ozzy Osbourne has talked about the changes in his hometown and most recently I saw the band Dream Machine talk about their hometown.

        You are something else, you really should take the time to know what is going on concerning chain migration and the evils of Islam. Did you miss the attempted terrorist attack this week or how about the one in Oct when people were run over while riding in the bike lane?

        Sad really, how ignorant you are.

        1. Bahaha, oh my, according to you I am ignorant but yet, you know nothing about me. Love your wild accusations and unproven comments about Europe, Ozzy, etc.

          In June, I was in London and other parts of England for two weeks. And I made it a point to visit the market place where a terrorist attack occurred. And I defiantly walked across Westminster bridge to demonstrate that I was not again. I am well aware of the events of the world. But thanks for asking!

          Your dogmatic views are nothing more than paranoia. For which you should seek treatment from a medical professional. And your lame attempt to shame me will never work on me. You’re too odd to be taken seriously. Happy holidays! 😀

            1. You think it’s funny, I don’t and I bet the parents of this teenager doesn’t appreciate you laughing over her assault.

              http://www.dailydot. com /irl/british-teenager-sexually-assaulted/

              Watch Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne try to tell Sex pistol Steve Jones that Britain has been taken over by Muslims. YouTube it.

              http://www.dailycaller. com/2017/12/10/ paris-residents-threaten-hunger-strike-if-migrants-arent-cleared-from-the-streets/

              Unproven huh? You’re clearly in denial to what’s happening in our world. Do you do any research? You have proven you are, just as I said…ignorant. Do you want me to do more research for you, seems you’re not sure how the internet works.

              1. KM – Not scolding, but FYI – more than one link automatically kicks it into the spam filter.

          1. Just because you decide to be a reckless apologist for our enemies doesn’t mean we all. And there is not nearly enough tin foil for the hats needed by all of those who are afraid of us Islamophobes.

  4. This taskforce is made up of pure ignorance and scum. As a conservative Republican looking at these events, they should be ashamed to go to such gatherings that promote bigotry and hate. I don’t like Cory but he is on the right side of history with this one.

    1. How do you know they are about hate and bigotry if you have not gone to them? I went to Taneeza Islam’s presentation, which was full of biased propaganda that promoted hatred toward those she disagreed with. I ended up learning a lot, and was glad I went. I walked away with a better understanding of her positions.

    2. You’re not a conservative Republican, you’re a Liberal troll.

      Conservatives have done their homework and know what is headed our way.

      Thankfully we have Trump who wants chain migration to stop and is going to make it happen. Want to bring in refugees, look to South Africa, plenty of Christians being killed only because they are white and believe in God.

  5. Check Lora Hubbels fb page. She is on top of this issue. Instead of meet and greets, there needs to be town hall meetings and panel debates. This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed. Cory needs to work with Aberdeen Americans First Task Force and invite the Gubernatorial and Congressional candidates to have a panel discussion on where they stand on this very important issue.

  6. Fundraisers and instagram pictures do nothing for the voters. Line up some barn storming debates Republican Chairs. Open it up to the public and snowflakes.

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