Herseth chooses K Street lobbying

As you now know, Herseth Sandlin has decided to cash in on K Street as a lobbyist rather than run for the US House in 2012.

I can’t blame her for her decision. She would have been running steeply uphill in South Dakota with Obama on the ballot. With Daschle, Johnson and Hildebrand showing no regard for her decision process, the party had already moved on. She would have faced a primary environment where all of the no name liberal activists would have finally had the opportunity to take her on for the direction of the SD Democratic party and any wrong they might feel she caused while in DC.

On the bright side, I hope Herseth Sandlin enjoys the time she will now have lobbying with her husband Max… Voters can rest assured Max can now lobby WITH Stephanie rather than before when some thought he was giving the impression of influencing her voting record.

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  1. Tea Party Baby!!!!

    She’ll be back in ’14 to run for Senate. I have a feeling Brendan Johnson will be too ambitious and try to run for Senate rather than the House like he should.

    She’s like a cocaroach. She’ll never go away.

  2. caheidelberger

    No more steeply uphill than she did in 2008 with Obama on the ballot. She won that year, even though McCain won big.

    And “no name liberal activists”?! Oh, that’s rich, Mr. Fake-Name blogger. Do you even think about the things you type on this blog? In a state where we are a persecuted minority, we liberal activists pretty much all go by name. You, representing the establishment and majority party, dish your thin gruel of snark while cowering behind anonymity.

    1. anon

      Cory I seem to remember you were one of those people that took SHS out. I bet she crossed you off the Christmas card list…

      1. Ron Paul 2012!!!

        Obama came within 10% of McCain in 2008. He was the hope and change candidate back then.

        Obama is the total opposite of the uniter he ran as the first time.

        In 2008 Herseth only had to be for hope, change and feeling good. now she’d have to be for obamacare, cap and trade, no to keystone, yes to higher taxes, yes to the EPA taking over the world, Eric Holder???, fast and furious, solyndra and his green energy scam, raiding the social security trust with the payroll tax cut, the list goes on…

        Herseth would have to run against Obama, crazies like Cory, and most of what the D’s want to do.

        On a straight up ballot I bet SHS would defeat Noem but not with Obama or Pelosi as the issue.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree it was a smart choice for SHS, both financially and politically. She can make a ton more money, but if she ran and lost, her chance at the Senate would be over. I’m pretty sure that Dem internal polling had her behind Noem, so why risk it.

  4. Duh

    SHS is done. You cannot go out of the limelight that long and expect to be able to ramp up politically and financially. Can’t say I blame her: $500,000 lobbying or $160,000 representing SD in a down economy with the Oblabla as Prez.

  5. Elais

    I thought K Street are the ones that line the pockets of Republicans? So it seems like you’re saying she’s lowered herself to being a K-Street lobbyst, yet Republicans still can’t bend over backwards enough for K Street.


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