Here is what the Obama administration will be judged on:

Economy:  It continues to sputter.  Nothing the Administration has tried as worked.  Unemployment is basically where it was when Obama took office.  Just today it was reported that the US manufacturing sector contracted for the first time since July 2009.

  1. Stimulus:  Didn’t stimulate.  Just added to the national debt.
  2. Cash for Clunkers:  Just destroyed cars that otherwise would have been cheap transportation for the poor.  Gave premiums though to the middle class for their used cars so they could buy new ones.
  3. HAFA:  Housing is still in the doldrums.  Americans lost 40% of their net worth since Obama became President.
  4. Food Stamps:  More Americans are on food stamps than ever before.
  5. Dodd-Frank:  Too Big Too Fail banks are getting bigger and JPMorgan/Chase lost closer to $9Billion in activities banks should not be allowed to do.  D-F made our financial system more unstable vs. more stable.
  6. Taxes:  Obama promised people making less than $250K a year wouldn’t pay more taxes.  80% of Obamacare will be paid for by people making less than $250K a year.
  7. Free Birth Control for all:  While there were numerous options for free or discounted birth control for the poor, now all can have someone else pay for birth control.
  8. Obamacare:  A majority of American’s desire it to be repealed.  They understand it will do nothing to contain cost of health care in the US (why do you think the hospitals like it?), it will decrease the quality of everyone’s care, and it is an expensive and inefficient solution to pre-existing conditions and portability (The GOP has better solutions).

In the end, Obama promises you can have food stamps, free birth control, an unemployment check and free health care.  If you want to buy your own food and birth control, an employer who pays all or part of your health insurance, and your own paycheck, vote Romney.


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  1. Job Creator

    Obama will be judged for many things. Whether they were caused by him is another matter.

    I hear he’s going to take on the failed war on drugs in his second term.

        1. duggersd

          Cory, as I understand it, there are several “jobs” bills that have passed the House. For some reason they are languishing in the Senate. You are confusing a “do nothing” House with a “do nothing” Senate.

  2. Anonymous

    And here’s what Romney will be judged on before the election takes place: Bain Capital.

    I hope so. He knows just what we need for people to get jobs and not free health care, food stamps, and an unemployment check.

    1. Dave R

      Great! All our Presidents should have a successful and accomplished career in the private sector and not just be an inexperienced mooch with a thin resume.

        1. Job Creator

          Troy, as a mergers/acquisitions guy, you probably have a better understanding than most in here. Bain is not and never was about creating jobs. It always was and always will be about creating profits for its owners.

          Look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact nobody here loves profits more than me.

          The thing I have trouble stomaching is that you – of all people, knowing how the M/A world works – tries to put the big spin over on the faithful in here. These guys don’t have the background or objectivity to really understand that world.

          So please be a tool of Truth instead of a tool of Spin.

          First, Bain is about making investments in companies they believe will make FUTURE profits, thus resulting in a successful investment. I think we are saying the same thing. If we are not, this distinction is critical.

          Second, What is critical for success for Bain is an ability to discern the management’s ability to execute in the FUTURE market conditions and the reasonableness of those future expectations.

          Why is this critical? Romney understands how important general economic conditions as well as the tax and regulatory environment for FUTURE investment (and new jobs) to occur. He understands the government will never have enough money to “stimulate” in the face of low FUTURE expectations. Conversely, Obama never got this everytime he opened his mouth he called for more taxes, more entitlements, and more regulations. Like it or not, Obama’s word and record has become expectations for the future.

          Job Creator, I can absolutely assure you this economy will stagnate as long as Obama is President because the person who hires people does not believe the FUTURE will give an adequate return for the risks. He needs a reason to believe otherwise.

          I know I repeat myself but the difference is clear.

          1) Do you want food stamps, unemployment check, free birth control, and free health care? Or,

          2) Do you want a job where you buy your own food, birth control, and health care?

          1. duggersd

            JC, from what I have read about Bain is that they tended to take on companies that needed help. That meme about sending jobs overseas under Romney has been refuted to no end and even the Washington Post had to admit the Obama campaign was lying. But that is nothing new. And Romney has said that not all of the companies Bain invested in were successful. That is capitalism.

          2. Job Creator

            Actually I don’t think any President can make it happen and I agree Troy that there is no amount of treasure that we can throw at the problem to solve it. The problem is simply demographics. People are not spending money. when you look at the tail end of the Baby Boomers now at the end of the maximum spending years and the front end of the Boomers hitting their lowest spending years, I think we are going to see a major deflationary cycle where prices for many, many products (housing, financial products, commercial real property) could actually halve back to the point we saw the boom begin in 1980 – 86. Economist Harry Dent makes the most reasonable arguments for this I have heard.

            Thus, Obama’s stimulus was doomed to fail. Strike one. We tried to tell the guy it was insane.

      1. Job Creator

        You know, it’s funny Dave that Jimmy Carter would be the only President in the last forty years that would fit your criteria. Absolutely funny!

        Obama – Law Professor, Community Organizer
        W. – Rick Kid, Drunk, Pilot, Figurehead of a sports team
        Clinton – Co_ _k meist _ _, Governor, Man About Town
        H.W. – Government Man, Rich Kid
        Reagan – Actor, Governor
        Carter – Farmer, Businessman
        Nixon – Politician
        Kennedy – Rich Kid, Politician

        Thanks for pointing that out! You’re a Carter Fan!

            1. ymous

              It was you party that came up with the made up econ term “jobs saved”. That is exactly what Bain did. Took troubled companies and most of the time saved them. Democrats, uggg.

        1. FMJ

          I see a lesson here, neither party can improve the economy. Government (left or right) has great power to make the economy worse, and only limited (if any) power to improve it.

          1. Troy Jones Post author

            The power of the government to encourage the economy and job creation is to decrease the cost of jobs and economic activity. Hmmm. Four easy solutions:

            1) No Obamacare
            2) Lower (or not higher) taxes for five years so they can plan.
            3) Less Regulation
            4) A more fluid capital market (no Dodd-Frank & repeal of Gramm-Leach)

            Congress do this and I guarantee you will see:

            1) Cash sitting on the sidelines gets deployed
            2) Massive re-patriation of foriegn profits brought home (actually will reduce the deficit)

            And, from which you will see job creation to the tune of 200,000-500,000 a month for at least a year. Minimum 3 million more people not requiring govt. assistance and instead paying taxes within 12 months.

            Instead of 12.7 million unemployed (8.2%), we’d have under 10 million (6.2%). Do you know the last time unemployment was 6.2%? September 2008, right before the near financial meltdown.

            1. Anonymous

              “Instead of 12.7 million unemployed (8.2%), we?d have under 10 million (6.2%). Do you know the last time unemployment was 6.2%? September 2008, right before the near financial meltdown.”

              So you recognize the mess Obama inherited began with a Republican president. And you want the country put a Republican back in the WH so he can do the country what he did to MA. NO THANKS!

              Yep, we had a mess, to some degree caused by Dems and Republicans. But your guythrough gas on the fire.

              In history, he and Carter will get their own chapter.

              1. William

                Please don’t equate “Republican” with Conservative (or libertarian).

                Many of GWB’s policies are examples of “big government”, not conservative or free market principles.

    2. Anonymous

      Nice attempt at spin but his stint at Bain Capital is not working in Mr. Romney’s favor. Clearly he does know how to get people an unemployment check when he bought and sold companies that resulted in layoffs of American workers. Bain Capital is not a job-creating business. Oh yes, and then there’s his time in office as governor of Massachussetts:

      Good luck with that.

    1. Katzy

      Self control is passe. Who needs it with free contraception, free abortion, free health care, expanded food stamps, expanded Medicaid, endless unemployment benefits, etc. The gov’t will just take care of us and it’s all free!!!!

      The trouble is that a whole lot of people believe all this.

  3. MC Post author

    President Obama gave us free birth control? Last time time I checked birth control has alway been free. It is called abstinence. Here is the best part, it works 100% of the time it is used

  4. Just Call Me Joe

    Here is what the Romney campaign will be judged on – we had 8 years of (R) executive leadership under GWB and we expected fiscal conservatism, and we all know what we got – so now we’re supposed to believe a former MA governor is going to be our common-sense champion to set everything right….

    Well, no matter the criticism you level at Bush in this regard, Obama was stupid on steroids. Strike Two. Hmm. Will I get another to strike the Bozo out? Let’s see.

    1. veldy

      The plan should be that a GOP Senate and a GOP House keeps the Mitten’s feet in the fire. No more telling which party is in power by who’s buddies are getting the grease.

      1. Job Creator

        Veldy, a beautiful idea, but I don’t think it’s workable. They are all owned. Every single one of them do a couple little things the can come back home and talk about “serving” their constituents, but the people they really serve are the ones who give them campaign money. Both houses and the executive branch. Both sides of the aisle.

        We need to purge them, but we’re not united as a people, so the sale will continue. That will be the ruination of the country. We are well on our way.

        Great argument for making the federal government smaller and less influential. How can you think they can run the health sector? Smaller government less room for pork.

        1. Job Creator

          Haha, Troy, my post was not a great argument for less federal government. It is a warning for non-idiots that we are heading into an economic cycle that can’t be solved by government or lack of government. It is a trend that will devastate the nest eggs and net worths of millions and millions of Americans.

          The problem won’t be solved by dismantling the federal government and it won’t be solved by more borrowing and spending. It simply is going to happen. Your guys will fail at trying to solve it and the other side will fail at trying to solve it.

          I do so appreciate your comedic attempt to make light of it though!

  5. Anonymous

    We have lots of jobs in South Dakota 8 dollar and 9 dollar jobs come and get em.Ifeelthat its the republicans buisness, who stress this.

  6. Elais


    Please, let me give you a free condom here, because I know you have self-control and will never need it.


    You are one of the 1% aren’t you? I can smell the elitism and ignorance from here


    Hear! Hear !on your post on birth control.

    I’m sure that the millions of victims of rape will be 100% on board with that abstinence policy!

    1. duggersd

      Elais, why do you want to give someone something he does not need? And about that post on birth control, what does abstinence and rape have to do with each other?

  7. Anonymous

    Life is too short for drama and petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly, and forgive quickly.

  8. Katzy

    I’m elite and ignorant? I guess you are so smart that if you say so, Elias, it must be true, right? I grew up with very little material things but a great family and never knew we were poor. We didn’t take govt handouts although in today’s society we would probaby qualify for every handout under the sun. When I got married, we had nothing. We both worked two jobs most of the time, were involved in the community with kids and church and school, and yes, did build up a little nest egg through our own hard work. Does that make me part of the 1%? Based on how many of the citizens today feel that the gov’t owes them vs those who favor more personal responsibility, that just may be true. I don’t equate this with ignorance and elitism; I equate this with common sense. But you are free, at least for now, to believe as you wish.

    1. Anonymous

      Right on, tomorrow is coming, and for many….well, they will never see Saturday.

  9. Doug Wiken

    What Obama has tried so far hasn’t worked because we were in a worse mess after Bush than any of us imagined.

    If SD doesn’t want Medicaid for the poor, then the state better get really serious about pushing birth control, because single-parent families and large families are nearly a sure guarantee of need for welfare.

    If low corporate taxes actually worked, SD would be covered far and wide with factories and other business.

    Affordable Care is a life saver for SD. The politicians here better be smart enough to grab on and hang on.

    LOl, everything is Bush’s fault and nothing is Obama’s. In some ways, this just points out how truly impotent Obama is.

    1. Katzy

      We already have Medicaid for the poor, along with many other programs. Those already have health care. Obamacare (I refuse to call it what it is NOT) will not be a lifesaver. Those who like it now do so because it was front loaded with a few benefits to make it look good; all the taxes and new regs don’t kick in for awhile. Kinda like letting a kid eat all the chocolate cake etc he wants to make him feel good for a little while, and he doesn’t realize the severe stomachache waiting a little later. Obama is hoping that enough people are shortsighted enough to make him look good and this monstrosity look good. Everyone had better look ahead a year or two to what this means. And thanks to Obama, now the gov’t has been given a free reign regarding taxing us. Another huge reason to kick him and his unholy triumvirate out of office this November.

  10. Anonymous

    “The problem is that money has no roots. A banana tree? Cut the fruit, it grows again. Money – once you use it, it’s gone.”

  11. Duh

    I haven’t been on here in awhile and I still see the pinheads are still…. well… morons.

    Oblabla is simply, hands down, the worst President in my lifetime, bar none. It is unbelievable that anyone with some functioning brain mass and a tv or newpaper, with all of the economic criteria out there can even muster one iota of support for Oblabla. Everything is tanking. Every economic indicator is worse than when that toad took office. His solution??? Bush’s fault. Even for pinheads, that should get tiresome and in their hearts of hearts, I’m sure it is but they won’t admit it.

    Problem is, his supporters (non tax payers, illegal immigrants) are growing and they realize that it’s much easier to sponge off of those who work rather than making their lives worth something and actually contribute. Our National Athem will undoubtedly be Henley’s song “Get Over It”. Listen to it.

    1. Anonymous

      Give a solution!!!!! If Romney or Obama are elected in Nov the problem will still exist. Getting rid of a dud is not a fix but having a solution is a fix. Running people down does not fix a thing. If Romney wins it would be nice to have a solution in hand and after 1, 2 3 yrs see what is happening rather than a complaint of it not being fixed.

      What it really points to is a CONGRESS that refuses to fix the problem because of it is my way or the highway. That is no matter if a D or R is incharge……….

      Solutions not complains are much better for all

    2. Bill Fleming

      Noticing Duh didn’t take any nice pills while he was away. Even so, it’s always good to see his smiling face here. Makes a feller feel right at home.

  12. Duh

    Typical pinhead comeback. No substance, just the use of a nifty word you learned in your liberal arts class while trying to figure out what you were going to do with your useless degree…. “Should I teach, naw I hate school. Lawschool…. naw LSAT too tough. Guess I’ll get a job long enough until I figure out how the government can make all my decisions for me.”

    Again, simply the worst President ever. Far worse than Carter who was merely incompetent. Oblabla either hates this country and is systematically trying to bring it down and reshape into his own perverted, inherently failed socialism OR the fact that he has never had a private sector job, thus has never created a single job is merely way over his head intellectually and ideologically.

  13. Doug Wiken

    I find it a bit amusing that the same GOP which blamed everything that went wrong during Carter administration on him as well as taking credit for everything right in that administration for several administrations after Carter was back on his peanut farm now find it terrible to mention Junior Bush’s name related to the actual catastrophic messes he left.

    Not only do current retrograde obstructionist Republicans see the world in a funhouse mirror, they see the mirror through some kind of way-back machine. Trickle-down GOP economics never worked, don’t work now, and never will work. Making guys like Romney even richer with more money sitting offshore won’t be worth a pitcher of warm spit as remedies for the economic and social problems the US faces.

  14. Job Creator

    It is great to see Duh in here again. It’s been too long. I can see that the internal organs are squirming thinking about an Obama second term…. squirm, squirm, squirm.

  15. Doug Wiken

    I guess I don’t understand how changing the sources for healthcare funding reduces jobs. It is good spin to try to connect obstructionism with job growth, but seems like nonsense disconnected from reality of bills and bill payment. The healthcare people will be working same as ever. It may be that less money gets siphoned off to pay absurd salaries to insurance executives, but more money spread around means more not fewer jobs.

  16. Doug Wiken

    “the fact that he has never had a private sector job, thus has never created a single job is merely way over his head intellectually and ideologically.”

    Who was discussing John Thune?

  17. Where's Pat

    So… considering there has been no mention of Pat Powers, there have been no updates to SD War College for quite some time, and those posts have not mentioned the situation… is it safe to assume Pat was still involved – possibly writing under a pseudonym?

    1. duggersd

      Your usage of a term indicates the level of thought you put into who you are voting for. Talk about having a lack of respect for women!

      1. kurtis lawrence

        A woman choosing to put an ‘R’ after her name deserves zero respect from this voter, Barnes.

        1. duggersd

          OK, now I know what an idiot you are. You are the person who deserves no respect. You have shown all just what you are. I should have noticed the play on your name. Normally I do not respond to idiots.

  18. duggersd

    Well, at least President Obama says he has tried real hard….. So has that Double A pitcher who just cannot get the hang of a curve ball. Think he will make the bigs? Too bad the guy who tries but cannot do it made it to the top. Time for a replacement.

  19. Ned

    Every President in history has been criticized by the opposing party. This is a conservative blog. Rarely – if ever – are you going to see a post that will attack GWB or any other Republican. I find it laughable that for 8 years there was an all out assault on GWB from the left; but, when BHO comes under similar fire the right is racist or ignorant. GWB was one of the most attacked Presidents in history. Did he make mistakes? Absolutely. No one is perfect and Presidents make mistakes. No one elected to that office is making decisions to purposely hurt our country. They are doing what they think is best. Is it always best? No. BHO has made a number of mistakes himself. The health care mandate is the perfect example as a blatant assault on liberty; however, there is at least a portion of the electorate that believes that it is in the best interest of America. If we don’t like it we have to voice our distaste at the polls by electing new people. Think for yourself. Educate yourself. Don’t base your political opinions on what celebrities are telling you or what is trendy. Apathy needs to be curbed and the public needs to take an honest interest in their lives and in America.

    1. duggersd

      Ned, W was criticized by people on the right as well as the left. Do you remember the Medicare drug benefit? Perhaps you recall the amnesty proposal? Many conservatives would have liked for him to occasionally veto a spending bill as too much (including I), even ones passed by a Republican Congress. Most conservatives gave kudos to W for defense of our country and tax cuts. They also had a problem with spending. But you do have a point that the left spewed absolute venom. And when he turned over the government, wow! But check him out in retirement. There is not a more honorable man.

      1. ned

        Those are very good points. I guess what I was getting at was the childish trend of the “other side” to viciously attack the President. It was at an all time high with Bush. For 8 years it was trendy to hate the President and scrutinize every thing he did and every word he said. That built up and now the right is doing it to Obama. I agree that Obama needs to go, but not everything he has done has been bad – the obvious example is hunting down bin Laden. But with all the hate directed at Bush it seems that the right is now in “payback mode.”

        1. doug's barnes

          there are warrants for w’s arrest in numerous democracies: his visits to Canada have been cancelled. Pretty much globally hated.

          1. oldguy

            Doug please explain what countries have arrest warrants out for W. I wasn’t of fan of his while he was president but am a fan of his such he has been in private life

        2. duggersd

          I believe we can all agree the hunting down of OBL was a good thing. I do not really believe BHO deserves total credit, other than he continued the policies of the Bush Administration. Remember if we had enacted the regulations Obama wanted to, we would not have had the information to get him. Interestingly, most of the good things done during BHO’s term to this point are continuations of the previous administration. Gitmo comes to mind. The extension of the Bush tax cuts also comes to mind.
          On another note, I have responded to Old Guy’s request for information he asked a person he believes to be me. Please get to the moderation and post it. That comment was not me.

  20. Anonymous

    IS working on a senate campaign while in the milatary against the law and you guys voted for G.W. love it.If it wasnt for G.W. Bush, Obama never would have got elected, so live with it.

  21. Duh

    I think Jesus himself could have served GWB’s term and the pinheads would have complained. Hmm the real Christian v. a Muslim, that would have been interesting. The problem is not the leadership, it is the electorate, i.e. the 47-51% that don’t pay taxes because they want to have the government do everything for them. Unless, a sense of purpose and self responsibility is instilled against the ever growing freeloader society, capitalistic ideologies will always be under attack. Until someone stands up and destroys the governmental trough, no one will have the desire to improve their condition. It would help if we had a POTUS who wasn’t trying to disable and sabotage his own country at every turn by destroying the economy with his idiotic domestic programs that one make those more dependent.

    1. Job Creator

      Duh, I agree with your and O’Reilly’s observations. I’m wondering which – in your humble opinion – idiotic domestic programs that Obama added.

  22. barney douglas

    According to those in attendance at the Libertarian Convention in Las Vegas where Gov. Gary Johnson was nominated supporters learned that white, wimpy, wildly unpopular Willard Romney has far more to worry about than President Obama. More from Salon.

  23. Job Creator

    Could I offer you blog administrators some money to be able to start a new thread or two? I promise to make them interesting!

    What would you like to talk about?

    1. Job Creator

      The GOP idea of getting rid of destructive regulation on small business

      Upcoming debt ceiling fight

      House “Jobs” legislation

      1. Job Creator

        Not complaining – this was a good thread, but I think your reached the point of diminishing returns at about the weekend.