11 thoughts on “Here’s another angle on forum attendees demanding that Senate Candidate Heidelberger leave”

  1. Mr. Heidelberger did his campaign and District 3 a grand benefit. If someone or some group came into my district and was publicly speaking innuendo and half truths about a portion of my constituents, I’d expect and almost demand that my elected officials stand up and expose the person. Those elected have that duty. A big “way to go, Cory” for showing the courage with the odds clearly against him. Here’s to the Underdogs.

  2. So now he’s got the Colorado liberal vote. Too bad he lost 200-400 votes in the process of earning yours.

    1. A politician that goes along to get along (like you’re promoting) is ripe for corruption. A lawmaker who stands up against it is a politician worth having.

  3. I like Cory however he looked like he was trying to put on a show here. He was trying to give a speech versus a statement. You can hate the presentation all you want but people showed up to hear it, I understand inserting yourself but keep it brief. How long would have you talked if not interrupted? If you want to present another side and have the floor put on your own event.

  4. Mr. Lansing, I congratulate you and Mr. H for raising the level of entertainment. Young Mr. Novstrup must have giggled himself to sleep that night.

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