Herseth Sandlin as an Independent?

While we’re talking Herseth Sandlin, let’s take another perspective. Bill Fleming made an interesting comment over at Mount Blogmore when discussing the issue of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s return.

Bill Fleming Says:
December 5th, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Well, Stephanie could run Indy and make sure Kristi loses. Who knows, she might even win that way. (Just thinkin? out loud.)

It’s an interesting idea. (not sure how that hurts Kristi though with Varilek in the race.) No matter how hard Herseth Sandlin tried to please both sides during the last election, she didn’t please anyone. It seems the far left doesn’t like her. Who was hurt more by being aligned with a political party than she was during the last election? Herseth Sandlin has always liked the idea of having an image as someone who crossed party lines to get things done, and this would freely allow her to answer the Pelosi question anyway she chose…

Or this question…

She wouldn’t have to defend the unpopular Democratic party either (this is one of my favorite clips):

What better way to refresh her campaign phrase “an independent voice for South Dakota” than a run as an independent?

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  1. NObama

    This should certainly be an option Herseth should consider.

    Varilek would be severly marginalized almost drowned out perhaps. I think Herseth’s base would be soft R’s, I’s and moderate Dems. Noem would get the Whalen vote.

    So I’d say about:

    Herseth – 41%
    Noem – 40%
    Varilek – 19%

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Varilek recieved even less though. I don’t think most people are happy with Noem and the partisanship she and her friends have brought to DC but I know personally I don’t want Varilek either. He’s just a punk staffer who thinks we need the government in our lives. Noem is focused on really stupid fairy dust bills. I didn’t like everything Herseth did in congress but she was better than what we have now or would have with Varilek.

    1. Anonymous

      Whalen only got 32%.

      In a head to head Noem would lose against SHS. I know the Neilson brothers poll wasn’t right but you can’t tell me Noem and her crew aren’t polling scared about a rematch with SHS.

      I bet they are afraid of B Johnson also.

  2. caheidelberger

    Seriously? Too tired to open discussion on the governor’s budget address? Still too tired to dissect Noem’s embarrassing non-record and war on pixie dust? Just looking for an excuse to rerun the same old SHS videos, right?

    p.s.: Independent.

  3. BF

    Oh, I think she (Steph) could win in a heartbeat if she wanted to do it. But with congress’s approval rating in single digits, why the heck would she want to jump back into a mess like that?

  4. BF

    p.s. issues wise, it could get pretty interesting. Last time the GOP ran Kristi against Pelosi and the health care bill, not SHS personally. This time it looks like they might be backing Gingrich, who appears to vote with Pelosi on climate change, health care, and immigration reform 100% of the time. ;^)

    1. Arrowhead

      Interesting points BF.

      Personally I believe Obama would be a pretty heavy weight tide around SHS’.

      That said I have bee disappointed in Noem for most of her term so I would sit on the fence just to enjoy a rematch.

      (Noem and SHS have both proven that SD’s voice in the House doesn’t matter when we have 435 other people already leading the way)

      1. Anonymous

        Noem and SHS both exagerate their importance on a level that is unbelievable. Take the dust bill for example… Are you kidding me? We sent Noem there to cut spending and her first bill she brings forward is about farm dust?

        That is an issue that will have me and other conservatives jumping off the roof to support. (yeah right!)

        SHS was a joke aswell. I hope they allow mud wrestling this time around.

    1. anonymous

      dugger, did you tell a couple of your players the wrong time to show up for a state match? Then when they got dq’d for not showing up on time you went coo-coo bananas. That is the word on the street.

  5. 73*

    I love the idea of SHS running as an independent. She is not the only person in this state who would love to see Varilek get smacked down and I’d like a rematch between Noem and SHS.

  6. veldy

    I doubt if SHS could win either running as a Dem or as an Independent. An incumbent that doesn’t screw up royally will hold ground a second time around, look at the change in the spread Stephanie had vs Diedrich in the special compared to the general just a few months later. Also seriously doubt that SHS would abandon the family tradition, if she didn’t have that to deal with, maybe….

    1. Anonymous

      I’ll vote for Noem but that said a rematch concerns me.

      Look at the negatives our leaders are compiling in DC. They are incapable of getting anything done.

      I worry about a rematch between Noem and SHS because in ’10 SHS didn’t campaign. To date Noem hasn’t articulated one reason why she does what she does.

      Noem is not the candidate she was when she ran last time (not as conservative, she has a record), SHS will run much harder this time.

      I could see SHS running and winning against Noem in a rematch only to set up a round 3 later down the road. I can’t stand SHS but I don’t understand why some people are in love with Noem – She’s a long way from being John Thune.

  7. Duh

    You all notice that there are very few conservative viewpoints on this matter (why I’m responding is out of shear bordom). This is a non issue. Oblabla is at another all time low. SHS is $50K in the hole. SHS is performing. When she’s in the headlines, you people bitch that she’s mugging the camera. When she isn’t you bitch that she’s not doing anything. She is in DC and SD constantly and you’re still bitching. The populous has shifted more to the right since Oblabla came to town. (if that wasn’t true, then trolls like CAheidlebergerbergerwithfries
    wouldn’t be on this site spewing his ignorant drool). SHS et. al. have no chance against Kristi.

    Before casting the proverbial demo stone, someone tell me what T “Where’s Waldo”Johnson has done in the past 5 years. Not one damn thing.

    Prophecies by BF are no more than unsubstantiated wishful thinking. Billy has been wrong far, far more than he’s been right. So keep going down that path.

    1. BF

      Unlike you, Duh, it doesn’t ever really matter to me if I turn out to be right or not. My balls aren’t crystal, and you know what? Neither are yours, buddy ;^) Just sayin’.

  8. Anonymous


    In a lot of ways you are right.

    I’m not as passionate about Noem today watching how she has sold out to leadership but I think she’s ok. I thought Rounds was ok. I thought Kristi would be more conservative than she is.

    I think Kristi is a lot of fluff and imagery though compared to substance. In the primary she was impressive but general to present she has surrounded herself with people who despise the tea party and love the status quo. I have personally heard 3 of her top 3 people who work in DC rip the tea party while working for her.


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