Herseth Sandlin coy on future

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

I enjoyed the article this morning by Tom Lawrence at the Mitchell Daily Republic concerning Herseth Sandlin’s appearance at a Georgetown forum on October 28.

She declined to comment when asked about her political future by The Daily Republic. But during the Georgetown forum, the moderator made a reference to it.

?I?ll still think of you as Congresswoman Herseth until I think of you as Senator Herseth,? journalist E.J. Dionne said.

Herseth Sandlin just smiled at that comment. Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., is up for re-election in 2014 and there has been speculation that if Johnson chooses to end his political career, Herseth Sandlin could become the Democratic candidate for that seat.

It seems the national Democrats are clinging to their hopes that Herseth Sandlin will return to SD politics. It is extremely unlikely that Herseth Sandlin would run in ’12, but I have the feeling we are more than likely to see her again. It must be difficult for South Dakota Democrats to continually live in her shadow, and is a reflection of the current weakness of the Democrat bench in SD politics.

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  1. Anonymous

    Worst case scenario Rounds and Noem go at it in the GOP primary and Herseth-Sandlin wins the general.

    If I were vegas I would say SHS has a better than 50% chance of beating Noem in a rematch especially for Senate

    And a less then 50% chance of defeating Rounds for Senate.

  2. Duh

    I’m sick of seeing posts of this chick. You’re only fueling the fire of a pretty nonexistent possiblity other than the fact that you may be pursuading her yourself.

    1. LJDAM

      Kind of insulting isn’t it? One of the reasons South Dakotans rejected her was her obvious disinterest in being South Dakotan. She has embraced that even further now yet the liberal DC media sees her as our next senator? When does she plan on resuming her faux SD residency? A couple weeks before the election?


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