Heidelberger called out in AAN for comparing female speaker to a stripper.

If you noticed some recent mewling from Cory Heidelberger, he criticized a Republican event as “lacking respect” and “being provocative”, because it is at the same time a Democrat one is.

It was an interesting choice of words, since Cory had proven in the past election against Al Novstrup that he’s a sore loser who has no respect for anyone.

This morning in the Aberdeen American News, a letter appeared that underlined the fact that his newfound call for respect in politics was yet another example in his unending string of “Do as I say – not as I do” examples:

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  1. Anonymous

    At this rate Cory Heidelberger and his family will be run our of Aberdeen and maybe South Dakota fairly soon! That guy is turning more people in Brown County against him every day. Combining his giant ego with that well known abrasive personality his next run for Al’s state senate seat be even worse. The Brown County Dems need to find someone to primary Heidelberger and win or continue to suffer losing support.

    1. Aberdeen Pheasants

      We are working on a primary challenger to knock this kook out of our local politics and win a senate seat.

  2. Anonymous

    This guy is crazier than an outhouse rat! Does his preacher wife support his idiotic positions? He belongs in a place like San Francisco where his brand of nutty is just accepted as normal.

  3. Cory Allen Heidelberger

    Funny: the Kathy Schaunaman’s repeated the old trope, “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” And here you guys are, discussing people. Carry on.

    1. Anonymous

      Funny: some people have morals and intelligence; others don’t; for example, Little Lenin, a/k/a the Hamburglar.

    2. Anonymous

      Cory you simply do not get it and sadly probably never will. At this rate you will be hanging out at Berkley with those masked socialist anarchists in no time.

    3. Steve Sibson

      We are not just discussing people, we are discussing the idea that a misogynist attack on a female is wrong. Pat is adding the idea of hypocrisy.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger

    And Pat, you really need to tell your people to leave my wife out of their conversations about my politics.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I seem to recall Cory talking about my high school aged daughter when she signed up to be a presidential delegate. Which was kind of creepy for a teacher (at the time.)

    2. Anonymous

      How Erin can remain a pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Aberdeen with Cory’s offensive rantings and stunts remains a mystery.

      1. C. Ermle

        As long as she doesn’t preach what Cory does, she’ll probably be okay. His extreme statements could destroy her career. I hope not.

    3. C. Ermle

      Cory, I am a Democrat. You are going over the edge. Yes, your wife is very much a part of this conversation. The two of you are “one”. What you dish out to others will always come back on you. If you talk about somebody else’s wife, why wouldn’t you expect the same treatment? You are hurting our cause.

      1. Anonymous

        C. Ermle do you realize how many SD Democrats and especially up there in Brown County will have nothing to do with the party because of what Heidelberger represents and his hard left angry followers? It is not just Democrats either but other voters who would easily vote for balance and change in state government but will have nothing to do with this guy and what direction the state party has gone. What have you heard from talking to people? We need to primary this guy and others and take back the party.

    4. Anon

      Leave your wife out of it? Maybe you should take that same advice when you write your FAKE articles.

      1. Ike

        Huh. I could have sworn the articles were real. I could also reasonably conclude that Cory’s opinions are just as real. Care to cite examples of those “fake” articles? Or has the FAKE NEWS meme overwhelmed your ability to think critically?

        1. Anon

          His opinions are just that, OPINIONS. All he knows how to do is throw insults and call names. Instead of calling Clare a liar maybe he should point out facts as to what she lied about. But that might be too much work for him.

  5. Anonymous

    Typical Cory Heidelberger do as I say and not as I do hypocrite and he sure does not like it when he gets called out on it! He has a hissy fit if you do.

  6. Ike

    I can think of a few places Clare can put her pole. She’s the kook who claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the government at all levels and that Obama was a “de facto” muslim. She’s also on record as advocating strip-searching muslim men at the airport, and claiming that ALL muslims are jihadists. Cory’s right to compare her to an exhibitionist. She gets her thrills (and paychecks) from peddling filth. Blecch!

      1. Ike

        Would you like some melted butter with your red herring?

        If anything, all her CIA experience should have amounted to a more nuanced worldly view, rather than the insular bigotted one she wound up with. Hardly a ringing endorsement, eh?

        1. Anon

          Have you ever listened to her or actually researched what she talks about? I would guess no, instead you decide to call names. Typical!!!

          1. Ike

            Actually, yes. Her kooky theories about Fethullah Gülen taking over America are particularly interesting – especially given Erdoğan’s recent “victory” in Turkey. She loves to mix a literalistic reading of out-of-context statements with a healthy dose of fear, uncertainty, doubt, and conjecture into a thick batter, plops it in the oven, and out comes a steaming batch of Kookies so delicious, your kids will beg for more!

              1. Ike

                Is that the book where you claim Erdogan is attempting to establish a caliphate through ‘civilization-jihad’? Huh. And here I though he was just another power-hungry autocrat playing on the fears of his followers’ willful ignorance. But that’s far to simple (and plausible?) explanation to sell many books or demand high speaking fees.

                At any rate, I guess we now know where Flynn gets his kooky ideas to kidnap Gulen in the middle of the night and trundle him off to his ol’ pal Erdogan.

    1. Clare

      Ike – you need to retract your false statements asap. I have never ever advocated ‘strip-searching muslim men at the airport’ or claimed ‘that ALL muslims are jihadists.’ Those are false statements, constituting libel. Please issue a retraction.

      1. Ike

        Sure, uh, “Clare”.

        I retract the blanket statement (used for hyperbole, much as Clare Lopez does when advocating for such) about “Muslims men being strip-searched at the airport (actually only males aged 18-24, and not just at the airport). I won’t, however, retract “ALL muslims are jihadists”, until you clarify what you meant when “you” said: “When people in other bona fide religions follow their doctrines they become better people — Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews. When Muslims follow their doctrine, they become jihadists.” It’s certainly clear to me that practising muslims believe they ARE following their religious doctrines, yet you somehow claim they’re not? Should you care to take up the finer points of that statement, allow me to preemptively point out that you shouldn’t mix your fabrics or eat shellfish or you’ll find yourself as “not following doctrine”.

        Now, I don’t for one second condone religious war of any type, I do believe that folks deserve a fair shake without having to put up with the FUD morons like “you” spout daily. Perhaps you could retract a few of “your” statements in the interest of not defaming my perfectly innocent muslim neighbors?

        1. Clare

          Well, thankfully, plenty of Muslims do not become jihadis – some here in the US certainly do practice their faith under the Founding Fathers’ definition & protection of our Constitution’s 1st Amendment – meaning, prayer, worship, devotion, diet/fasting, pilgrimage, proselytizing. But those who do follow the commandments & doctrine of Islam to the full expression of jihad – that is, with intent to overthrow & replace by jihad the US Constitution or any other non-shariah legal system w/shariah – are, of course, in violation of Article VI – if here in the US. If elsewhere, these are called ‘enemy combatants.’

          1. Ike

            So is this a “no true Scotsman’ argument? Maybe they’re not real muslims? Why can’t “you” just call out the exremists and leave the other 99.99% alone rather than painting them all with the same brush to sell books and speaking engagements?

            1. Clare

              I’m not Muslim, so have no authority to call someone ‘true Muslim’ or not. What I do know is what is ‘true doctrine,’ because that’s available to anyone who reads.

              Can we ask for the sourcing citation on your figures?

              1. Ike

                11,774 muslim terror attacks in 2015 divided by the 1,700,000,000 muslims in the world, gives us 99.9993074118% of muslims not committing terror acts – and that number would be even higher if you take out those who committed more than one attack.

                Heck, you could DOUBLE the number of islamic terrorist attacks and still have my 99.99% be accurate.

                1. Clare

                  The definition of ‘jihadi’ is not simply those who commit ‘terrorist acts.’ It is all who support them as well – civilization jihad (as the Muslim Brotherhood puts it) can include ‘jihad of the tongue’ – ‘jihad of the purse’ (funding jihad) – ‘jihad of the pen’ – writing in support of jihad, etc. – so, because ‘jihad’ is defined in Islamic Law as ‘warfare against non-Muslims’ (pg. 599, Section o9.0, ‘Umdat al-Salik), that means there are many ways to commit & support jihad – violence is merely the tip of the iceberg – so, I think your numbers would be called ‘fuzzy math,’ Ike…

                  1. Ike

                    If Trump has taught me anything, its that words are nothing without actions. Are you really advocating for Thought Police?

  7. Troy Jones

    First, it is more than 1 of 10,000 Muslims (.01%) which ascribe to a non-benign concept of jihad. What that percentage is debatable hyperbole which over-states or under-states the reality serves no purpose. Most credible surveys of American Muslims put this number in the range of 20%, which is a number which causes me much concern.

    Second, as a Catholic, there is language we use which is often taken out of context by non-Catholics. The most famous was the early Roman Emperor’s rationale for killing Christians was because we were canibals. By the way, I’ve been Catholic and know literally thousands of Catholics and have yet to met one who worshiped Mary, a saint or a statue. I think interpretations by non-Muslims without proper context explained by credible Muslims is suspect. See my comment above.

    If 80% of the American Muslims subscribe to a benign (benign with regard being an existential physical or philosophical/theological threat to the American concepts of universal rights and liberties) concept of jihad, I reject the idea these 80% of Muslims aren’t living in accord to their faith and a non-“full expression of jihad.”

    Let’s embrace our American value of encouraging an open discussion of important matters. If after listening to Clare, I disagree with all, parts or none of what she says, I will have formed a position with more information than I had before she spoke. Impugning her before she speaks is contrary to our American value of open discussion.