Help Wanted — Legislative District 21

Senator Cooper Garnos has left the building, the Capitol building that is…..he’s moving on to become the principal of Lyman High School and Presho Elementary School. Β  It just seems there should be a snappy comment in there about public funding for education like maybe, Garnos decided to take a job where there have been salary increases in the last several years — unlike state employees or legislators.

So….now what….well Governor Daugaard is asking the public to nominate replacement candidates….if you have a nomination contact Will Mortenson in the Office of the Governor.

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  1. CaveMan

    There isn’t anyone I have ever met who is not replaceable; but Coop’s replacement is going to take some time and hard work. His wife would be a great pick and Lord knows women are a much needed asset in politics! πŸ™‚

  2. CaveMan

    Yes it hurts to tell the truth but in all honesty there are a boatload of wives of legislators; past and present, who we would love to see run for office, with yours and mine certainly included.

    The only problem is they know their opinion is the one that matters most. But only on the little problems like childbirth, vacations, supper time, school clothes, church attendance, college picks, dinner menu, boyfriends, etc., etc., etc. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Ranger

    Garnos was never anti-GF&P, but he was a strong believer in property rights, unlike the Tony Dean types who would like to have the government take control of privately owned property and turn it over to hunters, at no cost to them. Gov. Daugaard is NOT Rounds #2 and will hopefully appoint someone who respects property rights and the ranching community.

  4. El Toro Loco Grande (The Big Crazy Bull)

    One of the tenets of Communism is state control of means of agriculture and taking away private property rights. Hmmmm, so if the state is able to gobble up land that does not go to pay taxes for the public good and is controlled by the state…

    Bad riddance to an anti-communist legislator…

    When land remains in the hands of the public in private ownership, taxes are paid, product is brought to market, wildlife are still produced on that land, hunting still occurs. When the state buys it, no taxes are collected, no product is produced, which slows the wheels of our economy.

    Of note, Communism has been a massive failure and caused the suffering of millions…

    Bad riddance to Sen. Garnos.

  5. Les

    Hey SDREDSTONE, you leave a bad taste. How much wildlife have you produced lately? At no charge to the state I might add.

    Caveman and Lee, how many wives of former legis do you think would take the job after watching their husbands efforts?

  6. grudznick

    I met Sen. Bradford once last fall at an event. The young lady he was with seemed like she might do a better job than he. I expect, if they would accept it, many wives but not many husbands of legislators would excel at that job.

  7. CaveMan

    Les we would find a few for sure. They might be running their husbands business office, playing a reality tv show, raising the kids, or sorting the yearlings on horeseback but we would find a few good women who never listened to their man complain. πŸ™‚


    I produced a fair amount of wildlife on my land. I even did it without receiving one dollar of government money. Cooper received more than $150,00 from the government the past 15 years for growing things or not growing things on his land. I actually have the sense to know that I dont own wildlife on my land and if I was delusional enough to think that I wouldnt go to war with GF&P over it. But I guess the bills that pols like him sponsor in Pierre that never make it out of committee get votes in rugged individualist private property rights country.


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