Here’s what I’m hearing as results on the SDGOP Senate Caucus elctions

Okay – here’s the inside track for the results of the SD Senate GOP Caucus Elections.

President Pro Temp – Brock Greenfield
Majority Leader – Blake Curd
Asst Maj Leader – Ryan Maher
Whips – Kris Langer, Bob Ewing, Al Novstrup.

Any thoughts?

22 Replies to “Here’s what I’m hearing as results on the SDGOP Senate Caucus elctions”

  1. anon

    First impressions is this is a wasted year for 105 legislators and all the people of SD. A far right Senate and a moderate House will cancel each other out.

    1. chief

      Last year it was the opposite, and this year’s House will still be pretty conservative. I think this is fantastic, since last year the Senate killed a lot of good bills that the House passed, at the behest of the Gov and his hand-picked leadership(Brown, Cammack, White) after the resignation of Rave who was part of the shenanigans. Glad Brown is gone, he outstayed his welcome and got more liberal the longer he was there.

  2. Franklin

    I don’t care if you’re a freakin brain surgeon, if you don’t show up to work you’re an idiot. Dr. Curd, are you going to show up to do the people’s work this year?

  3. anon1

    Too bad… Once again, with a super-majority, the legislature won’t accomplish anything. It will be an interesting shift this year, though. In years past, it’s been up to the Senate to control the craziness. Now, it’s obviously going to be up to the House.

    1. Anonymous

      In your mind perhaps, the Republicans don’t get anything done, but evidently the vast majority of the voters like what they are doing. That’s why these legislators were elected.

  4. grudznick

    Who are the Democrat leaders in the Senate? If they have a leader, assistant leader, a whipper and another whipper, that only leaves 2 left to be led. At least they will each have a whipper to guide them along. Sad indeed.

    1. Noddy Holder

      Anon @ 9:57, wow, that’s a real dog-bites-man prediction. I’d say Medicaid expansion is not on POTUS-Elect’s radar, he’s much more intent on getting his cronies and kids installed than really fixing anything. Besides, if he drained the DC swamp, wouldn’t Thune, McConnell, Noem, et al, be left high and dry?

      1. Anonymous

        I think ANON 957 meant Medicaid expansion is dead at the state level….and frankly Obamacare will be killed at federal level also

      2. Dave R

        This is in reference to medicaid expansion in SD.

        Not to bag on this too hard, but the point of draining a swamp is to leave people high and dry so they are not mired in muck. Mixing metaphors can create opposite meanings.

  5. doctor strangeglove

    Brock’s opponent’s campaign theme didn’t help much either: “Give me another crack, my name’s Gary Cammack !” Of course that got Deb Peter’s vote though.

  6. Anonymous

    So what are the priorities this session either coming from the Senate, House or Governor?….last couple years there was 1-2 big items…kind of mum so far this year.