Herseth Sandlin eyes the Senate in '14

There isn’t any other way to view Herseth Sandlin’s decision to buy a home in Sioux Falls. She’s preparing to run for the Senate in 2014.

When Sioux Falls officials calculate next year how much the city grew in 2012, it?s possible that three of the city?s new faces will be former U.S. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and her family.

Herseth Sandlin confirmed that she and her husband, former Texas Congressman Max Sandlin, are considering a move to the city. They now split their time between Brookings, where they are residents, and Washington, D.C., where they work for lobbying firms.

Herseth Sandlin cautions us on too much speculation.

Herseth Sandlin insists a move to Sioux Falls should not be viewed through a political lens.

?I also understand that some political speculation may be inevitable, but please know that this move has been driven primarily by family-related logistics and quality-of-life factors,? she said.

Considering she didn’t spend hardly anytime in SD when she was serving as our congresswoman, it’s hard for me to believe she has any other intention for owning a home in SD. But hey, since she forgot to introduce her husband Max to South Dakota while she was representing us in Congress, maybe she will take the time to introduce him to us over the next couple years?

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  1. anon

    I’m sorry, but this is outrageous. I don’t pretend to live in Brookings, but I’m betting I’ve been there more than she has the last six months. And certainly more than Max. The Brookings home, or SF home as it may be, is a facade. Simply trying to maintain political viability.

    Want to prove otherwise SHS? Share with us the number of nights you’ve stayed in Brookings since you lost the election.

      1. Anonymous

        She does if she wants our votes. If she can’t, she is just a carpet bagger. Younger people may not know the that term, as US history may not be taught in any depth anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    That said I still think she would defeat Noem. People just don’t like Noem and all of my friends and family are GOPers who voted for Noem.

    1. Anonymous


      QUICK! Run out and destroy Varilek’s career before SHS returns then you can destroy her again…

      1. Les

        Don’t give Cory quite so much credit, Herseth cost herself the race by ignoring SD. As far as performance in DC goes, Noem could learn more than a thing or two from Steph.

        This looks to be an exciting senate race with Rounds in 14, the downside is watching Noem stick it to us for another two years.

  3. Clay Bill

    My daughter moved to Sioux Falls about a year ago. And crazy me, I just know it’s a sign that she’s going to run for the Senate. Guess I have something in common with DWC. Except I don’t constantly obsess about SHS.

    1. Arrowhead

      That’s a crazy comparison you silly head. Your daughter isn’t a former congresswoman who’s been brooding over defeat for the past 19 months. I’m sure SHS has revenge on her mind.

      If she had been defeated by a man or an ugly woman she wouldn’t be playing this game right now of hanging on to citizenship.

      SHS got the boot by another QUEEN BEE and she can’t handle it. She wants a rematch and that’s all that’s on her mind…

      1. Anonymous

        I should be suprised by your shallow, narrow-minded point of view but I’m not. You appear to be one those who knows nothing about everything.

      2. Clay Bill

        So Arrowhead, in your mind, the only reason Stephanie is buying a house in Sioux Falls is because she lost an election to an attractive woman and for that reason alone Stephanie is out to seek revenge?
        Her choice (and I would imagine her husband’s choice, too) has nothing to do with the fact that her current employment with one of the nation’s premier agriculture & FDA law firms no doubt means she must do a lot of traveling, and if you’re a frequent flier, Sioux Falls is one of the best places to catch a plane.
        Plus, I suppose we must not consider the notion that Stephanie and her husband want their child to grow up in a city that offers excellent education, recreation, cultural and quality of life opportunities.
        I could go on, Arrowhead, to try to imagine what else is going on in your mind, but there’s nothing intelligent to find there.
        Don’t feel alone, though Arrowhead. These comments are directed toward Bill Clay, too. While Arrowhead demonstrates a highly sexist mindset, Bill Clay, and those who agree with him, show time and again that they are very fearful of SHS. I would be too, given Kristi’s blank sheet of accomplishments during her first term.

        1. Anonymous

          Let’s start paying attention to how often SHS makes it to SF. OK?

          Oh and we will all see what a political oppurtunist she is when she runs for Senate in ’14.

  4. Mark

    Arrowhead talks of a “crazy comparison” when talking to a “silly head” about “brooding” over a defeat for a year and half and his certainty that SHS has “revenge” on her mind and this is “all that’s on her mind” and she “can’t handle it.”

    Interesting choice of words, isn’t it?

  5. Troy

    First, I want to say I am saying nothing to impugn SHS. I’m only laying these out to make the point that speculation without direct evidence of motive is probably projection of ourselves, wishful thinking if you like SHS, or cynicism if you don’t like SHS.

    1) Maintaining residence in SD to lay groundwork for future run and moving to Sioux Falls because it has a larger more concentrated political base.

    2) Maintaining residence in SD and moving to SF in anticipation of caring for her aging father.

    3) Maintaining residence in SD and moving to SF as summers here are better than Washington DC (it is a hot humid Heckhole in summer).

    4) Maintaing residence in SD is good for lobbying business as her clients might want to hedge their bets in the event she returns to office. Moving to SF is just practical for logistics purposes.

    5) She wants to give her son a political base for him to be the 4th generation to be in SD politics.

    6) Her husband is having trouble visiting a town where one has to wear blue and gold every Saturday. Being a graduate of Baylor University, which seems to have a habit of beating the SDSU Women’s BB team, he fears their house could be a target of vandalism if they beat them one more time. He wanted to move to Pierre where the colors of the Governor’s is green and gold and he could walk the streets in his colors safely.

    Here is my assessment:

    1) This has less to do with politics than being near her father. I believe she is an only child which makes care for her father much more critical.

    2) Although an adjuct SDSU professor, I hear her actual time there is quite minimal.

    3) I do not believe she will ever run again for office despite overtures by a small cadre Herseth-Democrat faithful that will continue until her age ultimately makes it not viable (and possibly even then).

    Politicians are profoundly affected by defeat. Larry Pressler who is an enigma politically is the only one I can recall in the last 100 years in SD who tried to revive a political career. The rest just move on.

    Secondly, I think the public underestimates the “been there, done that” mentality we all have. Who seriously aspires to regain a position they once held in the past, no matter how rewarding it is.

    Finally, SHS doesn’t strike me as one motivated by “revenge.” Like her or not, this doesn’t seem to be in her DNA (definitely not in her dad’s). Additionally, if this is her motive, I think SDans will see it as such and profoundly give her a response should she choose to run.

  6. Just Call Me Joe

    I think the only reason SHS maintains a nominal residence in SD at all, is to keep her political options open. JMHO….

    1. Anonymous

      Joe, you are probably right but there might be another reason, no Income Tax. Guess Texas doesn’t have one either, so you’re probably right.

  7. Oldguy

    SHS has a brother who last I knew lived in Mitchell. I have always like SHS and was sorry to see her lose. Having said that with her family in South Dakota I don’t find it odd at all that she is buying a home in SF as has a airport and her dad is there. Maybe she want’s her son to expericience living here even if just for part of the time. I for one would love to see run for another office but I just don’t see it happening in the near future.

    1. Anonymous

      Well Oldguy, SHS finished law school out east and didn’t come back UNTIL she ran for Congress. I think she is doing the same thing again. Guess we won’t know until 2014. Isn’t it ironic that she would want to come back to SD where Republicans pretty much run things and not stay where Dems rule and the laws, taxes, etc are like she is always advocating?

  8. Anonymous

    Where’s the posts about Daugaard supporting his rino water carriers? What about all those BS speechs about party unity?

    Disgusted with this administration.

  9. Lee Schoenbeck

    A buddy is a neighbor of hers in Brookings and says that she is there more than you might expect. But, I suspect this keeping a South Dakota home is a lot more about keeping a political base. She may never run, but she probably feels to young to see herself as done.
    PS the brother is Todd, he filed once for the legislature in Mitchell and then dropped out.

    1. Anonymous

      To think we could have had this rino lawyer over the one in office now. Worse yet, the liberal monsterman.

      South Dakotans deserve better

  10. Mark

    Whatever SHS does or does not do, there certainly seems to be a lot of interest in her residential, employment, and future political plans. Definitely not fading into obscurity. Clearly relevant to what’s up or what may eventually be in SD politics. Really would be interested in Lee Schoenbeck’s hunch (based on his experience, network, wisdom, and political intution) about whether SHS efforts of maintaining a SD presence and base will translate to her running for office again. After all, she’s quite young and would have to be considered a competitive candidate for any SD office, wouldn’t you agree?

  11. Lee Schoenbeck

    Mark –
    my best guess is that she wants to keep her options open, but probably is challenged by the decision to pull the trigger. She has a young child, and a lucrative career in DC. But, she has a genetic predisposition to running for public office in SD. I think 2014 will be telling. If she doesn’t pull the trigger then, she will be lift treading water a long time waiting foran opportunity. She’s young, she may be willing to tread water for a long time while she earns a substantial living as a lobbyist and raises her son. Her strength in that regard– the Democrat party has a near empty stable – she always be one of their best available horses for whatever race it is.


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