Heidepreim endorses Wismer, sends out fundraising letter. Nobody cares.

From my mailbox, former Republican, and subsequently Democrat legislator Scott Heidepreim has endorsed Susan Wismer. If anyone cares, that is.:

Scott Heidepriem Endorses Susan Wismer for Governor

Former Democratic legislator, South Dakota Senate Minority Leader, and gubernatorial candidate, Scott Heidepriem, endorses Susan’s candidacy for governor.

“I am so proud to have a candidate like Susan in the race. South Dakota needs someone with integrity to stand up for our students, our teachers, our elderly, and our values,” says Scott Heidepriem. “As a mother and a hardworking small business owner, she understands the needs of every day South Dakotans.”

Heidepriem’s endorsement comes at a time when South Dakotans are faced with a choice: continue with the status quo or step into an era of caring for our children, our sick, and our elderly. Susan has a legislative record of standing up for all South Dakotans that speaks for itself.

As a life-long South Dakotan and from her time as a legislator Susan has seen what decades of one-party rule has done to our state. Our children, our teachers, and our schools are still suffering the aftermath of the governor’s 2011 budget cuts. South Dakotans deserve better, and we can do better with Susan Wismer as our next governor.


At the same time, this e-mailed plea hit mailboxes:

susanwismer[redacted] —

For as long as I have known Susan she has always been one to stand up and do the right thing for South Dakotans. That’s why I was so thrilled when she told me she had decided to run for governor. For 35 years South Dakota’s executive branch has been under Republican rule and I believe Susan can change that this year.

I know very well that the road Susan faces is a tough one. In 2010 voters couldn’t see the toll Dennis Daugaard would take on our state as governor. It was clear after the crippling budget cuts and failure to provide health care to our most vulnerable that Governor Daugaard does not have the best interests of South Dakotans at heart.

That’s why I’m asking you all to support Susan’s campaign. Sign up to volunteer, host a house party, make a contribution of $250, $100, or $50 now – no level of support is too small, or too big for that matter.

Four years under Governor Daugaard was too many; we need to stand together with Susan as she fights to give South Dakotans a voice in state government.

Scott Heidepriem

P.S. When you make a contribution today you help Susan spread her message across the state. Give $250, $100, or $50 today to stand with Susan.

Zzzzzzzz. Sorry, did I fall asleep during this bore-fest?  Is it any wonder that Scott Heidepreim got trounced so badly?

Aside from being e-mailed, the letter is so rife with SDDP boilerplate language, I can’t imagine anyone is going to anything but hit the delete button.

I’m not sure who is going to break the record for the lowest percentage received in a Gubernatorial election – Lora Hubbel or Susan Wismer?

10 Replies to “Heidepreim endorses Wismer, sends out fundraising letter. Nobody cares.”

  1. Anonymous

    In his campaign commercials, Heidepriem said he would “balance the budget without raising taxes.”

    How exactly did he propose to do that?

    1. Anne Beal

      Remember when Bush ’41 promised “no NEW taxes?” It meant he he would raise the old ones. Saying “I won’t raise taxes” just means “I want NEW taxes.” These people just want a state income tax.

  2. Troy Jones

    Something to think about:

    Democrats are very diligent about nominating candidates loved by their most liberal base. In general elections, they attract net-net-net very few Independents. To win an election in SD, they have to attract 70% of independents.

    Republicans take a lot of heat from their most conservative base for being too liberal. However, in general elections, they attract in nearly every Legislative District over 50% of the Independents (net-net-net) insuring dominance in the Legislature beyond their registration advantage.

    It appears Democrats are happy caucusing in a bathroom stall (no phone booths anymore) while the Republicans rent a banquet room.

  3. Anonymous

    But that is how people like Mike Rounds hope to win in the fall, even if conservatives don’t vote he is hoping for enough Independents to pull him through. How sad if he is the nominee there will not be a conservative on the ballot come fall. (oh and I can’t stand Stace either before you think that)

    1. Anonymous

      Good to see that the Rounds propaganda team is doing their job of smearing Nelson so well. The election shouldn’t be about who is a proven conservative that will actually go to DC and fight for us, it should be about how well anonymous operatives can push negative messages on the internet like liberal Alinsky minions.

  4. mhs

    Good example of bad logo. Probably should have put “Governor” on there somewhere since even campaign geeks like me can’t remember who she is or what she’s running for.

      1. Dave R

        Maybe Democrats are so used to playing “placeholder musical chairs” that they don’t know themselves to which office they are actually running.